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Lilycat is inspired by paper cutting. Individual characters were created by assembling basic cut-out paper shapes; rectangles, cut-out circles and half circles. They share characteristics of Futura and Art Deco fonts.

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The idea of Limes emerged at the seashore last year in late summer. Getting ready in advance for a dark winter, we've decided to design a special fontfamily which would bring a bit of vitamins and summer sun into the rough everyday routine and help..

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Say hello to “Limitless” – A versatile, modern, condensed font family, perfect for creating powerful, beautiful text. This all caps typeface contains 10 individual styles, making "Limitless" super versatile and fun to experiment with. Limitl..

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After the success of Blend, Typesenses presents Limon, its fresher handmade font collection. 100% hand-drawn by Sabrina M Lopez, with the collaboration of Sol Suarez, who illustrated the dingbats, and Guido Ferreyra, who made the font production and progr

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Lince is a unique didone typeface with high contrast & an edgy characteristic.

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Lindage Script is a handwritten typeface with classic root. a beautiful formal script and elegant touch. It works perfect in the world of weddings, logos, greeting cards, branding, print ads, quotes, signage, magazines etc. Lindage Scrip features 3...

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Lindsay Brown Script is a script that contain lowercase, uppercase, symbol, and also support multi language. This font also contain an alternates in each characters. There's a lot ligatures in this font. Lindsay B...

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A modern geometric typeface influenced by the work of Dutch designer Wim Crouwel.

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Linger On is a handwritten fairly rough brush script. It’s equipped with some OpenType features and an extra set of the most commonly used letters. It also includes lines and endings for you to have more fun with and make Linger On even more unique.

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Linkgray Script, a beautiful script typeface with unique alternates and swashes. This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, lo...

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Links was built adhering to a strict grid of 'linked' squares; and comes with special "Grid Glyphs" that line up perfectly with all characters. These grid Glyphs can be used to create an invisible grid for your layout or as a backgroun

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Linna is a serif font in all caps. The uppercase and lowercase are designed with different shapes. It contains all the alphabetical letters, numbers, ligatures, accented glyphs, symbols, ornaments and other opentype features. This typeface is great...

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Lino is a sans serif typeface with the medium contrast and distorted rhythm of the line. Spaced and mastered for optimal readability. All lines are of equal thickness. Its morphology is based on the study of traditional writing with a wide tip stick...

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Linotte is a rounded sans family with good vibes, available in five weights and designed by Joël Carrouché.

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A modern san serif typeface with a pure clean line form. The idea has been to design a font with a proportioned and balanced structure that is applicable to a wide variety of uses. Details include 6 weights with italics, a full character set, manually edi

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Ride the rails in this fine Art Deco inspired sans-serif certain to electrify your inner engineer!

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Take this 1940s inspired sans-serif for a spin on the Short Line RR in its biggest and boldest weight!

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Take this 1940s inspired sans-serif for a spin on the Reading RR in its classic medium weight!

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Take this 1940s inspired sans-serif for a spin on the Pennsylvania RR in its elegant lightest weight!

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Lionheart is the digitization and expansion of Saladin, a neo-gothic typeface designed by Friedrich Poppl, long after he established himself as one of the greatest German designers of all time with some of the most "ausgezeichnet" scripts and text faces t

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An RMU redesigned font family of Kapr’s Leipziger Antiqua which was extended for multilingual use, and added small caps and oldstyle figures.

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Liquidambar is actually a beautiful tree, native to America. I have one in my garden and I love its autumn colors! Liquid Amber is something else: it is a handmade all caps font that comes with oodles of diacritics, some swashes and some alternate g...

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Liquid Embrace is a rough ‘n’ ready brush font. It was created using a Chinese calligraphy brush and Royal Blue Ink (I had run out of black). Liquid Embrace is fat and in your face, making your message stand out all the more. Comes with an oc...

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"Liquoia" are three scripts with lots of contrast and different embellishments. "Liquoia-A" has the elegant, flaming decoration it blends well with "Fleurons-Six".

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