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Hot Salsa is a calligraphic script font inspired by the classic, fairly well-made brush letters from the casual sign painting style, mixed with the fast and gestural tags you can find on walls all around the world. This is a fresh font that allows y...

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Hotdogger is a family of cursive brush fonts, presented in two weights and completed with a sans serif font and an useful pack of graphics to play with. These fonts are specially designed for packaging, labels, advertising posters, booklets, lette...

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Hotline is a monoline script designed by Locomotype. Hotline contains opentype features such as ligatures, stylistic alternates, swashes and much more.

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House of cards is inspired by and based on retro Hamilton s Teniers typeface which is popular wooden type fonts of the 19th century. To make natural and contemporary impressions the original lowercase design was slightly changed from the original but all

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House Soft is the curvy, fun little brother of House Sans. Its exaggerated rounded corners give it a playful feel that will bring happiness and joy wherever it’s used. Like its big brother, House Soft is also made up of 100 weights in 5 useful wid...

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Houseguest is fun, childish, heavyweight offbeat sans serif font with an alternate caps set, and a stylistic alternates to swap in a handful of lowercase styles for a unicase mix.

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Houseplants are commonly grown for decorative purposes, positive psychological effects, keeping fresh or health reasons such as indoor air purification.

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Houstander font duo is an excellent font for modern hand lettering logo or headline / display designs.

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Houston Pen replicates the handwriting of Sam Houston, perhaps the most famous Texan, in letters dating from the 1830s to the late-1850s. Much like the man himself, Houston’s handwriting stood fairly large on the page and had a distinctive flouris...

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A modern humanistic san serif typeface. The horizontal structure of the font gives it a clean lateral dynamic that is ideal for on screen uses. Also the proportions have been condensed to maximise the use of space across various layouts.

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Hoxton North came out of the concept to create something distinctly British, drawing on modernist influences such as Edward Johnston's typeface for the London Underground and Gill Sans.A humanistic san serif typeface with a British modern quality. O.

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Hoyer Script is a fresh redesign of Hans Hoyer’s Schoenschrift, a slender vintage italic with a calligraphic touch. This font should be used like my blackletter fonts.

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Hua type family is a sans-serif with very humanist details to represent the essence of nature. It features 14 weights from the very thin to the very bold, generously covering a wide range of the natural spectrum. Aiming to represent the soft and ele...

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The font is cool, no in fact is damn right trendy. With a hand written style font in mind we wanted to create a font that gave you more punch for your buck so we decided to create a two in one font. The upper case is thin and condescended while its...

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Humanist 521 is a Bitstream digitized version of Gill Sans typeface. The font was designed by Eric Gill and released by Monotype circa 1928-1930.

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Humble is a Slab Serif typeface with two different weights and inline style. Heavy and sturdy structure makes Humble Regular assertive. Humble Hairline is gracious and subtle with thin body weight and potent serifs. Inline style creates nice depth o...

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Hummingbird is reminiscent of old-fashioned cursive penmanship, the sort learned by endless repetition and found in treasured letters bundled together by silken ribbons or in worn leather-bound ledgers. The aim, across the past few centuries, was a gracef

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An elegant script typeface with a bunch of opentype features to make your design and digital lettering look more outstanding and fun. Hummington contains 700+ total characters, 16+ stylistic set alternates, elegant swashes, unique ligatures, oldstyle figu

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Hungry Beast is a Victorian theme font. With another old fashioned feels on it, because we were very passionate with that kind of typeface style. This typeface will suitable for many display purposes like you could see in our previews for th...

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Meet Hunky Dory, a bold display type with a bright and bubbly personality. Named after the album by David Bowie—yes I am obsessed with Bowie. Its childlike simplicity gives it a sense of innocence that will really light up your designs. With it...

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Hunter house is a beautiful script magic font with handdrawn texture, lots of ligatures and 3 alternate set for the whole alphabet. Goodlooking and creative, it was created for beautiful typographic projects, amazing desi...

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The Hunting Season is new font Brush from Rvq Typefoundry, elegant feel character set. To create the beautiful combination, just mix the uppercase and lowercase then mix with the alternative glyphs and playing with swash. The Hunting Season includes a ful

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Introducing HURSON HURSON is born from original and hand-drawn style font. This font gives a feel of vintage, classic, old, handmade looked like. Already PUA Encoded and I think this font is perfect for people looking for vintage aesthetic or handd...

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Hurson consists of two font styles, Hurson Rough (previous version) and Hurson Clean (latest version) This font gives a feel of vintage, classic, old, handmade looked like. Already PUA Encoded and I think this font is perfect for people looking for...

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