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Clearly Visible, No Matter What. I love London for its finest visual branding, especially its Johnston typeface spreading all over the city. It inspired me to create this new font family: Nyata™. Nyata means clearly visible in Indon...

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Paymon - Playful Display Font is an handwritten display font based on the expression of real handwriting, lets you transform type into an exciting and beautiful piece of work. The irregular, hand-lettered look adds a real human touch to things and comes a

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Qirate Mono is a type of monospace font released by Fateh.Lab in 2020. This is good news for you graphic designers around the world. This font combines strong modern and minimalist style, perfect for those of you who have a young passion in designin...

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A modern sans serif font with a geometric and a bit of a grotesque touch. It comes in 12 weights, 6 straights, and matching italics. Each weight includes extended language support (+ Cyrillic), fractions, tabular figures, ligatures, and more. It has...

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Rockford is a geometrical Sans Serif with subtly rounded edges. Rockford comes in eight weights and matching Italics. With its large x-height and round features it’s both legible and friendly. It’s suited to cover a wide variety of tasks from ed...

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Tel Aviv, Display San-serif typeface, 2 Widths, 4&5 Weights. Structured Shapes with familiar look, yet unique! Can be used for wide range of uses, also function well as short text.

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Uphead is a strong and retro sans serif. Inspired by the street signs of Eastern Europe, it's robust and uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches. A balance of hard lines and smooth curves. The font can stan.

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Visby Round takes the charismatic forms of its older sibling Visby and softens them, creating a friendly new look. Perfect anywhere you need a little smooth sans-serif goodness. - Eight weights and obliques - OpenType features, including alternates...

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With great pride, we present this hand-drawn alphabet in both upper and lower case, derived from the beloved standard of all existing things: Helvetica.

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Ador Hairline is the high contrast version of Ador. A humanist sans serif that falls in the “evil serif” genre, especially designed for contemporary typography and comes up with 7 weights from extralight to black plus true italics and 293 ligatu...

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Ample is a display type family, optical mono linear and a bit squarish in nature. It has a smooth curve instead of the sharp angle formed by the junction of two strokes, which is a prominent feature of its design. It has been designed to be a litt...

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Created as a custom brand typeface in 2008 by Francesco Canovaro, Aquawax is one of Zetafonts most successful typefaces - having been chosen, among the others, by Warner Bros for the design of the logo for the Aquaman movie. Its logo design roots ar...

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Arthura is a sans serif font family with subtle reverse contrast, particularly visible in its ultra bold 'Black' style. Six weights plus matching italics. Simple geometry and with humanist nuance that adds warmth. t’s a perfect choice for brandi

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Artifex Hand CF is a humanist sans-serif variation on the original Artifex typeface; its serifs replaced with a subtle flare, lending a calligraphic feel and warm tone. Like its sibling, Artifex Hand is designed for flowing, easy-to-read text while...

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Beriot is a sans serif whose basics are condensed in Regular (Normal) weight, getting a lot of form inspiration from the topic also known as Steile Futura which is a letterform that Paul Renner himself explored in the mid-1950s, where shapes are con...

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This is Berka, a low contrast hybrid typeface which combines grotesque typeface traditions with geometry and a little touch of humanistic . This font family comes in 7 weights from Thin to Black with matching italics. Each family member of Berka al...

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Bison is a strong font family and sophisticated sans serif. Inspired by the animal, it's sturdy uncompromising style is felt through the controlled letterforms and modern touches. A balance of hard lines and smooth curves. Each font in the family can

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Burt is extended grotesk with condensed uppercase. Its combines modern bauhaus features with old grotesk details. And the X, what a banger! Well it actually is. That what gave the font name - buřt = sausage. Full Latin extended A support, many feat...

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Bw Mitga is a sharp & voluptuous sans serif. A consistent 16° angle running through all the weights is topped with subtly bowed diagonals, giving Bw Mitga its unique and strong personality.

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Calipso™ is a contemporary neo-grotesque display typeface that gets more vigorous as its weight increases. It comes in 6 styles and as a variable typeface — with full Latin Plus language support. Features: ● Stylistic Sets + Alternates ● C...

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When angles (and lack of) are important, this font was inspired by ancient roman architecture where strength and support were achieved through angles. This typeface benefits from large usage. In fact, many national magazines have turned to Colosseum...

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Condell Bio Poster is part of the bigger Condell family: a project who involves series of typographies who started to be conceived and developed since 2006. It also includes a bigger legibility version and a sans serif. Condell Bio is very versatile...

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Darwin Pro, the sequel to Darwin, is ready to leave port and start new adventures. The font was redrawn, the language support was extended and a new set of figures was added.Darwin Pro comes in 7 weights plus italics and includes alternative charact...

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Presenting DECOHEAD, an elegant and warm Art Deco inspired font. With it`s unique and delicate touch this font can add a sophisticated twist to any design. Decohead has a neat appearance that feels modern but at the same time it`s decorative accent...

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