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Adalbert von Chamissio wrote that wondrous story about the man who sold his shadow to the devil. Walter Thiemann recovered that shadow when he put a thin and a shadow line around his Tiemann Fraktur.

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Hello friends, let me introduce my new gothic typeface - the Pontifice.. Is suitable for simple logo design, website header, wedding, invitations, fashion, menu designs and others. Good for vintage theme, tattoes etc. Pontifice has soft corners, Pon...

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KupfersFchschrift. Based on an old printed remnant, I revived this beautiful open-­face fraktur and enriched it with several OpenType features.

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Psalta is a contempory Blackletter design that is built on a narrow, condensed structure and features a large weight range, from a hairline light weight to a dark, heavy, bold version.

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Ravenholm - new modern gothic font family. Font looks amazing as alone words and as full text blocks. It have supporting for many languages as: Czech, Danish and Norwegian, Deutsch, English, Espanol, French, Italiano, Ma...

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Rhapsody is clearly showing Unger's love with Blackletters and Gothics. Other than many of the existing Blackletters, Rhapsody is really easy to read.

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Riotic is new font from RVQ type foundry. The font is minimalistic, with a retro and vintage feel character set.

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Rivendell. The full of magic font. I'm happy to introduce you Rivendell font with classic, elegant, vintage, and magic feel. It’s perfect tool to create amazing designs, like vintage cards, modern t-shirts, retro posters, unusual mugs, luxury bra...

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Hello, Friends! Introducing new gothic typeface - Rot Shield It is a powerfull typeface with fresh breath of gothic culture. Font looks amazing as alone words and as full text blocks. It has extended latin characters, numerals and punctuations. Enj...

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The "Royal Fonts" value pack contains the famous blackletter "Royal Bavarian", "Ayres Royal", "Royal Blossom" and "Monkey Initials". Plus "Romain Royal" in two cuts, this used to be the text face

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"Royal Bavarian" was commissioned by King Ludwig 1st of Bavaria round about 1834. He was probably the greatest king Bavaria ever had, but he fell in disgrace for a short affair with the famous infamous "Lola Montez" and subsequently ha

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Max Salzmann’s blackletter font released by Schelter & Giesecke in 1912 revived and spiced up with some beautiful filling and framing ornaments.

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One of my favorite blackletter fonts - Schwabacher - redrawn und redesigned, whereby I took care to stick to the original forms as close as possible.

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SchwarzKopf is a historic European Schwabacher blackletter which features a distressed edge for creating authentic "antique" documentsSchwarzKopf is an 18th Century European "Schwabacher" blackletter that features a distressed edge for

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Shodo Gothic is a mixture of western black letter typography and asian calligraphy.

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The design of this typeface was inspired by old Slavonic handwritten fonts.This font includes about 500 Cyrillic ligatures.

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Spearhead is a 2 font family. It has 252 glyphs, contains an uppercase and lowercase alphabet with numbers and symbols and supports multiple foreign languages. Inspired by gothic culture and modern fonts, is perfect to use in industrial-themed des...

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Think smart. Think regal. Think SteamCourt, a new font designed specifically for the card game SteamCourt.

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An RMU redesign of Typoart‘s Thannhaeuser Fraktur.

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The Mariam Story is font designed by Rvq Typefoundry with an elegant and vintage styled character set.

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Tondella is a classic gothic typeface remastered by Intellecta Design.

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Umbero is experimental blackletter design with high contrast, inspired by constructivism and modern calligraphy.

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In the wake of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution there was a desire for a clear classical blackletter font without frills.

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Who says blackletter fonts can only be used for Christmas cards and death metal bands? Unlucky breaks the mold and encourages you to use it for delivering bad news.

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