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Lil' Tipsy is a complete collection of glassware outlines from everything from cocktail hi-ball glasses to a stout pilsner glass, comes in empty and half-filled for the eternal optimist.

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Following the success of our LoveHearts, valentine inspired ornaments, we decided to show our love for Christmas. With more than 170 hand drawn unique designs, LoveChristmas is the perfect choice for designing Christmas greeting cards and gift wraps as we

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A lovely valentine inspired set of calligraphic ornaments and frames, including seamless borders and patterns.

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In 2007 we shared our first pride together. More than 1 million people took the streets of Madrid for this huge celebration… seeing the diversity of people supporting love was incredibly touching. Gay Pride is a celebration of freedom, human right...

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LTC Archive Ornaments derives from a unique collection of brass ornament plates that were originally used in creating the matrices for casting metal type.

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This handy font allows designers of commercial products to add basic circled letters that are uniform in appearance.

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Halloween is a time when perfectly reasonable people choose to reenact some lost pagan rituals. No one seems to know why exactly, but Halloween has been celebrated in its present form for a little over one hundred years.

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LTC Holly Leaves consists of three ornament fonts. Holly Leaves A is a solid color set of holly leaves borders. LTC Holly Leaves B is the same ornaments but with just the leaves and LTC Holly Leaves C is just the berries.

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Lanston Monotype made individual ornaments that could be ordered as needed. They were not generally sold as "fonts" as assorted characters, but often individually or in multiples of the same ornament to make borders.

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LTC Ornaments Three combines ornaments previously released as "Printers Vine Leaves C”, "Printers Fleurons C" and "Water Garden Ornaments Round" plus additional Lanston ornaments for a total of over 70 printers ornaments for sing

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LTC Vine Leaves is a collection of printers ornaments and flourishes. The designs in this font were previously issued as "Vine Leaves Folio One & Two". Over 100 glyphs are included for creation of border treatments or single accents in taste

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Cash flow not what it used to be? Well, for chump change you can pick up Moneybats and inject a little fiscal fun into an economic downturn. Finally, an investment that won’t depreciate in value!

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The Sideshow Automotive Engineering Department presents a high mileage dingbat set that'll really move you. We've just rolled out a motorific collection of cars, trucks, buggies, top-fuel dragsters, cop cars and even ice cream vans! Now it'

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We’re children’s book illustrators and Mr DogDog is a set of our 96 unique hand-drawn pictures (61 animals, 20 dialogue balloons and 15 other symbols). You can use it on invitations, mugs, posters, pillows, wallpapers, balloons and so much more.

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Mr Foodie is a set of 825 icons divided into 7 groups – 109 fruit icons, 157 kitchen icons, 120 animal products icons, 100 veggie icons, 107 desserts icons, 127 beverages icons, and 105 other food related icons. You can find a full, multi-color li...

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The type­face “Nether­lands Dirty Num­bers Vol 1” is desi­gned for the Typo Gra­phic Design font foundry in 2017 by Manuel Vier­gutz. The play­ful dis­play font is desi­gned on holi­day pho­tos of dif­fe­rent num­bers (house num­b...

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neue OS Icons is a font to personalise app icons on your iPhone. The family of six weights enables you to style your iPhone screen in multiple ways: as a collection of stylised icons in outlined and filled variants or as a purely typographic setting with

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neue UXUI Icons is an unmatched iconographic system — with over 1100 carefully designed icons in multiple variants and stroke thicknesses it is the go-to toolkit for ambitious user experience/user interface designers and developers. Each member o...

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neue UXUI Icons Rounded is the friendly-looking version of neue UXUI Icons. All corners were meticulously rounded to appear soft and tender around the edges. The technical parameters were kept identical to its austere sibling. Parameters such as cha...

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Nevica font offers 103 hand drawn, unique winter icons, it is a perfect set of clip art for designing posters, mugs, pillows, holiday cards and all other type of bespoke stationary.

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Nibbles is a linear dingbat typeface inspired by the theme of food and food trucks. With symbols ranging from burgers, pancakes or dessert to food trucks and toilet signs, this font aims to cover all your hungry design needs!To help with it’s appl...

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Fun, little illustrations in line and reverse of what one finds in an office-- or at least my office. See Food Doodles for more matchng little drawings.

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Oh Icons is a family of 382 icons divided into three thematic sets. Every icon can be used independently, but you can also merge them to design an adult or a baby figure, a nursery room or to dress a dog. Black backgrounds will let you colour your icons.

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Only You Icons, with more than 300 options between icons, ribbons and frames that will make your project very attractive and romantic. Only You Icons is brilliant. Also available Only you Pro.

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