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Wayfinder Stencil CF is a stencil serif built for branding, logos, and headlines. Its dramatic curves and contrast are perfect for fashion, tech, art, food, and packaging. Seven weights and italics provide a wide range of elegant applications. Feat...

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How to make soft-yet-gothic? Countless hours spent researching, and years of refinement, that's how. YWFT Ultramagnetic was finally mastered to postscript/truetype format in 1999 and has gone on to be one of the most widely-used YWFT exclusives of al

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Both Zooja and Zooja Light have alternates for every capital and lowercase letter (that automatically swap in for consecutive characters courtesy of the OpenType ligature feature). Zooja Elements & Borders has 90+ fun decorative doodads, borders and...

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Zuume is a high-impact, condensed, display font family consisting of a normal and alternate Zuume Cut family in multiple weights and italics. Its range in thickness gives a sharp, technical feel in the lighter weights, while the bold, blacker weight...

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-OC Bartók is a beautifully crafted wedge serif available in ten styles. The maverick brother of -OC Rey, it adds a brutal confidence to the former’s classical elegance, and carries a sense of passion and drama which increases with weight; start...

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With 3 stylistic sets -OC Format Sans is a 3-in-1 geometric grotesk sans serif which fuses the style of Futura with the rhythm and proportions of Akzidenz. Inspired by vintage user manuals and mid-century subway signage it comes in two styles; Stand...

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1776 Independence was designed inspired mainly from the font used by John Dunlap in the night of 1776 July 4th in Philadelphia to print the first 200 sheets of the Congress' Declaration of Independence establishing the United States of America.

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Like our first "1871 Dreamer Script" This script font was created inspired from a lot of manuscripts, notes and drafts, written by the famous american poet Walt Whitman. However, it is a very different font, with numerous different ligatures, al

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Adelya - Elegant Signature Font is a free-flowing monoline, the two style typeface exploits the common letter-to-letter transitions of the typical cursive hand by utilizing two style points controlled within the machinations of OpenType Contextual A...

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Adriane Lux is the decorative, “inline” or “openface” titling companion to Marconi Lima’s acclaimed Adriane Text family.This single weight offering is modeled after the Regular weight of the primary family.

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Aesthet Nova is a display type family. Released initially as Aesthet in 2015, it had a significant makeover. Inspired by the 70’s personality, Aesthet Nova remains true to its original "back to nature" roots. It is a smooth talker with a larger

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Aguda Stencil font family is the stencil version of Aguda font family, it has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2014. Aguda Stencil consists of 16 styles. The 8 "Stencil 1" styles contain a narrow stem for big sizes ty

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AKAKIOΣ UPPERCASE FONT. This font is an adorable hand-made typeface with a lot of personality. From "hand-written" quotes to product packaging, merchandise, and branding projects, this font is so versatile that it can cover them all. What is in

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With strong hand-lettering feeling put on it, Aliva can be used in any projects: from clothing brand to wedding invitation, it is so fun and casual typeface with personality. You can play with almost 100 alternative characters included on it, which...

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Allison Script is a hand drawn signature style. Allison is great for branding, headlines, invitation cards or even as a logotype. Allison is equipped with over 100 Contextual Alternates and Standard Ligatures to keep the flow vivid and maintain hand...

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Alma Toran is a typeface inspired by several typography books. Unique, elegant and vintage-style fonts suitable for design needs such as logos, posters, layouts, cards, etc. typeface consists of 2 font styles, namely plain and outline, there are alternati

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Amigueta Script is a handlettered script font, dynamic and pretty with swashes. Can used for various purposes. such as the title, signature, logo, wedding invitations, letterhead, signage, labels, newsletters, posters, badges, etc. Amigueta Script...

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I’m happy to announce the complete version of Ancora, a typeface I designed back in 2013. Ancora is a sans serif typeface with a distinctive style, inspired by the imagery in the production of the famous Port wine, such as boats, barrels, grapes,...

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Ansage does not claim to be neutral; it escapes from the rationalist sans of closed strokes and regular forms. Meaning Announcement in German, Ansage is versatile and communicates effectively across a broad range of media and formats such as brandin...

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What happens when Roman and Art Nouveau heritage get together? Antiga happens. Combining an old style typeface with an elegant and modern touch, Antiga is ideal for magazines and newspaper headlines, or even book covers! With a delightful and versat...

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Balancing sharp angles with soft rounded shapes, AQUAWAX is a geometric sans serif typeface family evoking a contemporary sensibility of digital smoothness and liquid connections.

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Archie is a wide attention-grabber based on a simple geometric alphabet drawn in the early 1930s by Dutch calligrapher and lettering artist Martin Meijer. This digital family expands considerably on the original letters, adding biform shapes, small caps,

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Inspired from archaic slavonic calligraphy, with a modern, fresh and spontaneous look, Architype AD-2014 is a display font designed for impactful and original headlines that has somehow to do with historical or religious content.

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Asterix is a font design published by Fonthead.

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