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Umba Sans is a contemporary typeface designed by Anita Jürgeleit. The undulate shaped curves create a new highly aesthetic appeal in an unexpected manner. Therefor Umba Sans fulfills your corporate identity needs as well as your editorial demands....

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The best thing about Umba Slab is its surprise! UMBA Slab is a clean but eye-catching typeface designed by Anita Jürgeleit. It adds an amazing touch to your corporate design and titling by developing a more dynamic shape from thin to bold. It’s...

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The best thing about Umba is its surprise! UMBA Soft is a mellow sans serif typeface designed by Anita Jürgeleit. It soothes your design and helps to create to balance your visualization. Do you need a type for young cosmetics or other youth-related prod

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Umbero is experimental blackletter design with high contrast, inspired by constructivism and modern calligraphy.

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Umbilical Noose is a rather scary typeface. It is quite similar to an older font of mine: Nyctophobia. The name comes from a Nirvana song called Heart Shaped Box, in which Kurt Cobain sings: "throw down your umbilical noose, so I can climb right bac.

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Umbra is a sans-serif display typeface designed in 1935 by R. Hunter Middleton. It is an adaptation of the uppercase set of his earlier typeface Tempo Light.

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Umbria is a decorative display typeface, ideal for use in titles, logos, magazines, posters, as well as short text paragraphs. Umbria consists of two styles, Regular and Swash.

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Boring titles? Boring chunk of text? Unbore’em all! This nifty stackable family features two fonts, both with two options for each letter. Pile them up and play with opacities for a killer superposed effect. Or use each alone if you prefer.

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Uncertain is a unique and organic script/handwriting font.

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Our Uncial Antiqua Pro is a hybrid typeface which combines the speedier penned styles of Uncial and Half Uncial letterforms together in a formal text representation.

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First of all, I don’t have an uncle called Edward, nor do I know anyone by that name. When I had finished this font, it had a strong ‘Uncle Edward’ feeling to it, so the name stuck. Uncle Edward is a handmade script font. I used a Japanese bru...

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Uncle Grump is based on one of the styles people want the most when I'm doing hand-lettered projects. It's heavy and bold, but rounded on the corners and has a fun hand-drawn feel. It's great for all your kid-related projects, but can also

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A versatile font that will work equally well in a retro design as in a modern context. Based on a signboard from the Freemasons club that my late uncle used to be a member of.

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I don't have an Uncle Oscar, so the font is not named after someone I know. The name just kind of stuck. Uncle Oscar is a pencil font, made with a black ‘Lamy’ pencil I took from my son Sam’s pencil box. It is a little rough, but very legible...

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The rasterized square (clear, therefore 4 as part of the font name) was the constructive basis. The intention was to put all characters within this grid and produce a highly structured, yet lively, resting in itself, display font.

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Under My Umbrella is a hand painted font. I made it with a brush I bought in China, using Chinese ink. This cute little font comes with double letter ligatures and a whole bunch of diacritics as well!

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Under Weak is an amazing and bold script, suitable for a large number of designs. This font has two styles, clean and rough. With two styles you can choose according to the project you're working on.

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Undercoat offers a gritty twist on a classic font style (Helvetica). It was completely hand painted which makes the font an organic centerpiece to any of your grungy design applications.

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Underconstructionism is inspired by stencil signage typically found on construction sites. As you can see, this heavy and rugged font is very eye-grabbing for headline and titling.

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Undercurrent is a handwriting typeface inspired by an architectual look. Use this masuline typfeace to capture clean meeting notes or write a screenplay!

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Undersong brings 13 fancy hand-drawn stackable fonts which can be combined in many, many tasty ways. Layered or not, you'll see that these little ones work together scrumptiously well.

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Lately I feel reluctant to watch the news: The Amazon Forest is burning, Australian forests are burning, palm oil controversy… It really brings tears to my eyes to see all this destruction around me. It is like people hate nature with a vengeance...

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Unger Chancery is a modern interpretation of the medieval scripts for business transactions used in England. This kind of handwriting script is still popular today for any kind of office communication as well as private letters and notes. Ralph M. Unger d

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In the wake of the Enlightenment and the French Revolution there was a desire for a clear classical blackletter font without frills.

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