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Antique Olive, designed by Roger Excoffon in 1962 for the French Olive type foundry, was meant to be the French answer to Helvetica and Univers. However, the typeface is way too eccentric and distinctive to ever become a rival for Helvetica and Univers or

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This antique script is based on Spencerian script released from MacKellar, Smiths, & Jordan in the 19th century. This family comes in two varieties, Standard and ornamented capitals. The Standard has orthodox style for formal text and display. This ma

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Antiqueline is a unique monoline typeface. So Antique, so classic, so retro You can use this font for making an awesome logo, branding, letterhead, invitations,quote, print, card clothing brand, vintage looks,and so much more!. Antiqueline conta...

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Antone is a 7 style font family that is loaded with retro flavor, published by Letterhend Studio.

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Antonietta is Mauricio Astete Brito’s first typeface, which is inspired by the eccentricity of the rococo style and Queen Marie Antoinette’s wild personality. This project, supervised by Latinotype Team, was born from the idea of turning letteri...

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Anzeigen Grotesk (Advertising Grotesk) is a heavy, condensed sans serif in the style of typefaces popular in the early 20th century. It has a large x-height, short ascenders and descenders, and is best suited for advertisement as its name indicates.

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As a practicing graphic designer there have been numerous occasions when I have needed a font that didn’t exist. More often than not the style I was looking for was described as an extra-condensed sans-serif with a contemporary look that was avail...

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Aorta was designed for independent subcultural zine. It have stencil in place of lower-case and digit stencil in place of old style digit. Aorta good for headlines, posters, editorial design... Aorta have condensed proportion and good in solid matter.

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Aperture Ver. 2 - Refine the digital era APERTURE Regular is a font featuring a digital / futuristic style, suitable for any digital device app or the web.

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I like playing around with brushes and Chinese ink. I always have some kind of idea of what the final design should look like, but once it’s done, it never ever looks like what I had in mind. Apex Brush is one of those designs: it started off as a...

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Apoka is a sans-serif type family of 6 weights. The design features rounded terminals and a moderate contrast. Apoka's appeal is in understated simplicity and attention to detail.

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Apolline is a stunning modern typeface that boasts clean, thick lines, sharp edges, and all the elegance that comes with a timeless sans serif font. An extremely versatile font, Apolline is perfect for logos, weddings, invitations, quotes, advertise...

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Apollonius is a high contrast, display typeface designed by Michael Parson. Packed with Opentype features, this single weight font offers a whole range of options that designers can explore and play with to create stunning layouts.

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Appeal DT is a decorative font design, published by DTP Types Limited.

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Appleseed is a font design published by Fonthead.

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With its distinctive imperfections and old fashioned sensibility, Applewood imparts a unique flavor to your project.

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Designed by A. Pat Hickson, Appleyard is loosely based on the typeface Prumyslava, an older Monotype design.

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Apud, a typeface with narrow proportions, interchangeable weights that avoid text warping, sharp serifs and square terminals. The clean, contemporary look and rigid structure makes Apud suited for any kind of publication design.

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Apud Display is the perfect companion for Apud. With it’s refined high contrast and sharpness, Apud Display has the vitality and rigorousness of the modern types, every time you need your display setting to shine.

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Designed by Steve Jackaman, Aquarius is based on the popular 1968 VGC typeface drawings.

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Balancing sharp angles with soft rounded shapes, AQUAWAX is a geometric sans serif typeface family evoking a contemporary sensibility of digital smoothness and liquid connections.

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Created as a custom brand typeface in 2008 by Francesco Canovaro, Aquawax is one of Zetafonts most successful typefaces - having been chosen, among the others, by Warner Bros for the design of the logo for the Aquaman movie. Its logo design roots ar...

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Handsome, adventurous, legible and elegant, this script has the feel of practical handwriting from past centuries. Aquiline is based on a cursive italic style influenced by the 16th century European writing masters.

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Aquilone is a condensed geometric sans serif typeface, simple and functional. It includes stylistic alternates and multiple language support.

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