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Vector is inspired by the 1979 Atari Asteroids video game UI screen font, yet it has been completely reworked to achieve a more balanced and refined visual aesthetic, loosely adhering to the original source.

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Vektori family comes from those Atari games that had those distinct vector graphics with thin and precise straight lines. Contains 6 very diverse width styles, that make it easy to fit any type layout in need of some digital styling.

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Vin (translated from Ukrainian as “he”) is a superfamily consisting of three distinctly masculine typefaces with pronounced vertical stems and rounded corners. All three typefaces feature very large x-height for even more expression and assertiv...

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VP Pixel is a family of eight fonts that emulate various retro styles. Eight modern takes on the classic grid, that feel both retro and futuristic. The family includes diverse and versatile styles of an extensive character set, with support for adv...

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VP Pixel Pro is designed to be the definitive standard for a pixel typeface. This fresh take on the retro grid streamlines the pixel style for modern high-resolution screens and combines a vast character set with advanced typographic features. Wit...

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Designed by Suomi, War's design was inspired by the matrix screen typefaces in the movie War Games. All though based and inspired by the in the movie, these are extended and completely new design ideas by Suomi.

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YWFT Composite is a bitmap/digital style design that was originally inspired from collecting machine generated printouts during press checks. YWFT Composite has a special power of capturing a very digital, robotic like alphabet that works for both on scre

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YWFT DesignGraphik is a custom typeface that was created for the fifth version of Michael Paul Young's long-running online art project of the same name.

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With a bold presentation and rugged outlines, Edger is a nostalgic celebration of 8-bit and 16-bit gaming. A punk attitude brimming with confidence is conveyed through the rawness of its abstract design, revealing layers of a personality that is youthful

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YWFT Enam's letterforms were originally created for a branding job, then developed as a font, and finally converted to Opentype format in 2010. Some similarity to past work by Wim Crouwel is evident, which comes as no surprise, given our admiration f

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Influenced by an appreciation for Ed Ruscha and AutoCAD, YWFT Formation is an extensive typeface design that takes those principles and applies them in a unique way.

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Originally drawn in 2008 by Travis Stearns of YouWorkForThem, we revisited the Herzog drawings in 2011 and developed them into a fully functional opentype font release. YWFT Herzog comes with two style options (regular and alternate), with each style cont

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YWFT Maetl started as an exploration into hand drawing bitmap typefaces. What happens to edges and angles when you draw bitmaps by hand? We wanted to know. The final drawings of YWFT Maetl ended up with minimal serif details on certain letters, and angles

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YWFT Moteur began as a technical, retro, machine-like design, with a second version later released as YWFT Maetl. YWFT Moteur carries a strong inspiration from the type work of Wim Crouwel, but branches into a new realm of a more French/German engine-like

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YWFT Nim is all about layering. Bevel effects, outline effects, 3d effects, shadow effects--all are possible and uniquely powerful with YWFT Nim, making for a near-infinite amount of variety and style.

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This technical, heavy block font draws inspiration from a typeface originally used by the Swiss graphic designer Siegfried Odermatt. This thing is massive and powerful, and works great in headlines, posters and branding work, but can also be used in more

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Comprised entirely of "plus signs" of varying weights, YWFT OneCross had its genesis in YWFT OverCross (2002). When it was reworked later that year in order to create a more integrated blend of positive and negative space, Over became One, and t

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YWFT OverCross originally started as a typeface design that set out to explore visual form while retaining legibility. At close range, YWFT OverCross is visually beautiful but rather unreadable.

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YWFT QUE is a display font that follows a new design mantra: "Conservatively Absurd." It was developed to be the anti-Helvetica; to send a middle finger to legibility. It snarls at Times New Roman and dropkicks "the norm."

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YWFT Reversion is an interestingly wide and versatile display type design, perfect for a striking headline or an attention-grabbing poster or billboard. One of YWFT Reversion's strengths is its ability to help any designer start custom lettering jobs with

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Quick, somebody call Erich von Däniken! YWFT S3 is a folktronic, arts-and-circuits, crocheted robotic masterpiece of the first order, with two weights (regular and alternate) and two pattern fonts, also at two weights (regular and alternate).

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For striking, stylishly modern design, Selek(t) something incredible. (See what we did there?) YWFT Selek was designed with the idea of bringing a softer touch to machine-like letterforms, with the final result falling between mechanical and electronic.

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YWFT Service is a display typeface, strongly influenced by electronic music during the late 90s and early 00's. YWFT Service began as custom-drawn lettering on flyers for various music labels and DJs.

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The Precursors. The Founders. The Engineers. Known by many names in popular culture, this colony of erudite masters from Long Before were as style-conscious as they were technically adept, and their written glyphs certainly might have resembled YWFT Whisk

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