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Altogether Ooky Font

Altogether Ooky Font It’s Creepy and it’s Kooky, it’s Altogether Ooky; it’s the Addams Family font! Created by Comicraft’s Festering Fontmeister, John Roshell, for ’The New Addams Family’ TV series, Altogether Ooky is just The Thing you’ll be looking for...

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Flame On Font

Flame On Font The Heat is On! Comicraft’s ace lettering artists Richard Starkings and John ’JG’ Roshell created this font for Marvel’s Fantastic Four title. Now, you don’t have to be Johnny Storm to light up, but we would like to remind you that The Hum...

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Atomic Wedgie Font

Atomic Wedgie Font Tighten up your capes, pull those cowls over your eyes and hoist your underpants over your trousers as far as they will go! Silver Age super heroes know that Men of Action can never look foolish fighting crime in their pajamas and neither will you w...

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Battle Cry Font

Battle Cry Font As Titans Clash in The Final Battle of Good versus Evil, Man versus Machine, God versus Mortal and Coke versus Pepsi, ace lettering artist, Ferran Delgado from Spain teams up with our very own John ’JG’ Roshell for one last attack on the assembl...

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Battle Damaged Font

Battle Damaged Font Some say The Silver Age Will End in Fire; others say The Silver Age Will End in Ice! Know, O Prince, that In Your Darkest Hour, the Masters of Evil Will Live Again! But from The Ashes of the Bitter Taste of Defeat, A New Power will be Unleashed! Lo,...

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Battle Scarred Font

Battle Scarred Font We know what you’re thinking This is not a new font, just an old one with a few bullet holes in its helmet, dirt on its shins and some carbon scoring on its breastplate. You’re thinking this is like a variant cover by Joe Madureira or J. Scot...

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Beyond Belief Font

Beyond Belief Font Fact or Fiction? Are you troubled by strange noises in your font folder? Do you experience feelings of dread in Illustrator, Photoshop or Procreate? Have you or any of your family ever been haunted by an ampersand, cedilla or tilde?

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Biff Bam Boom Font

Biff Bam Boom Font Thrown from the pages of Spider-Man, Daredevi and Hulk comes BIFF BAM BOOM! Inspired by the Legendary Lettering Legerdemain of comics’ Silver Age, Biff Bam Boom is a font you can’t take a swing at without ending up with a broken nose. If you hav...

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Cheese and Crackers Font

Cheese and Crackers Font Don't forget the Cheese! Cheese and Crackers is a delightfully light and creamy font, originally created by Comicraft for lettering Wallace & Gromit in Nickelodeon Magazine.

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Clobberin Time Font

Clobberin Time Font Created for the Powerhouse Punches thrown by Marvel’s more muscular heroes, CLOBBERINTIME always brings the house down.

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Comicraft Font

Comicraft Font FIFTEEN YEARS! Hundreds of fonts of Unique Design, Thousands of pages of Fine Lettering, Millions of satisfied customers and Elephantmen served! Upon Comicraft’s fifteenth anniversary we celebrated with the launch of this font a font that’s n...

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Comicraft Outburst Font

Comicraft Outburst Font There’s a quiet moment, perhaps a long drawn out pause, and then a  sudden emotional outburst! You witness a powerful burst of noise —  violence the like of which you have never seen in a comic book before And yet, somehow you unders...

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Comicraft Powerburst Font

Comicraft Powerburst Font Your characters aren’t merely angry -- something else informs their monologues, something powerful and demanding. Their pronouncements bristle with power and energy, much like the cosmic gloves they wear on their clenched fists! Their words are...

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Cybervox Font

Cybervox Font THIS FONT'S TERMS OF SERVICE ++ SUPERCEDE THE PRIME DIRECTIVE + A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm. +++ THE PRIME DIRECTIVE ++ IS A PALLIATIVE +++ A MYTH + HUMANKIND PERPETUATES + SO THAT H.

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Danger Girl Font

Danger Girl Font Ancient Evil! Nazi Spies! High Adventure! Spandex! As the sun sets and the sky fades from 100Y, 50M to 100Y, J. Scott Campbell’s Warm and Friendly Display Letterforms are already receding over the far horizon in a Dakota, trailing a long broken re...

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Doohickey Font

Doohickey Font So your widget’s stuck between the framistat and the whatchamacallit, there’s a spanner in the works and your avengers just won’t assemble. Hey, if you want to get any more work done, you know you’re gonna have to hook the hoojamajigger up t...

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Double Back Font

Double Back Font Great Scott, Marty! This font is your density, charged up to 1.21 gigawatts through the Power of Love! Originally created by Comicraft for the official BACK TO THE FUTURE fan club, Remastered DOUBLEBACK has been rebuilt from the ground up, with a n...

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Drop Case Font

Drop Case Font As seen in ELEPHANTMEN and THE RED STAR, his solid headline font is supplied to you with exterior protective armor casing. Rapid Deployment of DropCase from high altitudes is acceptable only in accordance with the directives of the Red Fleet. . Dro...

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Dynamic Duo Font

Dynamic Duo Font Batman & Robin! Thelma & Louise! Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid! Hip Flask & Farrell! Frodo & Sam! Sonny & Cher! Calvin & Hobbes! Bert & Ernie! Dynamic Duos exist in all forms of literature & entertainment, and now Co

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Elektrakution Font

Elektrakution Font SHE’S DEAD, FRANK It’s the year 1991, BC (Before Comicraft) when REM were still making records and Frank Miller’s memorable run on Marvel Comics’ DAREDEVIL was just over ten years old. Comicraft’s Richard Starkings found himself working i...

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Excelsius Font

Excelsius Font Once upon a midnight dreary, this Comicraftsman pondered, weak and weary, For a name synonymous with Mighty and Marvelous comics lore. Solid, Outline, Inline was the nameless font he’d crafted, He nodded, nearly napping o’er the work he’d graf...

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Face Front Font

Face Front Font Face Front, True Believers, this is the one you’ve been waiting For! Earth’s Mightiest super team of upper and lowercase letters was Assembled for the pages of Marvel Comics' The Avengers.

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Filmotype Melody Family Font

Filmotype Melody Family Font Originally released in the late 1950s, Filmotype expanded it's Free Style typeface category with the introduction of Melody, an offbeat Googie era doo-wop typeface which was most frequently associated with music and entertainment letteri

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Forked Tongue Font

Forked Tongue Font Are you Troubled by Ghostly Voices in the night? Do you hear the Terrifying Tones of Demons and Ghouls in your Attic or Cellar? Have you or any of your family spoken with Forked Tongue? Well, talk of the devil, Forked Tongue happens to be the latest...

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