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Retro Starstruck is a dingbat typestyle that captures those retro starbursts and other styles you've seen used all over in a single typeface. A simple and sweet typeface offering easy access to the stars, and allowing you to put some sparkle in your

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Signs and Symbols is a collection of general purpose images for a variety of applications like climate and weather, nature, leisure, sports etc. Handy when you need some signs and symbols for your layout.

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A recent walk down memory lane through old college sketchbooks revealed a collection of caricature fish doodles. One day, the sketches were discovered by my son, who – being a marine life enthusiast – promptly demanded that I draw more fish.

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Stickers and Label pack, over 500 premade stickers and labels Organize with label and stickers, just choose from a massive range, pick a colour and print! Pack includes labels for; • Moving Home or organizing household goods, food and drink •...

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The Strapwokr is a symbolic font with the ornaments from the 16th century Mannerism era. These type of ornaments are called Strapwork and are combined with the Moreske ornament. Together they create a rich and refine style. As a prototype for this f...

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Tepu is a pictogram set which is inspired in modern iconography. It is a font with three different versions. Black: white icons on a black background, Regular: black icons on a white background, and Outline: pictograms made with constant thickness.

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The Dada is a collection of manicules and asterisks

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Thistle Borders are yet another “trouvaille”. Great borders made out of thistles, teasels and flowers from the meadows of Victorian times by Gert Wiescher.

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This set of Dingbats have influences from a whole host of modern subject matter such as TV, film, art , design and the internet the set has a wide range of fun, cute and emotional faces which makes gives them a little Emoji style. The series of roun...

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Vector Love is a dingbat font design, published by Rodrigo Araya Salas.

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Very Useful is a unique dingbats font that brings together a big variety of bold shapes! Square, Circles, Triangles, Stars, Hexagon, Polygon and more!

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Vibrant Women, 31 illustrations of women at the office, playing tennis, drinking coffee, shopping, skiing, lifting weights and more. Lots of movement, grace and charm for your ads, newsletters, scrapbooking or graphic design.

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Vivala Media Icons is a set of 97 symbols of modern media devices and controls for various functions, such as volume, brightness and many others.

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Say "I Do", to Wedding Doodles. A font of 31 wedding icons - bow tie, shoe, bouquets, cakes, invitation, cupcakes, bon bons, wedding dress, tux, ring bearer, flower girl, suitcases, congratulations banner, balloons, garter, gift, cuff links, wed

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Weird Bats are the perfect complement to the Weird Bill family of fonts, Squid's tribute to the wacky Weird-Ohs! art of Bill Campbell. Bill's series of goofy monster model kits in the early 1960s was such a hit that it has been reissued twice! W

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From boots to bears… Wilderness Doodles, an Alaskan inspired doodle font of 30 Northwoods illustrations. It is full of water and trees and mountains. Silhouettes of fish, moose, beaver, bears, elk, wolf, deer and sheep.

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An eye-pleasing collection of 31 Woodland Doodles. Illustrations of 11 trees--traditional and contemporary. A branch, animals, cabin, acorn, flower, leaves, mushrooms, bird's nest, pine cone and birds on a branch.

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Woof! A font full of the best-loved dogs plus one mutt. Distinct lines convey the character and heart of each breed.

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Xmas Wishes Font - A collection of 55 calligraphic Christmas greetings and 10 Christmas dingbats. All handwritten with different tools like broad nib pen, pointed pen and brush pen which allowed us to create diverse styles. The letterings are writ...

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Yoga Studio, a set of detailed yoga poses that are both useful and elegant. Tadasana, trikonasana, savasana -- from mountain pose to relaxation pose you will find what you need to put together a sun salutation vinyasa, basic instructions for beginning stu

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Yuletide Doodles is the perfect font for that quickie Christmas party flyer, menu,  or invitation. Or make your own gift tags. The uses are endless. This font includes gifts, ornaments, snow globe, snow man, holly, olive branch, lots of trees and stars, a

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YWFT Array is a beautifully-drawn icon font of stylish geometric illustrations, with an eclectic, art deco vibe. With its bisected circles and the bold, linear symmetry of its triangular border corners, YWFT Array is invaluable when creating a type specim

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YWFT Dekko is an icon, symbol and pattern style dingbat font created with the ability to execute multiple design ideas. The font was designed with tight kerning, allowing the ability on certain letter combos to create intriguing pattern designs.

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KA-SPLAT! YWFT Ink is a dingbat font containing 69 glyphs of ink splotches. Originally designed in 2008 for an EA Games custom type project, we have now released this for public use.

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