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MADE Gentle is a modern soft serif typeface. MADE Gentle will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, postcard, book, websites, etc.

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MADE SAONARA is inspired by fashion. The SAONARA will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, wedding invitations, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, etc.

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Nevers are elegant and not too stiff handheld serif fonts, which can be used for a variety of your design needs such as posters, logos, branding, magazines, or just for collection. This font consists of uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, symbols su...

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This family started as a graduation project back in 2009, coming from calligraphic studies and sketches with a broad nib pen (and a lot of ink), based on humanist proportions and inclination. From its ink and paper origins it has come a long way unt...

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Winden is a geometric slab serif typeface based on the bestselling font Isidora and inspired by early 20th century famous classic slab-serif typefaces. Characteristic features such as trapezoid shape serifs give Winden a modern, contemporary touch a...

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Addington is a graceful and reliable serif, useful in any situation. Beautiful yet practical, Addington is designed for excellence in text-heavy settings while doubling as a capable and strong display typeface. Complete with seven weights, true ital...

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Ama is a monospaced serif typeface designed for creating monograms and rounded badges.To create a monogram, type a parenthesis, bracket or brace (these are your different badge sizes) followed by any combination of uppercase, lowercase and/or small...

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Anko is a mixed style of Old Style Roman serif. The glyphs formed in extend width, smooth strokes, moderate stem contrast, and soft edges to pursue clarity, quick recognizable text and warm personality. The italics style is 8 degree low slanted with...

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The inspiration comes from some old documents and store signs from my great-grandfather's old gold listfactory from 1838. He delivered hits for many artists of that time, and various museums in Copenhagen.

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Augillion - a soft bold serif with ligatures and alternates! Augillion is a modern and bold serif with a bunch of ligatures and alternates that will make your presentation or logo even more stunning and stand out! Augil...

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Bogart has been designed in 2020 by Francesco Canovaro as a personal homage to the iconic look of low-contrast old-style fat faces, like Cooper Black (Oswald Bruce Cooper, 1922) and Goudy Heavy Face (Frederic W. Goudy and Sol Hess, 1925-1932). Origi...

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Boiling fonts by Alit Design. This font looks elegant and is very cool to use to support your current design. Because bold font style like this has become a trend in 2020 now. Besides you get thick series, you also get many...

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Borghese - a 1904 Schelter & Giesecke font in Art Nouveau style was completely redesigned and is an ideal body text companion of display fonts from the same era.

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Bw Glenn Slab is a confident and robust font family with a sturdy feel offering no concessions for ambiguity. Its strict geometry and open shapes provide a very legible and clean texture, performing well on print and screens alike.It’s also the eg...

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Carentro - an all caps classy serif with alternates and ligatures Carentro is a classy and modern serif with a bunch of alternates for each characters and ligatures that will make your presentation or logo even more stunning and stand...

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Christo - a serif with elegant, artistic, Renaissance touch. Specially designed for bold, artistic, grand projects. The font is perfectly suitable for creating elegant, artistic, classic design such as logo, packaging, social media, and more.

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Consent - An editorial serif with unique features! Consent is an editorial serif font with unique lowercase. With special features, Consent will make your project more stand out and elegant. This font suitable for brand or title of the...

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Classy Bold serif font with beautiful characters and also ligature which makes it easy for you to create a logo for your personal branding and your business beautifully. Golden Metafor is perfect for many different projects such as logos & branding..

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Introducing Groce - Stylistic Serif Font Groce - Stylistic Serif Font is an elegant serif font that offers a wide range of possibilities, especially for a lot of alternative. Groce - Stylistic Serif Font offers an attractive tool for producing eleg...

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Ground Castle - A Modern high contrast serif font with swashes. The stylistic alternates and ligatures make this font event more unique and stands from the crowd. This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other...

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Introducing, Hulberk, a slab serif typeface with nostalgic look and feel. Inspired from 60s and 70s signages, labels, and ads. This type of font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, headline, signage and the other various formal forms su...

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In 2002 Matthew Carter was commissioned to create a new design to be cut in wood by the then nascent Hamilton Wood Type Museum. This was significant in that this was the one format for which Carter had not yet designed type.

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Julitho are demi-serif display fonts that have a strong and elegant appearance. Julitho comes from the word "July" to represent beautiful and "litho" which represents strength and integrity. Demi-serif is emphasized for lowercase lette

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Laterlocks, A sophisticated ligature serif from us. This typeface has been made carefully to make sure its premium quality and luxury feel. The ligatures makes this typeface unique and stands out rather than the regular serif font, very...

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