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We all learned in school: thou shalt not set script faces in uppercase! … unless, that is, they’re Tangelo.

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Taniyah Gagarin is part of the Gagarin Family. Made by Novo Typo. Designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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A hand made font ideal for your graphic project : packaging, posters, children's books… and many other media !

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A Tartufo is a truffle in Italian. I have to admit, I have never eaten one, so I couldn’t really tell you if they’re any good. I suppose they are, but you’ll have to find that out for yourselves! Tartufo font is a bit of a weird font.

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Taurunum is made with intention to be used for display design (logos, posters, etc.), and combining the weights should give best results.

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Taurunum Ferrum is a version of Taurunum family, made to feel like it’s been cast in iron or cut out of steel plates. It is meant to be used in a bold display setting where raw and strong look is a priority. The Iron style has an medieval (blackletter) fl

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It's Milwaukee's hottest nightspot Taylors! Meet like-minded hipsters for martinis and chit-chat to a rhumba beat!

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I remember a tea ceremony I attended in Fukuoka, Japan. The teahouse was set in a small, but beautiful garden and the whole idea of the ceremony was to appreciate the view from the porch. I thought the tea was quite bitter, but the view was unsurpas...

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The Teode, designed by Lutastudio, is a display sans font with extensive Latin language support.

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Tequila… I have to admit that I am not a drinker. I do like Tequila, though, even though I can’t remember when I last had a shot. Tequileria is a very recognisable inline display style font. It would look great on posters and book covers, packag...

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From the standpoint of calligraphy, a font family of capitals and uncials makes perfect sense. The Roman square capitals, the quadrata, are matched by round capitals of older Greek origin; the word uncus means hook-shaped like a beak or talon.

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TextTile is a system of heavy sans titling faces which can be utilized to carry a repeating chromatic pattern across words and letters. It stands apart from other chromatic faces, where layered effects typically interact only within each letter and do not

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Inspired by the city of San Francisco, the bay is a decorative, hand written font design that is perfect for headlines, tattoos and 1970's themed designs.

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Brewski is a Textured typeface, with touch of many beautiful alternates character and ornament makes this font look stylist. Inspired by vintage Brewery packaging and Beer advertising from the early 20th century. It is perfect for vintage logo desig...

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Victor is a multi-lingual hand-crafted typeface. Inspired by vintage signs and labels, its perfect for your next project. It features 26 different alternate letters you can use just by holding "shift" or "caps-lock."

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Therese (named after a flowerpower-girl) was originally part of the corporate identity we designed in 2010. Afterwards we completed the font and published it in 2012. Made by Novo Typo. Designers from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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An all new rounded type family with Sans, Serif, Geometric and Blackletter!

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As Coen Hofmann had only access to a proof in very small font size, the result of this digital version is an interpretation of the original design.

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Friedel Thomas 1957 Typoart font, redesigned and extended, for vintage use.

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My kids love toadstools, especially the red capped ones with the white spots (they’re called Amanita muscaria, a.k.a. fly agaric - in case you’re wondering). A couple of months ago you could find loads of them in the forest, but now they’ve al...

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Inspired by painted letters of Otto Heim, Tombola reflects in a chaming way the feelings of the Roaring Twentles, especially in advertisement and in the creation of posters.

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Tombouctou is the French name for Timbuktu, a city in central Mali. I have been to Timbuktu several times; usually arriving after a three day boat trip up the Niger river. Timbuktu is a smallish city, literally in the middle of nowhere, with a treas...

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Toscana is a decorative display typeface, ideal for use in headlines, logos and short sentences.

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Touch Me is a Script hand-drawn style typeface—designed by Coto Mendoza—resulting from polyrhythmic exploration, sign deconstruction and altered calligraphic contrast plays with watercolour brush. Coto has been using these experimental calligrap...

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