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Lapoya Font

Lapoya Font “LAPOYA” (meaning in english “the coolest”) is a large slab serif typeface family, with a certain Italian inverted contrast touch. Specially designed for advertising big shows and commerces, Lapoya has 36 variables and four a...

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Antiga Font

Antiga Font What happens when Roman and Art Nouveau heritage get together? Antiga happens. Combining an old style typeface with an elegant and modern touch, Antiga is ideal for magazines and newspaper headlines, or even book covers! With a delightful and versat...

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Geographica Script Font

Geographica Script Font Time-tested elegance is what you’ll get with Geographica Script, a handwritten typeface steeped in 18th century sophistication. Source materials include the maps of Emanuel Bowen (circa 1694–1767), Geographer to King George II, as well as English and Amer

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Philosykos Font

Philosykos Font Looking to add a touch of refinement to your designs? Look no further than Philosykos. With its carefully crafted details and more than 80 ligature choices, Philosykos is the perfect choice for adding a cultured, sophisticated look to your artwork....

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Perandory Font

Perandory Font Perandory is a weird serif combined with some sharp turns, it is inspired by vintage Albanian typography & lettering and it features some new-era touches.This makes the type somewhat a hybrid in between the future & the past, keeping our old...

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Apothecary Serif Font

Apothecary Serif Font <p>Inspired by vintage print press texts from the 18th century - Apothecary serif is a beautifully quaint and rustic serif with imperfect ink-bleed edgings. Pairs perfectly with watercolours. It also looks superb on its own as part of a minima...

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AP 11 Font

AP 11 Font The AP 11 intended to mix modern and classical feels, with medium contrast, thick edge, and simply touch. This serif was designed to text face with a rough and tought characteristic. Features five weights each with accompanying italics. In italics...

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Beardsons Font

Beardsons Font Beardsons, another vintage-inspired font with the additional effect: Normal - Inline - Shadow, packed as the layered font. Collected from many references such as vintage signage, logo, badges, and old fashioned graphi...

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Chivels Font

Chivels Font Introducing Chivels : Vintage Chiseled 3D Type System Just Launched my brand new fonts with vintage fonts, combining with chisel effect that inspired from some of pinstripe styling to make it more life ! Chivels comes with 6 total fonts that you ca...

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Dark Same Font

Dark Same Font "DARK SAME" is a unique and versatile font that combines the striking and bold elements of blackletter with the elegant and refined features of a serif font. This font is perfect for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication and style to t

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Farela Font

Farela Font The Farela font is a serif ligature font that has an attractive elegant appearance. You can use this font in vintage, classic, and retro designs. This font gives a beautiful, classy and luxurious feel to your designs. This font is perfect for projec...

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Hebden Font

Hebden Font Hebden is a ‘Northern’ font. Inspired by the town Hebden Bridge in Yorkshire, the family is a mix of a grotesque and an incised serif. The grot is based on Victorian train station signage and the serif is style that can be spotted in and aroun...

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Kristolit Font

Kristolit Font Kristolit is a Scotch Roman-inspired typeface with a technological twist. Version 1.0 features regular and italic styles with basic Latin and Cyrillic sets. It’s both elegant and robust: its ample curves contrast with the brutality of its line...

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Type Prodigy Font

Type Prodigy Font Introducing Type Prodigy, a timeless serif logo font that combines classic elegance with modern versatility. This font is a designer's dream, boasting over 310 crafted ligatures and alternate glyphs that add flair and sophistication to any project...

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1525 Durer Initials Font

1525 Durer Initials Font In 1525, Albrecht Dürer, the well known German great artist, was publishing the so called "Underweysung der Messung mit dem Zirckel und Richtscheyt", printed in Nuremberg. This handbook explain with numeral figures how to drawn with compasses an

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1529 Champ Fleury Pro Font

1529 Champ Fleury Pro Font In 1529, Geofroy Tory, French scholar, engraver, printer, publisher and poet, was publishing the well know so called "Champ Fleury", printed by Gilles de Gourmond, in Paris.

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1543 Humane Jenson Font

1543 Humane Jenson Font In 1543 the well-known “De humani corporis fabrica” treatise on anatomy by André Vesale, was printed by Johann Oporinus in Basel (Switzerland). Various typefaces were used for this work, mostly in Latin but including Greek characters.

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1689 GLC Garamond Pro Font

1689 GLC Garamond Pro Font This family was created inspired from a Garamond pattern set of fonts used for an edition of "Remarques critiques sur les œuvres d'Horace" by "D.A.E.P." published in Paris in 1689.

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1776 Independence Font

1776 Independence Font 1776 Independence was designed inspired mainly from the font used by John Dunlap in the night of 1776 July 4th in Philadelphia to print the first 200 sheets of the Congress' Declaration of Independence establishing the United States of America.

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1785 GLC Baskerville Pro Font

1785 GLC Baskerville Pro Font This family was created inspired from the well-known Baskerville Roman and Italic typefaces created by John Baskerville, the English font designer. We were inspired from the original family sent by Baskerville's wife after he was death.

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1786 GLC Fournier Font

1786 GLC Fournier Font This family was created inspired from numerous documents and books printed in Paris during the end of the 1700s. Mainly, documents printed by P.G. Simon & N.H. Nyon, "Printers of the parliament" were used for the Normal and italic styles and

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1871 Dreamer 2 Pro Font

1871 Dreamer 2 Pro Font Like our first "1871 Dreamer Script" This script font was created inspired from a lot of manuscripts, notes and drafts, written by the famous american poet Walt Whitman. However, it is a very different font, with numerous different ligatures, al

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Abigail Adams Font

Abigail Adams Font “My Dearest Friend” is how she began nearly all her letters to her husband, John. I refer, of course, to Abigail Smith Adams, first Second Lady and second First Lady of the United States. Her famous correspondence with John Adams produced nearly...

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Academy Font

Academy Font Academy was designed circa 1910 at the Berthold type foundry (St.-Petersburg). It was based on Sorbonne (H. Berthold, Berlin, 1905), which represented the American Type Founders rework Cheltenham of 1896 (designers Bertram G. Goodhue, Morris F. Benton) an

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