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Add Vintage Charm to Your Designs with Wood Type Fonts - Popular - Page 3 Download Wood Type Fonts at FontPath, sorted by Popular, Page 3. Clarendon,Antique,Poster,Display,Vintage,Tuscan,Decorative,Wood Type,Western,Circus,Bold,Western,Woodtype,Country,America,Old West,Western,Display,Country,Poster,Signage,Versal Eszett,Wild West,Decorative,Slab Serif,Wood Type,1800s,Circus,Rodeo,Bold,Chromatic,Layered,Victorian,Vintage,Old,Victorian,Typographic,Classic,Typeface,Oldschool,Font Victorian,Font Open Type,Mono Line,Retro,Hipster,Girly,Decorative,Typeface,Wine Bottle,Cigarlabel,Beer,Label,1800,Panels,Blog,Blogging,Font Social Media,Instagram,Graphic Style,Font,Bundle,Whiskey,Signage,Brewery,Coffee,Shop,Letterpress,Art Deco,Photoshop,Art Nuevo,Script,Motorcycle,Branding,Advertising,3d,Magento,Tumblr,Openchart,Worpress,Boosttrap,Ghost,Drupal,Joomia,Flyer,Invitation,Logos,Email Stationary,Website,Magazine,Presentation,Icons,Object,Pattern,Textures
Youworkforthem T0963


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Roadway is an original typeface with an antique accent, inspired by Clarendon woodtypes from late 19th century. The family counts three matching varieties, with extended character sets and plenty of personality.

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Youworkforthem T7754

Saloon Girl

Saloon Girl™ is a revival of an old classic font used by sign painters and includes the rarely seen lowercase. This version of Saloon Girl is all new for 2015, we've redrawn and refined this old classic plus we've included additional accented ch

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Youworkforthem T8950


Salvathore is an elegant Victorian font inspired by old school advertising company in 1800. It has a strong victorian vibe, but with a modern twist. greatly complementing this font for use in making Label, signage, title, beer logo, packaging, book...

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Youworkforthem T8977


Sekoya is a font family inspired by handcrafted wood letters, wood stamps and nature. Woodcut is the clean and straight version of Sekoya. The Pressed font has a vintage stamp effect with optional texture. The family comes with light, regular and bo...

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Youworkforthem T6128

Smokum Pro

Our Smokum Pro is a western inspired slab-serif font with a little playful swagger to it. It’s perfect for headlines and display uses that require a little loosened up country flair, but because of the contrast of thicks and thins, it will perform...

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Youworkforthem T10312


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New product Staincool Layered Font with retro style. Inspired by the artist's sign painter style, there are 6 layers that are easy to use.This font is perfect for various design purposes such as labels, merchandise, packaging, logotype, sign and more

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Youworkforthem T13571

Tex Mex

Tex Mex is simply a spurred version of our Saloon Girl font family. When you think of a classic western font you think of spurs in the letters, with Tex Mex we set out to create a font that stands out and says Western.

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Youworkforthem T14102


Tortilla is a flat sided version of our Saloon Girl and Tex Mex font families.

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Youworkforthem T6292


Weinston, presented from Heybing Supply Co, is a dual-purpose font design. It contains a handmade characters style, which give a casual and artist feeling.

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Youworkforthem T7727

Wood Bonnet Antique No7

Wood Bonnet Antique No.7 is based on real vintage wood type blocks from Switzerland. The very distressed letters give a warm analogue vintage charm on printing. The font offers up to four glyph variations of all the Latin base letters, figures and...

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Youworkforthem T15067

Wood Sans

The typeface Wood Sans is designed from 2021 for the font foundry Typo Graphic Design by Manuel Viergutz. The display typeface is a digital version of original wood letters from a german flea market find. 8 font-styles (Clean, Clean Invest, Clean...

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Youworkforthem T0838

Xylo Sans

Xylo Sans letterforms are based on a typeface from Miller & Richard type foundry, from circa 1911. They are presented here with a rough wood texture, in two xylographic flavors.

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Youworkforthem T0102

YWFT Bitwood

If Pac Man was programmed by Sergio Leone, YWFT Bitwood would provide the commentary. One-of-a-kind, obscure, and sometimes downright obscene, YWFT Bitwood is a unique mashup of old-west saloon type and modern-day game console screens.

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Youworkforthem T0005


It ain't good for some fonts to live too long, pilgrim. That's why YWFT Cam was designed, as a fresh and unique wood-type typeface option for designers. YWFT Cam is a uni-case typeface design but also uses the lowercase to offer alternate design

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Youworkforthem T0259

YWFT Morricone

YWFT Morricone is a combination of egyptian and italian slab serifs from the 1800s, with also simple geometric forms continuing from mid-century modernism. The design is a unicase setup, with alternates for the uppercase in the lowercase options.

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Youworkforthem T5319

YWFT Tall Tex

YWFT Tall Tex was originally a handset design by Jeff Rogers, now converted into a working system font by YouWorkForThem.

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