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Hannes von Döhren created Love Potion. Three fonts (Regular/Bold/Ornaments) that include extravagant Ligatures, Swash Letters, Catchwords, Arrows, Borders and other little specials.

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Love story is a display hairline typeface for use in big sizes and short texts, inspired in all kind of love, specially designed for Valentine’s day. Its soft curves and sweet style give it a lovely personality.

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Looking for an awesome Valentine's Day font, wedding font or baby shower font? Lovebeat is the perfect font to celebrate the important feelings of your heart in advertising and web design, packaging and poster design. Lovebeat lets your typography..

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Designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli with Maria Chiara Fantini, Lovelace is Zetafonts homage to the tradition of nineteenth century “Old Style” typography - a revival of Renaissance hand-lettered shapes driven by the desire t...

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"Lovely Madness“ is a modern calligraphy font, which is a hybrid out of various types of calligraphy - based fonts. "Lovely Madness“ is elegant and at the same time playful, as well as rough and maybe a little bit creepy. That is why there...

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Lovelyn Font is an elegant serif font that offers a wide range of possibilities, especially for a lot of alternative. Lovelyn Font offers an attractive tool for producing elegant decorative lettering, for example, for book covers or for...

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After making a couple of hand drawn elegant calligraphy SVG fonts and some standard fonts like Maria Rose and Verona Amore Font Duo, I decided it's time to make a SVG Serif font for all of you who need a true watercolor effect on your fonts, but als.

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INTRODUCING LOVES Classy Sans Family Our latest product inspired by the famous logo is simple but classy, made with precision and measured. very good for combining your design work with a clear line and a circle with several different weights that...

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In 2007 we shared our first pride together. More than 1 million people took the streets of Madrid for this huge celebration… seeing the diversity of people supporting love was incredibly touching. Gay Pride is a celebration of freedom, human right...

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Lovile is a playful and informal handwriting style design published by Flavor Type.

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Introducing “Lovingly Friends” - a community of fonts that get along together as good as best friends do. All of the fonts - Sans, Serif, Notes, Script and Extras are packed with stylistic alternates and ligatures, you can combine them the way you like -

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Loyola Pro is a redesign of "Loyola" which contains numerous styles such as Light, Regular, Bold, Extra Bold, Black, and also a set of shadows and dingbats.

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Loyola Round, is a super family fun, that contains from the light until the Black, includes a set of dingbats, special for texts shorts and children's titles, as Clothes or Logos.

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LP Cervo is a typeface designed by German type designer Peter Langpeter. LP has been running his own design studio since 1995, working as a typeface and logo designer, as a calligrapher, cartographer and illustrator.

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LP Harmonia arose from its designer’s private life. As a type designer, Peter Langpeter was often asked by friends or relatives to write a greeting on a birthday card or create a good looking invitation.

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LP Horizont Caps is another new font creation from German designer Peter Langpeter ( LP has been running his own design studio since 1995, working as a typeface and logo designer, as a calligrapher, cartographer and illustrator. During this

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Peter Schmidt, well-known designer from Hamburg, browsed in a fashion magazine on a return flight from the United States. At that time he was thinking about a logo for a philharmonic orchestra. In the magazine, he noticed some interesting typography.

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LP Pinsel Satt is script font design released by URW++ (Germany).

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LP Pinselschrift is a new brush handwriting script from German designer Peter Langpeter ( LP has been running his own design studio since 1995, working as a typeface and logo designer, as a calligrapher, cartographer and illustrator.

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After designing two script fonts (lp Pinselschrift, lp Bambus), Peter Langpeter has now drawn an elegant Antiqua font, namely lp Saturnia, derived and conceived from his work in developing headlines and logos.

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Following up on the LP Saturnia, which is a modern interpretation of the classic Roman letterforms, comes the LP Saturnia Sans.

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LTC Archive Ornaments derives from a unique collection of brass ornament plates that were originally used in creating the matrices for casting metal type.

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Artscript was Sol Hess’s “attempt to convert into rigid metal the graceful penmanship of the ancient scribe”. This type of script is more common in digital form, but when originally released in 1948, it required special handling to avoid breakage

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LTC Athena brings a somewhat "lost" hot-metal typeface back from obscurity into digital Opentype format. In the Fall of 2012, printing historian Rich Hopkins contacted P22 type foundry regarding some inked type drawings he had just uncovered fro

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