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PRALINER – New elegant font family with a lot of stylish alternates and ligatures. Really good looked for branding projects, packaging, headers, posters and signs. Playful and Stylish. Uppercase and lowercase initials. You can use it as for moder...

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Wann is a handwritten style typeface that includes three weights, from regular to bold. It comes loaded with OpenType features along with Thai language support.

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Waba, pronounced ‘Vah-bah’, is a font family that I designed. The name comes from a historical variation on the Estonian word ‘vaba’ – meaning ‘free’, or 'at liberty'.  

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ABOUT THIS FONT FAMILY the typeface from innocent can make the stuff powerfull, original, unique, made from marker pen and waterbrush. therefore, the typeface is a surface texture detail and rough contour, also the WABI SABI aesthetic concept, This...

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Wacamóler is a western movie typography, inspired opening credits of the Western: Winchester '73 directed by Anthony Mann in 1950.• Latin Extended & the Greek alphabet, with support for any European language or European center.

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Wacthout Script is a new modern script font with an irregular baseline. Trendy and feminine style. Wacthout looks lovely on wedding invitations, thank you cards, quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards and more. Perfect for using in ink or wat...

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The letterforms of this refined Roman typeface are simply and gracefully structured. The lowercase with its small x-height and long slender ascenders project a look of stately elegance.

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This is the elaborate digital version of Edel Grotesque Bold Condensed (also known as Lessing, Reichgrotesk, and Wotan Bold Condensed) a 1914 typeface by Johannes Wagner, which was later adopted by pretty much every European type foundry, exported into th

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This is the rounded, softer version of Canada Type's popular Wagner Grotesk. Originally done in 2011 for a global publisher, this font has already seen plenty of magazine and book cover action, perhaps even more than the sharp condensed face that spa

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This gem of a script was what metal era typographers called a continental face, which essentially meant an old, most likely uncredited, metal face that was common to many European foundries.

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Aloha to Waialua! Put on your lei and grab a drink umbrella as you kick back and start designing with this island beauty of a font. Soak in the unprecedented potential of this new font. Waialua is one of insigne’s first variable fonts. Avoid the f...

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Waiting For My Girl comes from a System of a Down song (Hypnotize). I was listening to it when I created this font and I liked the name! Waiting For My Girl is a script font - it’s quite loose and uneven, just like proper hand writing. It comes wi...

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Walbaum Antiqua Pro - an RMU redesign of a great German font classic, with three different number forms and small caps throughout all font style.

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Originally designed by Justus Erich Walbaum in the 1800s, Walbaum Fraktur is a classic and strong blackletter type design. Walbaum Fraktur works great in headlines and other masculine like design settings.

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Wallet is an expressive handwritten font with loads of personality, suitable for many different projects. It comes in three styles: Felt, Felt bold and Chalk. Wallet has 391 glyphs and supports multiple languages.

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For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated with patterns. Growing up in a home built in the 1920s that had very interesting wallpaper throughout can have that effect.

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Wallflowers II feature 26 unique hand drawn wallpaper tiles and 45 icons for standalone use. This font can be used as icons, borders, and/or wallpaper patterns.

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26 unique hand drawn wallpaper tiles and 34 accompanying icons. This font can be used as icons, borders, and/or wallpaper patterns.Wallflowers are very easy to use, for borders or wallpaper, simply type the same letter consecutively.

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What do you use to write a price tag at a store or to design a wall menu in a cafe? What to choose – a marker or chalk? Now it makes no more sense to be torn apart by the choice – use both techniques for your design.

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Walpurga is a witchy display font that comes in two variants - regular & bold - and with four glyphs for each letter.

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Walpurgis Night is an elegant majuscule vintage serif font inspired by classic antique fonts. It perfectly represents modern and vintage esthetics. The font includes special uppercase letters, many alternate characters and beautiful ligatures. T...

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Contrary to popular lore, Walter Turncoat was NOT a traitor executed during the Revolutionary War. Actually, Walter spent his days carefully executing new typefaces doing his part to help establish a free press! Ever the patriot, Squid honors old Walter w

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Wamm 01SE is a serif typeface designed to respond to packaging, editorial and branding needs, for both print and digital touch-points. It is contemporary and classic at the same time and the range of available styles makes it suitable for a large n...

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Style is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. And Wanih is something that will fill between. There are more than 114 glyphs in the font including Stylistic sets, Ligatures, Contextual Alternates etc.

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