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Antiga Font

Antiga Font What happens when Roman and Art Nouveau heritage get together? Antiga happens. Combining an old style typeface with an elegant and modern touch, Antiga is ideal for magazines and newspaper headlines, or even book covers! With a delightful and versat...

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Antique Font

Antique Font Antique is a classic and slightly curved serif typeface. It has a little bit of personality and can be used for headers and body copy in heavier weights. This font family includes all Latin characters (including accents), numbers, special characters...

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YWFT Neighborhood Font

YWFT Neighborhood Font YWFT Neighborhood is an typeface created by the integration and reinterpretation of 4 families of serifs into one community, one neighborhood, one font. It was originally hand drawn in 2008 by Travis Stearns of YouWorkForThem, then digitized into opentype

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Fidra Font

Fidra Font Fidra is a display typeface inspired by Scotland’s rugged coast. Influenced by the charismatic latin typefaces of the old type foundries – In particular Scottish typefoundry Miller & Richard’s ‘Antique No.12’. Elegant latin detailing inclu...

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LTC Fleurons Granjon Font

LTC Fleurons Granjon Font This suite of over 100 decorative characters is attributed to Robert Granjon from the late 1500s. The designs were redrawn by the Lanston drawing office in the 1920s and made famous by the work of Bruce Rogers, who found endless ways to make fresh composi

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ED Phoebe Font

ED Phoebe Font Phoebe is an elegant classic serif italic style, this font is a development of the previous font "Sonar" which adds a soft edge style and a modern touch. This font is complete with stylistic sets, Ligatures and also multi-language support which

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Veneer Font

Veneer Font Veneer from Yellow Design Studio is a high resolution hand-crafted letterpress font that's vintage and authentic with a touch of grunge.

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YWFT Mullino Font

YWFT Mullino Font Slightly distressed but possessing of serious underlying power, YWFT Mullino can be used as a display typeface or as a text face. This font brings huge diversity, beginning with the fact that there are two styles (Book and Medium) and plenty of alternate

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Apothecary Serif Font

Apothecary Serif Font <p>Inspired by vintage print press texts from the 18th century - Apothecary serif is a beautifully quaint and rustic serif with imperfect ink-bleed edgings. Pairs perfectly with watercolours. It also looks superb on its own as part of a minima...

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Ancient Totem Font

Ancient Totem Font Ancient Totem is Ethnic Tribal Font With Two Model Font. Ancient Totem has a fun character and display typeface. Ancient totem is a font inspired by traditional tribal and ethical styles. This font is perfect for projects with tribal and ethnic the...

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Blacker Mono Font

Blacker Mono Font Blacker Mono was developed out of a brief by Isabella Ahmadzadeh, by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro for the editorial project "A beautiful mistake" by OFFF Tlv in 2022. It is a monospaced version of our typeface Blacker, bringing

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Braisetto Font

Braisetto Font Braisetto is a handwritten, signature font family with five weights, multiple alternates, and natural ligatures. Inky and expressive yet readable and functional, this typeface is designed to look personal and be useful in a variety of applications....

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Bruce 1490 Font

Bruce 1490 Font A classic font design remastered by the type foundry Intellecta Design. Distressed and antique, use this font in display purposes for a stylized type design.

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CA Mystery Girl Font

CA Mystery Girl Font Elegance meets accident. A sturdy distressed all caps typeface that gives you the feeling of the happy little incidents that may happen when you print with silkscreen or letterpress. A whole bunch of alternative letters embedded in a pseudo-random O...

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De Arloy Font

De Arloy Font De Arloy is a typeface design inspired by art nouveau styles that works great for packaging, labeling, logos, signage and much more.

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Edwardian Medium Font

Edwardian Medium Font Designed by Type Director, Colin Brignall, this free-flowing, roman style hints of the early Edwardian period as its name suggests. If you are looking for a typeface with warmth, individuality and charm, then Edwardian is an excellent choice.

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Filmotype Wand Font

Filmotype Wand Font Filmotype Wand was introduced in 1955 as part of the Flat Serif category. Inspired by smart slab serifs including Hellenic Wide popular in American television westerns and in heavy use in corporate letterhead and store packaging, Filmotype Wand takes a mo

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House of Cards Font

House of Cards Font House of cards is inspired by and based on retro Hamilton s Teniers typeface which is popular wooden type fonts of the 19th century. To make natural and contemporary impressions the original lowercase design was slightly changed from the original but all

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Norfolk Font

Norfolk Font NORFOLK is a vintage-inspired font based on the styles found on packaging from the early 1900's. It evokes a genuine and timelessly crafted look from this period. Three styles are included in this family: Fill, Inline and Outline. The styles can be...

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YWFT Fraktur Font

YWFT Fraktur Font Down go the house lights, and with an explosion of fire, the brutal assault of YWFT Fraktur washes over the congregation at sonic pressure levels that rattle teeth and break glass.

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1509 Leyden Font

1509 Leyden Font This blackletter font was created inspired from the set who was used in Leyden by Jan Seversz to print "Breviores elegantioresque epistolae []", by author Francesco Filfelo, circa 1509. The original font contains all lower case characters, exc

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1540 Mercator Script Font

1540 Mercator Script Font This font was created inspired from the so called "Litterarum latinarum, quas italicas, cursoriasque vocant, scribendum Ratio" (Louvain 1540), a manual intended to calligraphers by the well known scientist Gerhard Mercator.It was a magnificent &

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1543 Humane Jenson Font

1543 Humane Jenson Font In 1543 the well-known “De humani corporis fabrica” treatise on anatomy by André Vesale, was printed by Johann Oporinus in Basel (Switzerland). Various typefaces were used for this work, mostly in Latin but including Greek characters.

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1689 GLC Garamond Pro Font

1689 GLC Garamond Pro Font This family was created inspired from a Garamond pattern set of fonts used for an edition of "Remarques critiques sur les œuvres d'Horace" by "D.A.E.P." published in Paris in 1689.

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