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FR Hopper is a sans based on geometric forms still having a friendly personality. It is inteneded for mid-lenght texts, captions, titles and almost any other occasinal use - posters, flyers and even for web sites.

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With a few elements of FR Minta One you can create many original patterns and casual graphics. There are 160 elements in this font. Possibilities are limitless. Try it. Play it.

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FR Minta - the pattern font for the playful. With any element of FR Minta Two you can create pattern - casual graphics could be built also.

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FR Pasta Mono family is an offspring of the well received free font FR Pasta Simpla. This font family is a monospaced, tall design capable of setting playful, elegant text headlines. The FR Pasta Mono family comes with a few OpenType features like case fr

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FR Smaragdina is a highly decorative font family for titles. Family members shares the very same metrics/kerning so these can layered on top of each other. Experiment for highly decorative, eye-catching results.

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FR Tabula is a highly decorative font family for titles. Family members shares the very same metrics/kerning so these can layered on top of each other. Experiment for highly decorative, eye-catching results.

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Fracktif is a modern contemporary Grotesk, Fracktif reveals a strong constructivist identity. Its geometric architecture develops radical shapes through many distinctive letters. It works from footnote to poster size. The graphic aesthetic is...

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Fractul is a geometric sans serif with architectural qualities. Built from the Konnect family—which features geometric forms, classical proportions, a large x-height, and closed apertures—this typeface introduces even more unique and display ori...

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Fragile Script is textured brush font, contemporary approach to design, handmade natural with an irregular baseline, also equipped with alternatives and ligatures.

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Fragola is a bold and groovy script family with plenty of OpenType features and extra swashes. Combine Swash, Stylistic or Titling Alternates or manually select from even more alternates in any OpenType savvy program to create groovy headlines and s...

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"Old is Gold".. Perhaps that's the best words to represent this typeface called Fragtude - a pair of vintage display typeface consist of bold script and serif. One of our finest typeface, crafted carefully to make sure its quality. Inspired

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Fram is an uppercase stencil typeface. It comes with a fine-tuned kerning, its extensive character set ensures multiple languages coverage and the design is adapted to different ranges of size through size-specific optical compensation.

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Framboisier means ‘Rasberry Bush’ in French. Even though it’s early spring, I already spotted raspberries at the greengrocers, so I figured a nice raspberry-related name would suit this font just fine. Framboisier is a hand painted script font...

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Organic versus geometric are two different universes that converges on nature systems and has its reflection on this new sans serif typeface. Frambuesa is a half humanist-half geometric sans that merges decorative curves with straight lines looking...

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Frames and Borders Too is the follow-up font to Outside the Line's top selling font Frames and Borders. These borders are a more playful take on borders that are packaged with layout and drawing programs. All hand-drawn for that touch of whimsy.

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The Framez dingbat font is a collection of frames and borders that can be used for logos, titles or any other display function.

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A new tribute to old waysFranck Jalleau’s flexible and vigorous typeface is inspired by Venetian faces of the Renaissance, especially those cut by Francesco Griffo who lends it his name.

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Franceur, a condensed display typeface with natural hand writing feel. This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards...

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Francoeur is a modern and minimalist sans serif font. This font consists of 12 fonts that are suitable for graphic design needs such as magazines, books, posters, logos and others. there is an outline style that is trending that can be useful to b...

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Frank draws inspiration from the classics DIN, Eurostile and with a dash of Futura. Update and redrawn for 2018 with more styles and glyphs. Perfect for prints, t-shirts, posters and such.

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"Frank Flowers" are fonts with flowery embellishments. They are useful for all kinds of celebrations, but they also have lots of impact. There are only uppercase letters even on the lowercase keys.

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This is URW's digitization of the famous Franklin Gothic, the realist sans-serif typeface originated by Morris Fuller Benton in 1902. Franklin Gothic is appropriate for any and all headline and body copy when you need power and simple authority.

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Franklin Gothic Hand Demi Shadow is another one in my series of hand-drawn fonts from way back in time – before computers changed the way we worked in advertising. This one was especially used for what we called "pork-belly-ads": ads for food-s

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Franklin Gothic Hand Light is part of a series of hand-drawn fonts from way back in time – before computers changed the way we worked.

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