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Vogue magazine (UK) commissioned this typeface for their magazine re-design in 2001. After studying the originals of Morris Fuller Benton and the existing versions, this font was designed with all new thin weights.

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Teip, designed by Alex Jacque in 2014, is a layerable geometric typeface system, and was developed as a typographic exploration of overlapping tape where a over/under interplay would be a stylistic motif throughout.

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Telemark is a monolinear slab serif influenced by the wide serif typefaces of the 19th century. The name refers to the vintage form of skiing which was introduced in Norway at the same period of time and allowed more fluid turns.

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Televisio is a headline font with a technical retro feel.

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Telisik is an amazing font duo. It includes a modern sans and a vintage script version which can be combined perfectly. It’s perfect for logos, labels, badges, clothing designs, and much more!

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Telltale is classic serif design made for headline and text use mainly. Contains two styles, book and italic, that work together quite beautifully when used together at different point sizes.

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Temper Wide was designed in 2018 by type designer Jeschke in Berlin. The font consists of many cuts from light to bold and is formally based on its predecessor, Sequel 100. A characteristic feature of the Temper Wide is the almost equal thicknes...

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Tempest is a small-x-height serif font for headline use. Tempest will bring a thin, sharp and classic approach to your layout, and at the same time keep an elegant and fashionable flow to the project.

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Designed by Steve Jackaman, Tempo Grunge is based on the medium weight of Ludlow Tempo.

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TENEZ, A GRAND SLAM WORTHY POINTED NIB SERIFWe designed Tenez for one of our branding projects – Coralinda, further developing the resulting logotype into a typeface we felt could solve many designers’ needs.Its origins are rooted in pointed nib...

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An all-caps headline font with uppercase swatches, and also an outline variant for some highlighting.

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I like the expression ‘being on tenterhooks’. Not that I’m on tenterhooks very often! Tenterhooks was made with a broken satay skewer (see poster 2 for the actual thing) and Chinese ink. It came out rather rough, but it does have a nice flow a...

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The Teode, designed by Lutastudio, is a display sans font with extensive Latin language support.

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Tepu is a pictogram set which is inspired in modern iconography. It is a font with three different versions. Black: white icons on a black background, Regular: black icons on a white background, and Outline: pictograms made with constant thickness.

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Tequila… I have to admit that I am not a drinker. I do like Tequila, though, even though I can’t remember when I last had a shot. Tequileria is a very recognisable inline display style font. It would look great on posters and book covers, packag...

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Amongst the landscape of geometrics, Termina breaks the norm with its generously wide letterforms. The typeface was conceived after finding and examining specimens for Industria, a family designed by Hermann Zehnpfundt in the early nineteen-hundreds fo...

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Terpentijn is Dutch for Turpentine. If you say it out loud, it actually sounds quite similar!Here you thought you were just buying a font, but you get to learn some Dutch too!Terpentijn is a handmade typeface with a serious twist. It is very uneven,...

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The idea for Terra Ignota came years before I actually designed it, as I was admiring a reproduction of “Amerique Septentrionale,” a 1650 map by French cartographer Nicolas Sanson, given me by my parents. The hand-lettering has a sort of rakish...

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From the standpoint of calligraphy, a font family of capitals and uncials makes perfect sense. The Roman square capitals, the quadrata, are matched by round capitals of older Greek origin; the word uncus means hook-shaped like a beak or talon.

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The first font to simulate actual old penmanship, Texas Hero is modeled chiefly on the handwritten script of Thomas J. Rusk—who served as commander of the Texas Army, chief justice of the Texas Supreme Court, and one of the state’s first two U.S...

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Through studying humanists' models from Edward Johnston to Adrian Frutiger and the Gothic Alphabet made by sign painters comes Texta, a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful Sans to compose all kind of texts.

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Through studying humanists' models from Edward Johnston to Adrian Frutiger and the Gothic Alphabet made by sign painters comes Texta Narrow, a contemporary, rational, transparent and useful Sans to compose all kind of te

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TextTile is a system of heavy sans titling faces which can be utilized to carry a repeating chromatic pattern across words and letters. It stands apart from other chromatic faces, where layered effects typically interact only within each letter and do not

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TG Aqsa Pro™ is the latest version of the font that was previously released in 2017, TG Aqsa Grotesque. In this latest version there are several optical fixes on each glyphs. In this latest version also added 2 new weights namely black and ultra b...

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