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Regius was originally created as a corporate typeface for etiket packaging-design. It takes its inspiration from the old english pub signs.

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From the creators of the famous and wacky Art Parts illustrations, Ron Romain and Joe Crabtree, A.K.A. Ron and Joe, Regular Joe was released in 1990 and is their only font.

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Thanks for checking out Reikna Font! Classy bold serif font with beautiful alternate characters and also ligature which makes it easy for you to create a logo for your personal branding and your business beautifully. Reikna is perfect for many diff...

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This is a digitization of Imre Reiner’s 1957 calligraphic typeface, London Script. Reiner Hand is soft and irregular jolts from a calligraphy master’s hand. In a very Reineresque fashion, most characters include the one finishing stroke that makes profes

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This exclusive sans serif typeface designed by Ludovic Riffault can be used generously across a wide range of media with many languages support. A unique look & feel with a modern touch define this font inspired by contemporary arts and scandinavian c

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Reklame Script is a brush typefamily consisting of four weights. It was designed by Hannes von Dohren in 2010. This family is influenced by the handlettering of printed advertisements of the 1940s and 1950s.

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Reliable was drawn with a somewhat dry brush, and then carefully made into a font. Reliable differs from other brush fonts, because it has got 8 different versions of each letter!!! 8 different letters that cycle while you type! Not really random, b...

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Designed by Steve Jackaman and Ashley Muir. Relish is a more traditional sans serif version of our Guildford typeface, with round punctuation. Relish contains all the high-end features expected in a quality OpenType Pro font.

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Reload is a rectangular industrial geometric display typeface available in four flexible and distinct weights.

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Reload Alt is a rounded industrial geometric display typeface available in four flexible and distinct weights.

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Reload Alt Stencil is a rounded industrial geometric stencil typeface available in four flexible and distinct weights.

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Reload Stencil is a rectangular industrial geometric stencil typeface available in four flexible and distinct weights.

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I read something interesting the other day: in 1910 a cat called Kiddo snuck on board an airship and was found by aeronaut Walter Wellman - after he had already taken off in an attempt to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Wellman and Kiddo spent 71 hours ab...

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Based on the old Remington Rand typewriter logo from the the 1940's, Remi-Rand is an approachable humanistic typeface suited for a wide array of applications. It's packed with expressive alternates, a beautifully crafted numeral set and ligature

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Remind Font. Remind is a modern serif font. Create from our talented font designer. The design of typeface will make your design more beautiful and inspiring. This font will suitable for any project, like branding, print template, logo a...

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The 1765 Stamp Act ignited in American colonists a simmering distrust of the distant British Parliament, whose oppressive trade duties they deemed unfair assaults on their rights as English subjects.

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Both casual and upscale, Renata features inviting, unpretentious letterforms, stroked by the hand of an experienced calligrapher with a small brush-tipped pen.

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Commissioned by Renault, the French automaker, this font was originally designed by Wolff Olins in 1978. Works wonderful in classic and corporate design layouts.

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Rene Font is strong, heavy design which looks quite technical. Originally planned as a caps-only, Breil changed his mind and also drew the lower case alphabet. Designed by René Breil in 1999 (FontForum).

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Rene Lemon is a design where the basic design idea is part of its name Lemon. Every glyph is derived from the form of a lemon, splashing and dashing a typographic vitamin pill! Designed by Rene Breil in 2002.

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Some time ago, I started to think about the idea of combining my passionate hobby cooking with my profession as a graphic designer. While browsing through cooking books, cooking magazines and graphic publications I noticed that there were no symbols and d

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Rephone is a script font designed and published by Majestype.

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Sudtipos’ new sans serif font Replete is inspired by the mixture of aesthetics and philosophies found on the streets of metropolitan cities the world over. Buildings constructed throughout the twentieth century, including those made in the Art Dec...

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At home we love bananas: the kids take them to school for ‘snack time’, they’re healthy and they look pretty as well! Republica Banana is a pun on the term Banana Republic, which was coined by American author O. Henry in 1901. In economics, a...

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