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Youworkforthem T7517

Oakes Grotesk

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Oakes Grotesk is a more corporate take on the Oakes typeface. It explores a set of brand new metrics that allow it to be more legible in body text as well as headings. The letter 'g' has been tweaked to become double-story as well as the refinem

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Youworkforthem T13476

II Vorkurs

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A functional, constructive sans-serif with universal, geometric forms. Dedicated to the life and work of Bauhaus pioneer Josef Albers, the typeface follows a disciplined approach to composition using a limited palette of modular blocks. II Vorkurs...

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Youworkforthem T14742


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Inspired by late 19th century’s gothic typefaces from broadsides, Flexible uses the latest font technology to allow designers to play with each letter height and width easily. This versatile uppercase typeface is available in 8 widths and 8 heigh...

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Youworkforthem T13103

II Balfron

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Inspired by Ernö Goldfinger's east London tower block of the same name, II Balfron is an imposing, all caps, one-weight typeface. Set within a rigid structural grid, the unexpected angles embody the brutal principles of the original concrete profil..

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Youworkforthem T12269


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Beni is a bold & strong sans serif font family, beautifully crafted to perform in short headlines in posters or contemporary interface design.

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Youworkforthem T11677


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Quinton is an ultra condensed font, and with a style that is very different from the others. Its weight is superior in posters, social media, headlines, magazine titles, clothing, large print formats - and wherever you want to be seen. Inspired by t...

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Youworkforthem T9758


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Gilmer is a fresh, geometric, sans-serif font family inspired by the iconic typefaces like Futura and Avant Garde. Gilmer has a big x-height value, ​geometrical letterforms, sharp edges and very small stroke contrast as the neo-grotesk fonts from...

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Youworkforthem T13632


Presto is a variable weight sans serif typeface made up of 12 fonts from thin and condensed to wide and bold. Included in the variable font are over 500 alternate glyphs for creative customization. 12 fonts total 5 font weights Upper / lowercase gl...

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Youworkforthem T11214


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Arbeit is a functional Neo-Grotesque typeface. A variable version of the font is included with the complete family.

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Youworkforthem T14626

Middle Name

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Middle Name - Minimal Classic Font. Middle Name Sans is a geometric styled font. However, the design strays from the natural limitations of many sans-type fonts. Its eccentric style with a mix of today's styles makes this font suitable for various p

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Youworkforthem T11571

Ingram Mono

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Ingram Mono is a monospaced font designed by Rully Prayogi. A typeface that have an industrial kind of taste, with multilanguages support. The font builds inspired by basic sans serif glyphs structure, concerning the balance and optimization tha...

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Youworkforthem T11852

Le Mans Classic

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Le Mans Classic is a font inspired by vintage motorsport racing. In particular, advertising posters from the 70's. This time period was important as it showcased not only the cars that changed but also the illustrative styles & typography. The f

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Youworkforthem T14519


Meet Think, a varied-width sans serif font with fun options. At first glance, Think appears to be your standard all-caps mono weight sans. But if you look more closely, you’ll see that Think pairs wide and narrow characters to create a bold, eye-c...

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Youworkforthem T13904

Amberes Grotesk

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Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement in Belgium we've created a new and bold typeface. Amberes® is a sans serif font, it can be a loud and proud hero or a humble supporting actor, upgrading your lay-outs in no time. 3 weights plus matching Oblique..

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Youworkforthem T11809


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FLURO typeface is Sans Serif hybrid, designed to look modern & minimal in any setting. It is offered in 4 weight styles - Light, Regular, Semibold & Bold + a bonus "Bold Outline" style. The Typeface also includes special characters and

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Youworkforthem T12190

Britti Sans

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Britti Sans is a brutalist and grotesque font family with a strong personality. It has a contemporary style but also reminiscent of the Swiss design of the 50 '. Its 14 styles are simple and strong and are refined with ink traps for great performanc

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Youworkforthem T14276


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Helonik is a modern sans serif with a geometric touch that support for 87 languages. It comes in 10 weights, 22 uprights and its matching obliques, outlines, so you can use them to your heart’s content, in each of which there are more than 797+ gl...

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Youworkforthem T11925


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MADE TOMMY is a new classic casual sans serif font family. The TOMMY font family includes: 7 normal and 7 outline style. MADE TOMMY will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quo...

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Youworkforthem T5617


Inspired by masonry and available in eight heights–each version growing approximately 25% taller than the previous–Cinderblock is a brand new typeface designed to achieve maximum vertical coverage.

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Youworkforthem T11792


Prill font is a sans serif display font. Basically this font is designed with geometric principles. There are have two choices of styles regular - italic to choose from as needed. Suitable for all any creative project. Will make each project easier...

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Youworkforthem T12125

Brixton Pressed

Brixton Pressed : Typefamily includes two SVG letterpress styles: Wood and Lead Brixton Press is a bold hand-printed typefamily, that celebrates the original letterpress style and all its beautiful imperfections. It's narrow powerful shapes lend it.

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Youworkforthem T13667


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Segment is a modern geometric sans serif typeface designed by Krishna Kireeti and published by Typekiln in 2020. The shapes of the letterforms are derived from optically adjusted geometric shapes and are designed with minimal stroke contrast. The su...

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Youworkforthem T10598


Trash is an experiment of typographic creation. I’ve tried to explore the limits of what is right and what is wrong in type design, to push the contrasts and the metrics to extreme values and try to have fun doing something cool and that I really...

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Youworkforthem T14540


Glorify Sans is a sophisticated sans serif with many weight style to choose from. You will get 8 weight styles which you can play around to match your project, whether for a standout headline, or for a tagline, you name it. The unique letterform mak...

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