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URW Egyptienne is a powerful slab-serif family (with over 50 styles) released by URW Studio in 1994. URW Egyptienne contains West, East, Turkish, Baltic, Romanian language support.

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URW Garamond is a 56 font weight family published by the German type foundry URW. Garamond is the name given to a group of old-style serif typefaces named for the punch-cutter Claude Garamond. Most of the Garamond faces are more closely related to the wor

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Designed by Hermann Zapf in 1990, URW Latino is an antique, heavy and slab-like serif. Latino contains a very classic and elegant feel, works great for important and high end design projects.

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URW Palladio (or known as Palatino) is the name of this typeface family that began as an old style serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf initially released in 1948.

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Designed by URW Studio in 1994, URW Typewriter is a classic, full featured and well executed typewriter styled serif design.

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Vaccine is a slab serif font family with a mixture of the usual and one-sided serifs. We call it 'semi semi slab serif'. Serifs and terminals have soft rounded shapes, but stem junctions on the contrary use hard constructions.

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Vage is a family of 10 fonts, a contemporary sans-serif typeface. It is rooted in the style of a classic high contest typeface provides advanced typographical support with features such as ligatures and alternate characters. Especially suited for fashion

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Feel the funk with the retro-inspired Valeson. This groovy mix of the ‘70s and ‘80s has an upbeat rhythm of its own that will make your project boogie. It’s loads of fun with its swashy, calligraphic twist. Push it to the max with plenty of w...

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Valnera is a low-contrast humanist serif typeface of a distinctly angular design which works well at display and text sizes. Valnera comes in eight weights with matching italics and the headline font Valnera Monster. It has open counters and flat ho...

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The Vekta Type System is part of a larger, interconnected grouping of 3 families: Neo, Sans & Serif.

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The Vekta Type System is part of a larger, interconnected grouping of 3 families: Neo, Sans & Serif. The goal was to develop a family designed along a common skeleton and matrix that would allow for interchangeable usage along a cohesive visual system

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Velino is the most recent of our Premium Typefaces.The serif version comes in two packages with three widths: Velino, Velino Condensed and Velino Compressed. The Display package contains high contrast typefaces, with a modern flair, very feminine but with

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Velino is the most recent of our premium typefaces.The serif version comes in two packages with three widths: Velino, Velino Condensed, and Velino Compressed.

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Designd by Francois Ganeau, Vendome is an intense and sharp serif design. It works great in header uses, and even holds an interesting sense of fashion and style when set in large sizes.

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This minimalistic and beautiful serif typeface features sleek lines and thin serifs with a classic '90s Vogue feel. Perfect for gorgeous logos & titles, layouts & content, or large & small scale, Venice will pair beautifully with many fon

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Verna is a versatile contemporary font. Verna has a set of automatic ligatures, discretionary ligatures, swash initials and a selection of ornaments that you can easily access in any Opentype savvy program.

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Designed by Steve Jackaman, Veronese is based on the early original Monotype design, you can definitely see the influence of Italian Old Style, Jenson and Morris Golden Type.

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This is VERSALITA&SERIF, a serif font that contains upper case, lower case in versalite, and an alternative of every letter in a smaller size. It has more than 450 characters. The idea is that everyone could have the possibility to mix the letters a..

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Versina is a display typeface with a unique and expressive yet moderate personality resulted from its organic elegant shapes which are inspired by Spanish transitional typefaces from the 18th century. This font is perfectly suitable for both titles...

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Vezus Serif is a legible slab design created by Dusan Jelesijevic.

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Vicky is a slab serif typeface for headers and headlines, designed with the fundamental geometric shapes in mind, as to ensure balance and harmony. Like any slab serif font, it has a very particular strength and sturdiness. Since its shapes are born...

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Victorian Orchid is a gorgeous vintage flower. Victorian Orchid is a beautiful, organic serif font family available for both text and display. Its bizarre serifs for A and other diagonal letterforms came from decorative types and letterings in old...

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Vidocq is a single weight typeface designed for use in headlines and titles, inspired by the woodcut styles of the 19th century. It’s rounded forms and dark stroke translate into a bold yet friendly appearance coupled with a narrow proportion that...

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Vigor DT is a block-serif font design, published by DTP Types Limited.

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