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Tough Cookie is a handmade font that looks like it has been cut out. It comes in three varieties that work together really well. Use it for your book covers and product packaging, or (if you’re a tough cookie) for your christmas cards…

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The other day, I was cooking a curry and I suddenly realised that we, as a family, eat a lot of meat. At home we do like meat, but given the state our world is in right now, we cannot continue eating meat like there is no tomorrow. As a result, I am...

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A Toverheks in Dutch means 'witch' - well, actually it means 'magic witch' (it doesn't translate well). The reason for this kind of weird name is the nature of the font: it reminded me of a book of spells - the kind witches use. T

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Trained Monkey is a happy serif cartoon font. Use it for your book cover designs, posters, product packaging (may I suggest peanut butter?) and whatever else you may fancy. This monkey was made by hand, so the glyph edges are a bit rough and uneven...

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Trali-Vali is a funny multilingual layered font family.

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Trend Rough, Trend & Trend Hand Made is a font made of layers, taking as a basis a sans and a slab font.

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First partnership between Firmorama com & dooType studios, Très Très Chic is a display font, developed to be versatile and illustrative, with strong features that provide personality to the drawing The characters were built based in primary geometric

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Tropicane is an abstract-sans serif font. Designed with a combination of sans serif, electro, and traditional taste. Good shapes, specifically designed for display or headline. Fashionable for magazine header, label, minimalism print design, flyer,...

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I used to live in the English Lake District - in a town called Ambleside to be precise. It was a nice time in my life, as living in the Lake District gave me the opportunity to go out every day and enjoy the beautiful nature! Troutbeck is a small,...

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TT Knickerbockers is a contrasting pair of fonts that continues our project series dedicated to different cities. The new project is dedicated to New York with its multiculturalism, historicity, creativity, energy, and to its inhabitants. TT Knicker...

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A spiky, casual slab serif Egyptian design with more than a hint of 1940s retro is the latest typeface from Tim Donaldson. A calligrapher and type designer whose extraordinary breadth of styles range from refined elegance to the downright bold and brash.

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Umbria is a decorative display typeface, ideal for use in titles, logos, magazines, posters, as well as short text paragraphs. Umbria consists of two styles, Regular and Swash.

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Our Uncial Antiqua Pro is a hybrid typeface which combines the speedier penned styles of Uncial and Half Uncial letterforms together in a formal text representation.

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Undersong brings 13 fancy hand-drawn stackable fonts which can be combined in many, many tasty ways. Layered or not, you'll see that these little ones work together scrumptiously well.

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An experimental font designed by Viktor Kharyk in Op Art style. UniOpt is based on free brush technique similar to experimental lettering of early decades of 20th century; for instance to ‘Graficheskaya Azbuka’ (‘Graphic ABC’) by Peter Miturich and works

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This versatile family fits greatly many usages.. Type some food name and you'll get hungry, type a toy and you'll want to play. Don't believe it? You don't even need to unpack it to try!

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Designed by Intellecta Design, Urszula is a soft, well elaborated and unusual font design, inspired by old cross-stitch and craft books.

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Erbar or Erbar Grotesk, designed by Jakob Erbar for Ludwig & Mayer in the early 1920s, is truly a key design from a historical viewpoint. None other than Paul Renner studied Erbar and used this knowledge in the desing of his famous Futura.

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Designed by Louis Oppenheim in 1927, Fanfare is a decorative font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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Varese is a geometric and modular typeface inspired by early 1900s Art Deco posters. Its heavy weight is excellent for display or large body text. The lowercase is similar to the uppercase, yet many of the lowercase letters have interior spaces and severa

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"Varidox, a variable typeface design, allows users to connect with specific design combinations with slightly varied differences in style. These variations in design enable the user to reach a wider scope of audiences. As the name sugge...

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Varmint is an offbeat flair serif font inspired by the titling of the early 1970's "Yosemite Sam & Bugs Bunny" comics from Gold Key. Playing up a Capitals and Alt-Capitals character set, with just a few ligatures, this wonderful typefac

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VENDEE is an elegant, clean font with multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. VENDEE is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packaging, magazine headers - or simply as a stylis

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Designed by Paul Hickson, Venezuela is a decorative font based on the typeface Vesta by Albert Augspurg, circa 1926.

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