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Archimedes is a wood type design sometimes known as Mansard. This particular version was brought back to life as a wood type font by Virgin Wood Type. The variation with screw heads in the design was first seen in 1879 by the William H. Page Co. Thi...

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HWT Brylski is a typeface by Nick Sherman, named for retired wood type cutter Norb Brylski and designed to be cut as wood type at the Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum. This font is the digital counterpart to the wood type made as part of the Ha..

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This late 19th century design conjures up early 20th century Dutch DeStijl lettering with a mostly strict adherence to right angles and minimal stroke modulation. Geometric began its life as a metal typeface from the Central Type Foundry, circa 1884...

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The design of the first "Fat Face" is credited to Robert Thorne just after 1800 in England. It is considered to be the first type style designed specifically for display or jobbing, rather than for book work. The first instance of Fat Face in wo

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The Unit Gothic series was released by Hamilton Manufacturing Co. In 1907. This sans serif family features one of the first multi width/weight type 'systems' anticipating the Univers font system by 50 years. This set of 7 fonts was designed to a

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Jason Caps is an old woodblock font design from the early 20th century and redesigned by TypeFaith Fonts. Jason Caps is an all-caps font with some lovely ornaments. Use the glyph pallet to select the ornaments.

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Jedd is an authentic western wood type font designed to give you that vintage letterpress look.

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Killernuts is a woodtype design with a unique twist on its serifs. The small brush-like serifs were intended to resemble aspects of Japanese calligraphy, a sort of east meets west combination.

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Kodiak was designed by 40+ year sign painting veteran, Brian Grant, and is loosely based on the works of many great sign painting masters. Brian and Charles Borges de Oliveira teamed up to bring this beautiful sign painters classic to the digital age.

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This woodtype is the one of the most unique, wild, tuscan themed fonts this side of the frontier. Works great when combined with Flat-It's Homemade text font.

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Main Event is a revival of a very old Italian font that you may have seen in the past under the original name of Tuscan Ornate or Bracelet. Dating back to 1860 or earlier it has never been known to have a lower case set of letters until Michael Hagemann

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Maison Luxe is a revival of a very old font designed in France in or around the year 1820. You may have seen this font in the past under the names of Circus, Roma, Madame and Gillé Classic.

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Neo Contact is an egyptienne style serif released by URW, most famous for its use on the Marlboro cigarette packaging. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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Nisswa was inspired by the over abundance of cowboy-style signage in Northern Minnesota. These two styles are interchangeable for an authentic hand-picked effect. From graffiti to selling cowboy hats, Nisswa gets the job done right.

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Glyphfight at the OK Moral – single weight Western style typeface. High inverted contrast, generous width, decorative serifs, extended Latin support. It is our 103rd release.

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From the porch of small-town America to Farris-wheels and corn dogs at the World's Fair, Old Lemonade takes you back to simpler times.

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Originally released by Kingsley/ATF, Old Towne No. 536 is a decorative/western style serif font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

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Classic Western slab serif font extended to include old style figures as well as Cyrillic and Greek! letter forms.

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Posada's stark illustrative techniques resemble woodcuts or wood engravings, but are actually cut into soft metal. They are printed in relief (the same as wood cut or wood engraving) but his techniques offered more variation and experimentation.

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Ruffcut is an antique wood type style that evokes the look and feel of type used in the design of poster-sized advertisements for circus, fairground and like events in the late 19th century.

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P22 Tuscan Expanded is a digitization of the mid 19th century wood type font "Antique Tuscan Expanded - Wells & Webb 1854". Specimens of this font are rarely, if ever, seen with a lower case. It is noted in the book "American Wood Type

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P22 Woodcut features the look of letters carved out artists' printing blocks, as seen in the Expressionist woodcuts of Heckel, Schiele, Kirchner and Munch. P22 Woodcut Sans has the exact same spacing as Woodcut, but is featured without the distinctiv

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Woodtype is a set of four fonts based on 19th Century American wooden printing types. Woodtype Regular is a condensed Tuscan styled font with a lower case and full international character set. Woodtype Small Caps is a variation of the regular with small c

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Patagon is a Contemporary Woodtype Sans typeface specially designed for fresh, high impact sentences with a mix of flavored features.

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