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To describe what inspired Magneta would be to add a little Dwiggins, throw in some Benton with a hint of Austin, wrap it up in a crisp, contemporary package and serve.

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To describe what inspired Magneta would be to add a little Dwiggins, throw in some Benton with a hint of Austin, wrap it up in a crisp, contemporary package and serve.

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Magnetic Pro is a typeface inspired by typewriter characters with a mechanical aspect. Equipped for professional typography, this font family has many OpenType features such as small caps, case sensitive forms, tabular and oldstyle figures, pro kern...

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Magneton is a brush script typeface that contains three weights and two slant angles. Three weights simulates the pressure of the brush pen; light is written with a gentle pressure and the bold one with more pressure. Two slant angles gives Magneton...

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Feel the sweetness with Magnies, a minimalist serif font with clean stencil looks. The feminine letterforms which are perfect for logotype, fashion, and display. Magnies was designed with a high contrast of the strokes and cut the thinner line to g...

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I'm happy to introduce you to Magnite - A handwritten brush font jam-packed with character and authentic charm. Designed to be versatile, Magnite is perfect for branding projects, editorial work, invitation design, product packaging, and everything..

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Mahacara is a vintage script font. The classic feel is really perfect for you who needs a typeface for retro / vintage theme. This font is comes in uppercase, lowercase, punctuations, symbols & numerals, alternate, etc. Also support multilingual and..

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Mahalia draws inspiration from vintage hand-lettering, but adds a modern, European twist. Strongly slanted at a 25 degree angle, Mahalia draws immediate interest, but is still graceful.

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Mahogany Script is a calligraphic style font design, published by Ambia.

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Maiden is a humanist sans-serif based typeface with reverse pen-head style and a bit sweet link which contains nine weights from thin to black. Designed to use as body text to headline.

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A festive spin off our Maiden Orange Pro typeface, Maiden Orange Inline Pro comes packed with all of the features of the original Maiden Orange Pro typeface, but adds a little more visual flavor with hand drawn inline cuts, leaning even more towards...

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Our Maiden Orange Pro is a light and festive slab serif font inspired by custom hand lettered 1950’s advertisements. Clean and legible, while also being offbeat and friendly, this font lends itself to a wide variety of uses.

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Main Event is a revival of a very old Italian font that you may have seen in the past under the original name of Tuscan Ornate or Bracelet. Dating back to 1860 or earlier it has never been known to have a lower case set of letters until Michael Hagemann

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Maipo Sans is a modern typeface inspired by the mountain landscape of Cajón del Maipo, Chile. Its forms are inspired by the first sans serif European Humanist fonts of the twentieth century along with a touch of reverse contrast. This typeface is s...

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Mairy is organic sans-serif font that contains 9 weights.

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Maisha Script is a handwriting font that is modern and cool daat used in greeting cards, wedding invitations, business cards and also suitable for the purpose in the world of photography and more. Maisha Script comes with 339 glyphs alternate chara...

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Maison Luxe is a revival of a very old font designed in France in or around the year 1820. You may have seen this font in the past under the names of Circus, Roma, Madame and Gillé Classic.

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A thin weakling, picked upon by larger baseball players, he turned in despair to the mad scientist Victor Conte. When he burst through the wall of BALCO laboratories, big Barry Bonds was ready to mete out some Major League revenge.

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Majora Pro is a slab serif typeface which derives its name from a Portuguese historical toy manufacturer. The font comes in 8 styles, ranging from a delicate Thin to a robust Black, with matching italics and an upright version of stencil fonts, resu...

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Majorelle is a textured script font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin in Paris. This finely balanced font was designed to be easy to read, and because it’s just as important, easy to use. Majorelle includes alternates and OpenType ligatu...

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Makel is a fanciful typography. Ideal for areas such as food, catering, packaging, youth publishing ... Thanks to its curves and the movement of letters, Makel wishes to bring good humor and dynamism to your communication media.

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Maker, the font, pays homage to the Maker constructivist culture. Especially the sparked community interaction, and exchange of ideas through social meetings in shared spaces.

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Inspired from block lettering to blockbuster, Mako creates a sense of Sci-Fi, Futuristic, Cyber, Gaming look and feel. Deltatype created a high-quality font that lets you express your imagination with your favorite digital assets. Mako is a large fa...

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Makozin is a humanist typeface with a stylish appearance. Designed with a more fluid approach, makozin has more movement and curvature within stems, an angled stress and visible modulation. Together these features give a strong presence of the hand...

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