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Henceforth is a hand-drawn, all caps didone-style typeface. It is a little rough, a little uneven, but lively and elegant as well. Personally I think it has a certain poshness about it: I mean, it wouldn’t look out of place in old Notary books, or...

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The first thought that crosses a type designer’s mind upon seeing a slab serif is: I wonder what it would look if it was serifless. And so, after building Henderson Slab, I followed my instincts and gave it a sans serif companion.

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A few bold caps drawn by Albert Du Bois for the 1906 Henderson Sign Painter book started me in the direction of looking at how sign painters approached slabs after the industrial revolution. The usual happened from there. My exercise in the early letterin

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Based on the late 1970s artwork by outstanding Armenian type designer Henrik Mnatsakanyan (1923-2001). That was the only design created by Mnatsakanyan for Latin and Cyrillic. Digital version with adding the missing characters was designed for ParaType in

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PT Henman Pictograms™ was based on Armenian ornaments revived by Henrik Mnatsakanyan, with participation of Manvel Shmavonyan. The digital version was developed for ParaType in 2002 by Manvel Shmavonyan.

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Hennepin derives from a bridge and street that share the same name in Minneapolis, MN. It is a serif font compromised of three agile weights: regular, light, and extra light.

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Originally created by the Tart Workshop's own Crystal Kluge as a logo for an online tea store for chicks, Henparty Serif and Henparty Sans are sure to delight! These fonts are perfect for baby announcements, giftware, any creative kid projects, chil

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Heptal is a typeface family with five weights including true italics. The geometry of the characters is neo-gothic and the serifs are polygonal concave or inverted Tuscan. These fonts have a wide table of characters with support for all the lang...

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Hera Big is a type family in eight weights & 16 fonts. The family explores the motion and fluidity of the ball serif, in an evolution from its previous identity as a counterpart to the slab serif. Informed by great fat-faces from Figgins to Lubalin, b

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Heraldic Devices Premium images (dingbat font) represents authentic ancient heraldry devices, coats of arms, helms, crowns, crests etc.

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A colorful floral book that I found at a flea market inspired me to make the font Herbarium. What started as floral letter illustrations in 2009 has now developed into a writable font.

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Herchey is a high quality script font that contains swashes inspired by baseball team logos. Herchey conatins OpenType features such as Stylistic Alternates, Swashes, Ligatures, Stylistic set, Terminal Form and Ornaments.

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Hercilio is a typographic family without condensed serif, modern and geometric inspired by the architectural forms of the Hercilio Luz Bridge in Florianopolis.

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Straightforward tone resulting in a modernist, Hergon Grotesk is a family of modern sans-serif. This Typeface is characterized by Neo-Grotesque which gives it a strong character, perfectly suited for any visual communication application. The family...

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Heritage Set is a display font. It was designed specifically for display, headline, logotype, branding, and similar applications. Heritage Set has been designed to equipped with three different widths; Narrow, Normal and Wide, addition to expanding...

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Hermann is one of our most readable typefaces so far. Since last year, the W Design team had been examining closely the possibility of developing a text font. Thus, we dug into concepts within some of our favorite novels, such as The Steppenwolf and...

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The typeface was designed at ParaType (ParaGraph) in 1993 by Tagir Safayev. Based on Placard typeface (Hermes Grotesk) of the Lange type foundry (St.-Petersburg), an adaptation of Hermes Grotesk, of the Woellmer type foundry (Berlin, middle of the 19th ce

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Both Hermes DTC and Imperial DTC font families are strongly influenced by Schnebel's work on Latin characters to fit Japanese Kanjis. DTC Hermes is well-suited for office documents, looking good on screens as well as printed.

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In the typedesign industry the terms ‘nova’, ‘neue’, ‘next’, ‘new’ are often used to refer to a typeface that has been modified in different ways: redesign, technical readjustments, greater number of characters, etc. At Latinotype we...

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The typeface was designed at ParaType (ParaGraph) in 1993 by Vladimir Yefimov based on Herold Reclameschrift by Heinz Hoffman of H. Berthold (Berlin), 1901, and Russian Herold typeface of the Berthold typefoundry (St.-Petersburg). The bold style based on

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Herradura font family was designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2013. It is a wood-type slab serif typeface with a slightly techno angular look.

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Herringbone is a unique geometric display face. Letters and words align with a diagonal pattern, alternating with upper and lowercase characters. Use the solid accompanying fonts "knockout, extrude, outer, and inner" to colour in between the lin

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Designed by Steve Jackaman, Hess Old Style was originally designed by Sol Hess as just a roman and italic for Lanston Monotype, circa 1920-23.

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Hext is a geometric display face. When used in blocks of type it forms a repeating pattern of the interlocking hexagons. Use it for unique headlines or single characters. Create simple patterns or more complex creations by stacking letterforms and mixing

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