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Catchwords have always been offered alongside standard alphabets in wood type catalogs and so often appear on posters as a decorative punch that they have become part of the wood type vernacular.

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Gothic Round was first introduced as wood type by the George Nesbitt Co. in 1838. The font is a softened variation of a standard heavy Gothic typeface. The style evokes a much more recent history of the 1960s and 70s and can be seen in such places as donu

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HWT Konop is a monospaced (fixed-width) typeface that is also square! Designed by Mark Simonson (Proxima Nova) as square characters that can be arranged vertically or horizontally and in any orientation. To a traditional letterpress job printer, a f...

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Euclid. A New Type,' originally designed in the 1930s by modern American designer Alvin Lustig (1915-1955), has been revived as 'Lustig Elements' through a collaboration of designers Craig Welsh and Elaine Lustig Cohen.

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The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum staff is honored to partner with New York-based graphic designer Louise Fili on her first font release project. The new font, “Mardell,” is named for Hamilton retiree and wood type cutter Mardell Doubek.

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In 2002 Matthew Carter was commissioned to create a new design to be cut in wood by the then nascent Hamilton Wood Type Museum. This was significant in that this was the one format for which Carter had not yet designed type.

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Designed for ParaType in 1999-2003 by Manvel Shmavonyan. Low-contrasted Serif typeface has large x-height and small square cove serifs. For use for text and display typography. Due to its open letterforms and big number of styles the face is a good compan

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Hydrant is a utilitarian typeface that contains many unique and interesting idiosyncrasies that distinguish the font from any other, whilst maintaining a consistency of form and structure. Some initial, obscure characteristics were refined over a four ...

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After watching a bunch of Danish series like Dicte, Bron and The Killing, I figured it would be nice to give my newest font a Danish name. It became Hyggelig. Hyggelig, like the Dutch word ‘Gezellig’, cannot be translated into English, but it me...

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Hypermarket is a font family inspired by shopping receipts.

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Introducing Hysteria Script Hysteria is handwritten, clean typeface with 2 styles and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Hysteria is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product..

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I was listening to an old Van Halen album when I made this font. I named it after one of my favourites: ‘Ice Cream Man’. Ice Cream Man is a happy, sloppy, wobbly kids font. Use it for your book covers, posters and ice cream packaging!

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This typeface was inspired by the 1820 classic writing “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” by Washington Irving. I created it to feel 200 years old and 2 hours old at the same time. To call it “timeless” would be cliche, and a bit conceited, but t...

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Ichweis Caps is a simple and elegant decorative font with floral ornaments and soft curves, inspired by the the Art Nouveau movement.

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Icing is a font based on a naive, illustrated handwriting that can be used on a daily basis. It is a delicate, handwritten front with a somewhat masculine feel which mimics the natural stroke of pointed pen calligraphy. Icing embodies a folksy feel that

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Iconic is a rounded condensed sans serif typeface designed by Andrea Tartarelli together with Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Francesco Canovaro at Zetafonts. It’s a multi-purpose workhorse family designed for clear and effective editorial, interface and infor

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Idiom is an extra-condensed, tightly spaced display face with congruent forms exuding a strong sense of rhythm and elevation. The basic stenciled geometric shapes are reminiscent of the decorative style found with P22 Albers and Futura Black.

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Iggy is a new bizarre display typeface. Each letter comes with four alternatives that automatically swap when placed next to each other for a true hand-painted look. The font also includes optional drip glyphs, which can be added to your designs.

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Igna Sans is a humanist functional typeface, with a contemporary style, designed to be used in a wide variety of applications such as advertising, corporate projects, branding and retail product design. The font is highly legible when used in a larg...

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This traditional display Roman typeface features an open, engraved effect, an ideal combination where a strong classical look is required.

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Wacky, crazy and kooky is what we feel like when we use this font. If you're looking for a fun and fancy font that screams over top, fantastic energy then look no further. If you want to make an impact or just want to look a bit fancy then look no f...

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Iguana Lover was inspired by the lettering on the movie posters for Night of the Iguana, and have gone further to not only be inspired, but to go overboard and create a narrow, regular, and wide style of the lettering. An offbeat retro typestyle with pla

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Imogen Agnes is a hand-made, signature-style font designed to create personal, stylish lettering quickly & easily. It works great for personal logos, but also makes for a strong standalone script font with a bit of a retro vibe to it.

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Impact is a realist sans-serif typeface designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965 and released by the Stephenson Blake foundry.

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