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"Bullet Numbers" come in very handy for all kinds of lists that don't exceed 100 categories. I have long since been using my own BulletNumbers in positive and negative and four styles, serif, sans, engravers and script, a fitting one for ev

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Celebrate good times with Carrotflower. This collection of icons was designed with birth announcements and birthday parties in mind. Filled with 49 different icons it is a cheerful asset in creating for teacher's gifts, bar or bat mitzvahs, christeni

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Catshape is a font of dingbats about combinations, which between uppercase and lowercase you can generate multiple characters with different textures,In addition to a set of ornaments and help a font called Alquitran Stencil, it wa...

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The Chickenz dingbat font is a series of symbols based inspired by the wild west, from cowboy silhouettes and playing cards to a series of office shapes that can be used in any corporate layout.

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The newest addition to the Outside the Line collection of picture Doodle fonts... Christmas Doodles. The perfect font for that quickie Christmas party flyer. It includes gifts, gift tags, gingerbread man, gingerbread house, candy canes, hot cocoa, bow, cr

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Christmas Doodles Too is the follow up font to Christmas Doodles. More Christmas icons including a tree, fun new ornaments, a dove, gifts, pine trees, a church, drinks, sleigh, tree lights, drum, horn, Santa hat, holly, snowflakes, stockings, candy, and

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Coffee and Tea Doodles is a font of coffee and tea things-- beans, cups, drinks, tea bag, iced tea, tea sets etc. Perfect set of clip art for coffee or tea shop menus, ads, invitations, etc. Includes scripted words that include coffee, tea, coffee break a

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Couple Volume 1 is an extensive ampersand font with 230 glyphs, as well as Valentine inspired doodles. Handmade with love. To accentuate two words or names in your text we designed these fun expressive ampersands.

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Wild curves, flavors and experimentation, this is dans le cuisine. A dingbat set inspired by Chilean gourmet magazines of the 1960's, it contains 67 things that you would find on dans le cuisine.

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Dans le toilette is a fun dingbat inspired by things that happen fast in the bathroom every morning. You can use them on posters, covers, patterns, brands and all kind of image with a vintage touch. Dans le toilette is part of the dingbats series designed

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Dig this cats n' kittens... A whole heapin' helpin' of tasty art bits from tiki retro artist Derek Yaniger! Use these spots to hop up your next birthday,cocktail,Halloween, or birthday invite...to name just a fewsville. This set has got it

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Dickybird Doodles, an illustration font of 32 bird illustrations.

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Diva Doodles is a clipart font with 40 pictures of girl things such as lipstick, nail polish, perfume, shoes, hats, jewelry, camera, iPod, purses, shirts, skirts and a pair of p.js. If you love the other Doodles fonts you'll like this one too.

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Diva Doodles Too is more of Outside the Line’s top selling font Diva Doodles. More girl things in a line drawn, playful style. Font includes clothes, purses, shoes, jewelry, glove, high heel, bikinis, hats, perfume, flowers, cocktails and the scripted wor

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Looking for a fun, funky dingbat font that works well with your wacky and weird projects? May we suggest..... DOINKBATS! Not unlike its designer famous tiki artist and sculptor Squid, Doinkbats are a little unbalanced and a little off-kilter yet still get

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Doodles Too is a pictrogram font. It features 40 little pictures… odds and ends of this and that. This font is a companion font to all the other Doodles fonts from Outside the Line.

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Egg Hunt is a dingbat typeface loaded with all sorts of egg imagery, from easter egg designs to cracked and fried eggs on a skillet. A fun and friendly typeface, offering easy coloring features, perfect for easter holiday parties.

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The typeface EURO Icon Kit is designed at 2020 for the font foundry Typo Graphic Design by Manuel Viergutz. The display font is inspired by the here and now. 763 glyphs incl. icons, dingbats & symbols. Decorative extras like arrows, emojis, ornamen..

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A set of elegant designed frameworks that work great for headers.

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"Fleurons" are embellishments and here is my sixth and so far most beautiful round. I again found some nice old ones and made them completely new.

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"Florishes A" are a set of flourishes, that serves well for frames and other elegant embellishments, they are beginning of last century American. Your I-found-them-somewhere type-designer Gert Wiescher

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Flower Doodles... 15 line drawings, 15 reverse drawings... this font is drawn so that you can use a line drawing and its corresponding reverse together or use all the line drawings together or all the reverse ones together. Lots of looks with these 30 flo

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Designed by Hans-Jürgen Ellenberger in 2005, Flying Objects is a dingbat font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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Font Heads is a font design published by Fonthead.

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