Minor Praxis TypeTester Preview

Minor Praxis Download Fonts by Minor Praxis. Minor Praxis is an archieve of visual compound by Rully Prayogi. A graphic designer currently wor... at FontPath
Neugen Font

Neugen Font Inspired by retro movies and theatre display design. A very condensed font made by Minor Praxis. Perfect for headlines, tall-format prints, posters, and displays which can utilize space of a medium. Neugen is a condensed type of font with a very de...

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Huben Font

Huben Font Inspired by a dark techno typography design style which tends to utilize space of a module. Designed for headlines, titling, large-format prints and posters. Huben is a wide extended width based, dense kern, a strong of a structures and heavy lo...

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Delko Font

Delko Font Inspired by a scrolling banner led lamp display and monospace fonts like OCR-A/B. A modular typeface that come from an arranged octagonal shape module, with 45 degrees sides slope which can gives it a casual digital-look font. Designed for headli...

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Beiko Heavy Font

Beiko Heavy Font A heavy font made by Minor Praxis. Inspired by blocks toy design. Ideal use for headlines, medium and large prints format, displays, and posters. Built by a quite heavy structure and dense kern which can make a hefty and solid impression. It can be...

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Iverse Mono Font

Iverse Mono Font Iverse is a monospace font. The sans serif based structure that bring the new alternative for a stiff technoish font with the loose one. Clean and versatile for body copy and display. Suitable for codings, captions, description details, layouts, an...

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