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Youworkforthem T14635


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Elios™ is a stencil display typeface with a strong personality. It comes with all caps letters and monospaced with rounded edges. This font come with single weight and character set that covers over 100 latin languages. Elios™ is perfect for pos...

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Youworkforthem T13401


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Marigo is a semi-serif display font with a unique shape. Marigo has an interesting combination of typography, crafted from serif shapes that make it elegant and luxurious, yet one of those stencils that are abstract and strong. You can use this font...

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Youworkforthem T14053


A typeface that celebrates marching to the beat of your own drum. Snare is a jazzy little display type that presents like a stencil but behaves in its own way. Featuring angled section breaks and variable heights, Snare keeps each character’s foo...

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Youworkforthem T11629

Wayfinder Stencil CF

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Wayfinder Stencil CF is a stencil serif built for branding, logos, and headlines. Its dramatic curves and contrast are perfect for fashion, tech, art, food, and packaging. Seven weights and italics provide a wide range of elegant applications. Feat...

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Youworkforthem T13215

Monica Allcaps

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Monica Allcaps is a luxurious vintage display font. This font is themed vintage, classic, chic and stencil. There are 2 types of fonts, namely Monica AC Regular and Monica AC Abstract with a stencil appearance. This font is great for creating desire...

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Youworkforthem T0249


It's another beautiful day in the corps, and YWFT Wool is just the sort of rough-house, dirty stencil font you're gonna need to execute the toughest textual statements. It's raw, mean, distressed, and ready for combat.

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Youworkforthem T12316

-OC Format Stencil

-OC Format Stencil is a variable font design inspired by the work of Bruno Munari, Paul Rand and Max Huber. Built on -OC Format Sans Bd, it has three axes that allow it to transition seamlessly from functional cutout to a more playful, expressive...

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Youworkforthem T7348

Acherus Militant

Acherus Militant is a sportier, more aggressive stencil version of Acherus Grotesque. Its key attributes are its contemporary flavor and high degree of legibility, a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other stencil fonts.

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Youworkforthem T12808


This is an extension of Mikolaj's Grabowski first typeface. Formerly known as EPILEPSJA, now coming as ACHTUNG. Adding lowercase and small caps, as well as additional language support including Cyrillic script and some dingbats. ACHTUNG Color Type.

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Youworkforthem T5333

Aguda Stencil

Aguda Stencil font family is the stencil version of Aguda font family, it has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2014. Aguda Stencil consists of 16 styles. The 8 "Stencil 1" styles contain a narrow stem for big sizes ty

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Youworkforthem T8688

Alquitran Stencil

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Alquitran Stencil is a variant of Alquitran Pro, Alquitran stencil It is special for titles and with stencil effect, because in addition to bring Regular and Bold also contains Rough, Rounded additionally traces Extras (1-2) that are dingbats that s...

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Youworkforthem T13590

Amarela Stencil

Amarela Stencil is a contemporary typeface, specially designed for titles, packaging and branding. Sharp serifs and an extreme stroke contrast give the font a classy look and a strong personality. Amarela Stencil comes in 5 weights, ranging from Ul...

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Youworkforthem T14786


Anoxic is a Semi-Stencil typeface family with a rounded finish with 4 styles in 2 families, Roman & Small Caps, including small letters, 9 sets of numbers and 3 of capital letters, as well as advanced Open Type functions. Anoxic fonts is a font fam..

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Youworkforthem T7652

Arkibal Serif Stencil

The inspiration comes from some old documents and store signs from my great-grandfather’s old gold list factory from 1838. He delivered hits for many artists of that time, and various museums in Copenhagen.

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Youworkforthem T5345


As the name suggests, Basik is a simple, clean and versatile sans-serif typeface designed by Superfried. It is equally apt in both body or display scenarios and it is now available in a stencil style.

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Youworkforthem T11716


Baskar Stc is a slab serif nice applied in various products. Complete with multilingual characters and stalistic alternates. It is suitable for quote, clothing design, vintage logo, label, poster, packaging design and other designs.

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Youworkforthem T7428

BIG Stencil

BIG is an elegant condensed display font created for strong and impactful headlines. It comes from a series of hand printed specimens taken from wood type found in Porto (Portugal) that reassembles the industrial victorian style.

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Youworkforthem T5347


Blox is a bold, retro, experimental display typeface designed by Superfried. With a simple geometric structure, tight spacing & cuts, Blox is very distinct with high impact.

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Youworkforthem T15395

BroshK4 Color Font

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Decorative, color fonts: BroshK4-Gold (Light, Regular, Bold and Heavy) BroshK4-Copper (Light, Regular, Bold and Heavy) BroshK4-Nikel (Light, Regular, Bold and Heavy) BroshK4-Pearl (Light, Regular, Bold and Heavy) and free BroshK4-Blue Bold in Open...

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Youworkforthem T10518


Caprino is an elegant stencil font based on Italian street signs.

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Youworkforthem T5382

Celari Titling

Need for speed? Satisfy it with insigne’s Celari. Take it for a drive and watch how its simple curves, easy lines, and sturdy shapes handle the edges and corners of your projects with smooth and rapid execution.

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Youworkforthem T1270

Compass TRF Stencil

Compass TRF Stencil is an addition to Compass TRF family and consists of three styles - Regular, Bold and Alternative. Font is recommended for use as display typeface in a large sizes.

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Youworkforthem T6151

Danger Block

Danger Block is a stencil font inspired by Russian Constructivism.

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Youworkforthem T12017


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Darbots - Modern Stencil Sans Serif Font has been crafted from scratch with a structural logic of its own: a fusion of pure geometry and optical balance. By combining a variety of styl...

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