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Frederic Goudy designed this blackletter face based on Gutenberg’s 42-line Bible in 1928. The Lombardic Caps were designed as an accompaniment to Goudy Text and are offered paired with the lower case as an alternate option.

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Luke is a contemporary adaptation of historic English Blackletter, inspired by the creativity of leading English type-creator: Caslon Foundry. Their highly unique 19th century Blackletter typeface provided the core elements of Luke, with the name pa...

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Lupulus is a typeface inspired by the works of german expressionist artist and type designer Rudolf Koch. Drawing inspiration from types such as Neuland and Kabel for some of its features, it possesses a gothic and contemporary essence. Its constan...

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The 1910 Ludwig & Mayer font Lyrisch was redrawn and redesigned and given the name Lyrica.

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Designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1901, Mariage is a blackletter/gothic font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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I don't know what other type designers call those long swirling embellishment, but I call them "Monkey tails". So when I decided on this version of my good old "Royal Bavarian", I decided to call the new font Monkeytails.

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Guten morgen!! Introducing Morgan, this is a simple and clean blackletter font inspired from classic Blackletter, old English, or gothic text is a style of script used for European languages beginning in the 12th century. This style is now mostly us...

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Hello! Presenting a vintage gothic typeface Moustache. With classic, elegant, vintage, and clean feel. Come with 2 styles ornate one and simple bold style. Also with some ligatures to adding more aesthetics of your designs. Thank you & have a gr..

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This blackletter font displays best the voluptuous coziness of South German Baroque. You almost automatically visualize Alpine villages and Swiss chalets, or buxom girls serving beer in steins or herding their bell-­ringing cattle.

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New Bayreuth is a new and improved version of the original Bayreuth font (Friedrich Hermann Ernst Schneidler, 1932). New Bayreuth was reworked, redesigned, completed and digitally remastered by Ralph M. Unger for URW++, based on specimen taken from old fo

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Noire is a lowercase and uppercase font design, inspired by the designs of Juart Little. The result is a blackletter font design, with a slight hint of a gothic vibe.

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An unordinary type of family: Novo Bila is part of the Novo Family (together with Novo Alla, Bila, Cela, Dada, Fika and Gigo). Although all members are also strong individuals, Novo Family is an exclusive selection which allows you to design beautiful ty

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Nürnberg (Nuremberg in eng.) New blackletter-sans font family in modern look with contrasts elements in six widths. Impressive style with non-typical Blackletter uppercases as alternates and normal Sans as standard. In the company with good-lookin...

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Old English is related to Black Letter styles from early printed books and have a distinguished, historic look. The Old English font is used in advertising, invitations, greeting cards, and wherever a formal hand-lettered or engraved look is desired.

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You'll have to go a long way to find a better choice than Old English for work requiring a look of regal splendour or stately historical authenticity!

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Old English is a font design released for the Mecanorma Type Collection. Copyright 2004 Trip Productions BV.

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Origen is a typeface inspired by the illuminated manuscripts whereby the text is accompanied by a decorative capital letter at the start of the text. The family is formed by three different weights (light, regular, bold) and an additional decorative...

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Bastyan is a hybrid Italic Blackletter. This typeface resembles Carolingian miniscule scripts and has a timelessness that evokes formality but defies specific historical categorization.

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A historic font revival designed by P22 type foundry based on 16th century sources with a lineage going back to Robert Granjon in France and from early Dutch type specimens. Presented in Opentype with several variations. Civilite is a non-connecting uprig

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The Larkin Company began as a soap company in the late 1800s and eventually grew into a gigantic mail-order and chain store that sold, as well as manufactured, a wide variety of products. The Buffalo, New York based Larkin Soap Company was one of the firs

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William Morris (1834-1896) was probably the most influential figure in the decorative arts and private press movements of the late 19th and early 20th century. In reaction to the increasing lack of quality that the industrial revolution brought on, Morris

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Ridley is a calligraphic-influenced, decorative, medieval font combining Roman and Gothic forms. It is named for Nicholas Ridley and similar to the P22 Latimer font.

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Parler Gotisch has got a companion - Parler Fraktur. Friedrich Poppl’s beautiful and harmonious blackletter font was completely redrawn and redesigned for modern use. The font contains also a ‚long s‘ which can be reached either by the OpenTyp...

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A gothic blackletter font named after the Parler master builder family which built the Schwaebisch Gmuend cathedral.

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