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Prumo is a new type system, based on a unique skeleton that flows, like a pendulum, from high contrast to low contrast fonts, is a sort of typographic journey, from the eighteen century typefaces to the nineteen century slab serif typefaces, gathering inf

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Artifex CF is a text-friendly serif, designed to be easy on the eyes and melt into the page (or screen). Gentle, subtle serifs aid the flow of reading without being ornate or stiff, while a near-upright italic design adds emphasis without distractio...

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Askja – A modern, decorative serif typeface with creative ligatures, multilingual support, and 4 free logo templates. Askja is a unique, decorative serif typeface with a fresh & modern approach. Askja features large upper serifs, combined with a...

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Introducing, Calfine, a Bold and strong serif with high contrast weight. This font very suitable to be used as a title or display, make it looks great and stands from the crowd. This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the othe...

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Casta is strong Modern contrasts make this typeface both impressive at display sizes and easily readable in text size, while the sharp shapes of the triangular serifs and the distinctive letter shapes show their strength in logo design and impressiv...

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Erigo Typeface!!! Erigo is a hight-contrast and eyecathing display typeface. Erigo is perfect for poster, t-shirt, cover books, headline and manymore. Already matched up and ready to be used together for your next design! Erigo...

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Geeeki is a playful semi serif font, it's cute yet nerdy, stylish but dorky. Bold and chunky, it's a unique headline grabber, so it's the perfect match for style magazines, fashion brands and whimsical websites. Find your inner super-geek!

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SHIRENS is a font inspired by Emo/metal/harcore music scene and the hype street wear/apparel. include uppercase and lowercase, ligature and alternate style,and also multilingual support, SHIRENS Really fit for Band wordmark, album cover , video titt...

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Discover an exquisitely elegant modern typography pairing with the Simple Serenity Font Duo. This beautiful set combines a contemporary take on a classic serif with a clean & modern fine calligraphy script—creating the perfect pair for stunning lo...

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This Elegant condensed serif font is perfect for elevating the feel of any design. It is tall and slender making its presence known without being overbarring. It is perfect for logos magazines fashion wedding invites and anything else you can imagin...

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There's only one thing about this new typeface that isn't colossally black: the razor-thin white space. It slices through and between geometric characters, creating a juxtaposition of contrasts and rhythms. The heaviest typeface in the world.

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Agger is a contemporary serif typeface featuring large open counters, curved, round forms, creating a modern and elegant glyph set. The extreme contrast between thick and thin strokes gives Agger a harmonic and stylish look. Designed with an eleganc...

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Airif serif font is all about understated beauty. Not trying to be a hero. this modern serif is perfect for giving your body copy and headlines just enough personality. The beauty of traditional letterforms speaks for itself. Airif comes in two styles. On

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Amazing Grotesk is a semi slab serif typeface family designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini developing an original logo created by Francesco Canovaro. It's a typeface designed to embody the characteristics of the startup scene: a feeling of innovation,..

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Inspired by the MacFarland series in the 1912 ATF catalog, Apparel is a typeface that shares similar functional characteristics with Times New Roman and Caslon fonts yet it has its own personality: A great choice for high-impact design. Apparel is...

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A fabulous, elegant, and modern serif font that’ll engage your audience and make your branding stand out. This stylish font can be used for a host of different content needs and projects. Perfect for social media branding projects, fashion designs, printe

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Benoa is a versatile font family for your design, consists of 6 weights from thin to black with dozens of alternates. Benoa works well with any style of design concept, from branding to a nice bold modern look! Benoa also available in Variable form...

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Boita is an elegant display serif type family. Designed for high impact, it features generous x-height, high contrast, confident curves and sharp serifs. Its condensed proportions allow for a great impact even in limited spacial situations. Boita...

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Designed by URW Studio in 1995, Danmark is an elegant and strong serif design. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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ED Lithosphere is a sharp display serif font that looks elegant and modern. This font has a Stylish character set to add functionality and beauty to typography, besides that this font also has several features such as: Uppercase, Lowercase, Alternat...

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Grown is a modern and clean display font. The design of typeface will make your design more beautiful and inspiring. This font will suitable for any project, like branding, print template, logo and more. Features : - Accents (Multilingual characte...

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Designed by Dr. Konrad F. Bauer and Walter Baum in 1964, Impressum is a serif font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian. Impressum is a registered trademark of Bauer Types SA.

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King’s Valley is an elegant serif typeface with plenty of features. It’s equipped with Standard Ligatures and Swash, Stylistic and Titling Alternates for more showy designs. Access the alternates from OpenType panel in any OpenType savvy program...

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Kotomi Display is a high contrast all-caps serif font with an elegant calligraphic touch. Inspired by didones, it features thin bracketed serifs, sleek lines, proportioned curves, angled axisall, with a sense of fashion. Designed for high end b...

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