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Cattleprod is an offbeat slab serif font full of swagger. It was created without any reference, but just the idea of a playful somewhat stumbling stance in mind.

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Caturrita Display is a new version of Caturrita. Better for titles and small pieces, with a large contrast in the heavy weights. It preserves the same structure of Caturrita, but with a more calligraphic touch, in the ligatures and almost all the characte

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Caturrita Extra is a re-evaluation of a typeface family with several adjustments in features with a more careful look. We've redesigned practically all of the family, bringing a new dynamic to the capitals and to the ligatures.

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Cavalcade is a layered serif design inspired by American and European Typography of early 20th Century. Designed to be similar to type found on vintage movie posters and vintage alcohol bottles like Martini, Cinzano and Campari.

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Cavita typeface is a mix between both grotesque and calligraphic models: regulars have a rough grotesque spirit; while the italics where inspired in calligraphic gestures.

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Cavita Rounded typeface is a mix between both grotesque and calligraphic models: regulars have a rough grotesque spirit, while the italics were inspired in calligraphic gestures.

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Cavole Slab is a new slab serif, designed in early 2011, that has a strong influence from Dutch typography. The name is an altered form of the Portuguese word for feather, emphasizing the typefaceís soft and friendly character.

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Coen Hofmann has rediscovered Blackletter font design and enriches URW’s FontForum with two new and very beautiful fonts: Caxtonian Black and Holland Gothic. Caxtonian Black is a remarkable classical Fraktur inspriced inspired from the fonts used by the f

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Cayuse is a super-slab, all-caps titling face that tips its hat to the classic French and Italian “fat face” serifs of the nineteenth century. Structurally, Cayuse utilizes a reverse-stress stroke configuration—with thick, meaty slab serifs an...

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Cease rolls off the tongue. It is smooth, round, and unique in both upper and lower cases. Numerals are fixed widths, across all weights/styles and for clarity. It was created to perform well at any size.

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Cedar Street simulates the look of a ballpoint pen on a porous notepad. I find it interesting especially for the little bulbous ends of the strokes where the pen soaked into the paper.

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Celaraz is a serif design with structural forms that pushes the stroke contrast. The idea evolved from Didone serif forms to have contrast remain visible and consistent on each character. To avoid a dark spot, several characters were adjusted by adding st

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Need for speed? Satisfy it with insigne’s Celari. Take it for a drive and watch how its simple curves, easy lines, and sturdy shapes handle the edges and corners of your projects with smooth and rapid execution.

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Celdum, a modern geometric type family, constructed from a rectangular grid. Smooth, precise curves meet horizontal and vertical lines to create a monoline design with no apparent contrast.

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A blackletter font of decorative style and of obscure origin which was rescued for all devotees of these old hot-­metal letters. This font contains a bunch of useful ligatures, and by typing ‘N’, ‘r’ and period you get an old-­style number sign.

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Celebrity is a new execution of a film type concept put forth by Willy Wirtz in 1971. The original idea, called Latus, had many irregularities and unfit characters that are now fixed and expanded in this digital version.

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Have you ever struggled while creating a quote with all ascenders/descenders getting on the way? When you can't find a perfect placement for a word because the letters on the upper line crossing the ones on the lower one? Well, I have :) If you want

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Cello is a versatile typeface, great for display and short texts uses. It supports many languages having diactricial characters and accent for most European languges.

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Cemara is a hand-painted typeface inspired by modern calligraphy. This is a kind of an organic font with handmade quality. An imperfect flow in each letter give you natural feel, dynamic and kill your boredom.

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Centima - a geometric sans serif typeface family, built in six styles. The typeface is intended for use in display sizes, but also is quite legible in text and is well suited for editorial and brand design.

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Centima Mono is a subfamily addition to Centima type family. Centima Mono is a condensed geometric monospaced san serif, built in six styles. The typeface is intended for use in display sizes, but also is quite legible in text and is well suited for edit

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Centrale Sans is a modern sans-serif typeface combining the geometric and the humanist models. It's serious but friendly as well, ranging from Hairline to Extra Bold plus their matching italics it is a great addition to your type library. It is chara

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Centrale Sans Condensed is not just a "squished" version of our Centrale Sans family, it's designed as a stand alone typeface with the family characteristics in mind. It bears all the qualities of the normal width being even friendlier beca

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Here comes the updated Pro version of Centrale Sans Condensed – not just a “squished” version of the normal Centrale Sans but designed from scratch with all the family characteristics in mind – combination of the grotesque and the humanist models, open ap

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