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This hard-hitting, condensed typeface was inspired by the Soviet constructivist movement of the 1920s. Impakt bears a powerful geometric appearance that makes it an ideal choice when a commanding, masculine effect is required.

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Elegant and graceful as the gazelle for which it is named, Impala Script is the perfect blend of formal and casual. It’s equally comfortable in a display or text setting for many applications.

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"Imperia" is derived from my Classic font "Imperium" – the Roman Original from the 'Trajan column. I pushed "Imperia" a lot further, added two versions of swings.

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Imperija Roman is a display typeface inspired by stone engraved lettering. Supporting west, central and east European languages it contains over one-hundred discretionary ligatures and a stylistic set for old style diacritics.

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Imprenta Royal Nonpareil is the Intellecta's version of Nonpareil, an ancient font founded in the rare book Muestras de los Punzones y Matrices de Letra que se funde en el Obrador de la Imprenta Real, Madrid, Ano de 1799.

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Impression is indeed quite impressive, art nouveau, hippy, flower power and groovy. Impression was redesigned and digitally remastered by German designer Ralph M. Unger for profonts.

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Designed by Dr. Konrad F. Bauer and Walter Baum in 1964, Impressum is a serif font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Impressum is a registered trademark of Bauer Types SA.

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Imprint is a classical and elegant serif that was designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965. Contains 4 weights, and works great when combining the bold italic with the regular weight.

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Based on remnants of the Typoart, Dresden, version of Impuls, this is a carefully extended pro-­version covering Europe’s main languages written in Latin letters.

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In a Jar is a display typeface based in hand lettering. Inspired by the grandmother's kitchen, its colors, forms, smells and the new way for rescue this old things.

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In And Out is an elegant and diverse script family of three weights and an ornament set

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In the wood font hard to classify but I was aiming for an old American gothic feel. It's a uppercase display typeface. 100% handmade. It looks a bit spooky, a bit scary and it's quite distressed. It's not full-on horror, but it looks creep

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Indenture English Penman is based in researches in original indenture contracts from England and USA citizens from the XVIII and XIX centuries, mostly with roundhand scripts, paragraph versals in Old English script and many, many flourishes.

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Geometric typeface inspired by cartoon title lettering "Golden Antilope" (Золотая Антилопа). Source for inspiration

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Mapuche means ‘man of the land’ and it is also the name of a group of indigenous inhabitants in South America.During the southern Winter solstice, between June 21 and June 24, the We Tripantu, the Mapuche New Year fest, takes place with a magica...

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Introducing Indigo Typeface Indigo is elegant, clean typeface with 6 weights and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Indigo is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product packag.

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Indulge Script is a typeface adapted for both modern and traditional uses, housing 882 glyphs and 480 swashes. With hundreds of thousands of character combinations to choose, to ensure versatility. Great for weddings, invites, magazines, blogs, menu...

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Forged from geometric and technical styles, Industry stands sturdy and strong.

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Industry Inc comprises numerous stand-alone styles along with a layered type system. Think of it as a toolbox of type.

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This refined handwriting script style was created by eminent Chicago based lettering designer Charles Hughes. The lowercase letters link up where appropriate in word settings to emphasize the graceful handwritten appearance.

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Named after my daughter, Ines is a contemporary book typeface with seven weights and matching italics, designed with classic proportions and carefully crafted to ensure the best performance on large amounts of text.

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Infamy is a display typeface inspired by graffiti and street art, featuring the ‘bubble letter’ style of writing which was very popular among subway and suburban graffiti artists in the early days of American graffiti.

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The unicase height, condensed forms and playful mix of geometric construction and childish letterforms gives these fonts a naïve and charming expression. Part infantile, part geometric - it’s Infantometric!

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Infoma is designed based on simplicity which allows Infoma to perform flawlessly in numeroius design options. Infoma consists of 18 styles from Line to Ultra, supporting many OpenType features, such as tabular numerals, inferiors & superiors, numerato

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