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Autostrada is a utilitarian typeface based on vintage Italian highway lettering. It is strong, forthright, and confident. Autostrada’s condensed and slightly softened forms look just as good tracked out as it does set tightly. Use it for editorial...

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Did you know that Cervino is the italian name for one of the highest and most beautiful mountain in Europe - Matterhorn? Just like this majestic peak, our new family is HUGE. Cervino family consist of three width masters, with nine weights in each o...

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Breathe air, drink water, spit fire, move your feet across an Earth Rich in elements. Open vistas, open dampers, open minds, but close the drapes. All in all it's always something made when morsels aggregate.

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Explorer’s core is a strong script type with straight edges. All the fonts are designed to work nice together. Here’s a short introduction to the styles: •Explorer Script is equipped with Contextual Alternates that make the connections betwee...

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Say Hi to Fancy Melody Collective font combination, inspired by minimalism concept, music tone, and combined with contemporary design. This pack is available for 3 family, script, display sans serif, and oblique. Simply amazing font come with a lot...

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Frank draws inspiration from the classics DIN, Eurostile and with a dash of Futura. Update and redrawn for 2018 with more styles and glyphs. Perfect for prints, t-shirts, posters and such.

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Gunnar is a bold friendly sans serif typeface ideally suited for display, advertising, packaging, logotypes and signage.It's meant to recall the age of old printshops. When ink bled a little on the paper from the printing press - softening the lines.

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When you hear words "month of love", January is definitely not something that comes to your mind first. But, let's change that a bit an give January some ️At least, that's what I'm trying to do with my new font duo January Love! A

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MADE SAONARA is inspired by fashion. The SAONARA will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, wedding invitations, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, etc.

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MADE TOMMY is a new classic casual sans serif font family. The TOMMY font family includes: 7 normal and 7 outline style. MADE TOMMY will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quo...

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Manifold Extended is a wide, sweeping variation on the classic Manifold font family. Its clean, elongated shapes are both technical and elegant. An excellent typeface for titles, logotypes, user interfaces, and short texts. Feature Summary - Eight...

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Morro is based on simple geometric shapes – circles, triangles and rectangles. Imagine cutting circles, triangels and rectangles from paper and arranging them into letters where the outer edges form a filled figure. Morro Regular works like a ste...

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Niketo is a type design inspired by the Monolith in Arthur C. Clarke's novel, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Like the Monolith, most the glyphs in Niketo have proportions 4 to 9 with a line width of 1.

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Oduda is a geometric, rounded typeface designed by thmbnl.

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Olivetta—an ironic sans. Its name is inspired by Antique Olive typeface. These two fonts share a few common design features but Olivetta is more in tune with the spontaneous, ironic style of today's typefaces. Olivetta illustrates the power of w...

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Ondo is a low contrast geometric sans serif with large open counters which give the typeface a somewhat bold and contemporary appearance. This feature gives Ondo a fun yet sensible feel which can be used for both large chunks of text as well as for...

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‘Publica Slab’ is the serifed sister of Publica Sans and Publica Play – packed with subtle open type features, tabular options, rare currencies signs and symbols and arrows, ‘Publica Slab’ provides everything you nee...

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This flexible script typeface includes many alternatives ranging from different ss01-ss15 to each uppercase letter. It's fun to use because every word can be changed to your liking and combined with sans serif oblique it looks rerto and classic The.

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Roag is an industrial geometric sans paying homage to mechanical designs of the 1930s. A precise balance of modern geometrics, with a functional yet sparing style that effectively communicates without distraction. Roag is a straightforward, unadorne...

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Sandwich Marker Pro is a handwritten uppercase font with more than 500 glyphs. Each glyph has at least three stylistic alternate sets, designed for an authentic expression of handwritten text without boring, recurring glyphs. Play easily with stylis...

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Suprapower is a wide typeface for poster, packaging, headline, and titles. It has only two styles: a heavy wide solid and a heavy wide outline.

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Introducing a new elegant retro display typeface called The Beardy Inspired from serif didone combine with flourish typography and a bit 60s-70s pop culture. The Beardy came with open type features such stylistic alternates, stylistic set 01-18, & s..

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Utily Sans emerges from the question- what would the world be like if Paul Renner had had greater inclination towards humanism rather than geometry? Utily Sans glyph proportions and shapes make it suitable for long-form text. This typeface shows ge...

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In these over-Photoshopped times, a little imperfection can make your work stand out and excel. YWFT Absent Grotesque was created to be an imperfect typeface, exploring ideas found in Univers and Helvetica without the serious attitude and over-marketing.

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