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From the creators of the famous and wacky Art Parts illustrations, Ron Romain and Joe Crabtree, A.K.A. Ron and Joe, Regular Joe was released in 1990 and is their only font.

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Hustle Script is a mono-weight script typeface that includes 3 weights; Light, Regular, Bold. It doesn't take much to make this typeface look great in a project.

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Designed by Walter Huxley in 1935, Huxley Vertical is a sans / geometric font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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Hvala is a display typeface based on slab serif. All european languages are included. 'Hvala' means praise. Remember it when you design your graphics using my font. It's a pure magic to express your respects or/and expect them back.

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HWT Aetna is a revival of the sturdy Roman style of wood type most often called simply Aetna. This new digital version by Aaron Bell features four widths all based on the various widths commonly offered by 19th Century wood type manufacturers. In ad...

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HWT Antique Tuscan 9 is a very condensed 19th century Tuscan style wood type design with a full character set and ligatures. This design was first shown by Wm H Page Co in 1859 and is the first digital version of this font to include a lowercase and exten

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Archimedes is a wood type design sometimes known as Mansard. This particular version was brought back to life as a wood type font by Virgin Wood Type. The variation with screw heads in the design was first seen in 1879 by the William H. Page Co. Thi...

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HWT Artz is the newest wood type to be cut at Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum. It was designed by venerable type designer Erik Spiekermann for his own print studio (P98a in Berlin), specifically to be cut into large size wood type. The digital vers

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HWT Bernice is an ornament font system designed by <a href="">Marian Bantjes</a>. The basic shapes were designed by Bantjes for the Hamilton Wood Type Museum's <a href="

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HWT Brylski is a typeface by Nick Sherman, named for retired wood type cutter Norb Brylski and designed to be cut as wood type at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. This font is the digital counterpart to the wood type made as part of the Ha..

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Bulletin Script was a style offered by several American wood type manufacturers in the late 19th Century. It may actually be one of the most iconic styles of the late 1960 Psychedelic era when Victorian revival was in full swing.

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This late 19th century design conjures up early 20th century Dutch DeStijl lettering with a mostly strict adherence to right angles and minimal stroke modulation. Geometric began its life as a metal typeface from the Central Type Foundry, circa 1884...

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Gothic Round was first introduced as wood type by the George Nesbitt Co. in 1838. The font is a softened variation of a standard heavy Gothic typeface. The style evokes a much more recent history of the 1960s and 70s and can be seen in such places as donu

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HWT Konop is a monospaced (fixed-width) typeface that is also square! Designed by Mark Simonson (Proxima Nova) as square characters that can be arranged vertically or horizontally and in any orientation. To a traditional letterpress job printer, a f...

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Euclid. A New Type,' originally designed in the 1930s by modern American designer Alvin Lustig (1915-1955), has been revived as 'Lustig Elements' through a collaboration of designers Craig Welsh and Elaine Lustig Cohen.

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The Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum staff is honored to partner with New York-based graphic designer Louise Fili on her first font release project. The new font, “Mardell,” is named for Hamilton retiree and wood type cutter Mardell Doubek.

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The design of the first "Fat Face" is credited to Robert Thorne just after 1800 in England. It is considered to be the first type style designed specifically for display or jobbing, rather than for book work. The first instance of Fat Face in wo

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Described as “An extended script type that lends itself well to fine fashion, ready-to-wear and all quality merchandise” in a marketing blurb pitching Beaufont by the Morgan Sign Machine Company of Chicago for their Line-O-Scribe sign printing s...

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The Unit Gothic series was released by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. In 1907. This sans serif family features one of the first multi width/weight type 'systems' anticipating the Univers font system by 50 years. This set of 7 fonts was designed to a

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In 2002 Matthew Carter was commissioned to create a new design to be cut in wood by the then nascent Hamilton Wood Type Museum. This was significant in that this was the one format for which Carter had not yet designed type.

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Hydrant is a utilitarian typeface that contains many unique and interesting idiosyncrasies that distinguish the font from any other, whilst maintaining a consistency of form and structure. Some initial, obscure characteristics were refined over a four ...

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After watching a bunch of Danish series like Dicte, Bron and The Killing, I figured it would be nice to give my newest font a Danish name. It became Hyggelig. Hyggelig, like the Dutch word ‘Gezellig’, cannot be translated into English, but it me...

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Hypermarket is a font family inspired by shopping receipts.

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Introducing Hysteria Script Hysteria is handwritten, clean typeface with 2 styles and multilingual support. It's a very versatile font that works great in large and small sizes. Hysteria is perfect for branding projects, home-ware designs, product..

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