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It is a new version of Clarence, with very noticeable changes, very funny and informal signs, it also contains different variants like Shine, Extrude and you can combine them enjoy it! :)

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Fukurō recalls diurnal and nocturnal birds of prey. It instill the cutting shapes, the wings, the movement of those animals and translate them into signs. The font experiments new shapes and contrasts that give to it some Japanese aspects.

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Hey, typophile. Imagine spending your days in the apocalypse. You need to write that "Get off my lawn"-sign to protect your compound from riff raff, thieves and/or an occasional zombie or two. And you remember the good old days - when you were s

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Gainsborough - a clean-cut display pack. Gainsborough is a display combo pack of three styles and extra swooshes. Gainsborough fonts are straightforward with characteristic clarity. All the three fonts are designed to play together. Gainsborough is...

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Great shaggy heads and powerful shoulders, herded up against the hundredth meridian or breaking away into the sunset. Give me a home on that Golden Plain, and make my address a redress. For we will roam.

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Granary is a clean, geometric typeface that explores a design style of low x-height and neat curves.

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HWT Artz is the newest wood type to be cut at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. It was designed by venerable type designer Erik Spiekermann for his own print studio (P98a in Berlin), specifically to be cut into large size wood type. The digital vers

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Kiwari Grotesk has been designed since 2019 for all your design needs with versatality, simplicity and neutrality, for the sake of contemporary design and branding. Drawn with the focus on legibility, using sleek nodes and comfortably optical kerning. Ki

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MADE Canvas is a family of high-contrast serif fonts. Canvas is a modern style "Didoni". The typefamily includes 3 weights - Light, Regular and Black. The hairlines in all of the fonts are very thin. The Canvas will perfect for many project: fa

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Morro is based on simple geometric shapes – circles, triangles and rectangles. Imagine cutting circles, triangels and rectangles from paper and arranging them into letters where the outer edges form a filled figure. Morro Regular works like a ste...

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NORFOLK is a vintage-inspired font based on the styles found on packaging from the early 1900's. It evokes a genuine and timelessly crafted look from this period. Three styles are included in this family: Fill, Inline and Outline. The styles can be...

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Written in a ballpoint pen style this neighborly sans serif is slightly condensed and slanted. Scribbled quickly but readable. Exact but still human. Post Box comes in two styles Regular and Rough and with the 340+ glyphs it supports basic, western...

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TT Geekette is an experimental variable* serif with friendly and flexible character of shapes. In this project, we wanted to get away from simplifications and dry geometry and to experiment with the smoothness, softness and plasticity of forms. And...

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Upton is a modern Grotesk of condensed typeface, The initial inspiration for Upton came from Hiroshima typography made by Wim Corwel and other neutral Grotesk like Helvetica and Akzidenz, Upton is a narrow neutral geometric Grotesk designed for hea...

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Astronaut is elegant, clean font with 6 styles and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Astronaut is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers - or s.

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Brushine Collective Font Duo, a solid and complementary pair. Consists of serif all caps, with contrasting letter thickness and sharp edges making it more elegant and classy. And handwritten script that look natural because they are made with marker...

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Bw Gradual brings together the pragmatic feel of the geometric grotesque genre with the visual appeal of its very deep joins. Pure shapes and fast curves coexist on this versatile font family that claims for attention when used large, but also del...

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Charles inspired by the Nouveau art concept, combine with contemporary, pop and 70's design. With a stylish script to create a modern classy style, such as logotype and lettering. Simply amazing font come with a lot of glyphs, and opentype features,.

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Friends is a complete and contemporary language system for postmodern graphics. Inspired by the idea of making new art and graphic design keeping in mind new ways of visual language like emojis as a formal way of communication and contemporary graph...

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Grold Rounded is an altered modified from the form of the original “Grold” typeface. Designed to be more friendly, the font family has rounded terminals that harmonizes with rounded corners. With all of these features, “Grold Rounded” is a p...

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Just like Grandma's recipe, Recoleta combines a variety of ingredients—from various popular 1970s typefaces—such as the soft and gentle shapes found in Cooper or fluid, angled strokes in Windsor— mixed into one single design that features fami...

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Rifton is a black display typeface, Rifton family for use in large sizes. Available with 5 style, Rifton have the same uppercase alphabet, numbers, punctuation, symbols, and miscellaneous characters. also includes full Open Type features like Liga...

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Come with the willpower and callouses to run a marathon barefoot. Kick glass and break pavement because this is more than fleet feet. Run fast and run far because the world's round; Run Wild because conventions can't keep good feet from the ground.

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Sequel 100 Wide was designed in 2018 by type designer Jeschke in Berlin. It is based on the sans-serif typefaces of the early 19th century. A characteristic feature of the Sequel 100 is the almost equal thickness of the vertical and horizontal strokes, th

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