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Oduda is a geometric, rounded typeface designed by thmbnl.

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You know how everyone says that if you want to grow you have to step out of your comfort zone? Well if you know me and if you know my work, you will notice that this font is different from what I have been doing so far. While it was challenging it w...

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Over South, an organic hand drawn bold serif with a touch of vintage look and feel. This font is include 11 hand drawn illustration object in two styles (solid and outline). This type of font perfectly made to be applied especially in l...

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Parkside (2018) is a script typeface inspired by typefaces and lettering of the 1930s and 1940s. Unlike metal typefaces from that era, it takes advantage of modern digital typography, where letter may overlap and automatically change shape to better...

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Prill font is a sans serif display font. Basically this font is designed with geometric principles. There are have two choices of styles regular - italic to choose from as needed. Suitable for all any creative project. Will make each project easier...

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Prumo is a new type system, based on a unique skeleton that flows, like a pendulum, from high contrast to low contrast fonts, is a sort of typographic journey, from the eighteen century typefaces to the nineteen century slab serif typefaces, gathering inf

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This lofty font features a compact structure as well as a unique combination of rounded corners and square contours. The collection includes seven default and 7 Italic styles: Extra Light, Light, and Semi Light that will ensure elegance; Regular, Me...

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Just like Grandma's recipe, Recoleta combines a variety of ingredients—from various popular 1970s typefaces—such as the soft and gentle shapes found in Cooper or fluid, angled strokes in Windsor— mixed into one single design that features fami...

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Massive letters on reflective green signs, offering direction and distance to everywhere--if you've driven a vehicle in the United States, you've seen SAA, which was designed in 1980 as a clone of the U.S. Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) s

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Sans Atwic Modern is a clean simple sans serif typeface. It has a universal and neutral look thanks to repeated vertically cut end strokes and thanks to letters that have similar width. Lowercase has higher x-height and its end strokes are open, tha...

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Scalter was designed in the early April and published in July 2020. Scalter Serif is inspired by the characteristics American vintage sign then the sans serif it’s combination retro typeface. All shape of this typeface is make strong and more contr...

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This is essentially 3 brand new products being released together instead of separately. The Bartender Collection its a 14 fonts created multiple that could work together seamlessly. Six different typefaces comes with clear and pressed styles. The...

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Tusker Grotesk is a headline typeface designed for robust and high-impact use. The initial inspiration for Tusker came from postwar typefaces like Haettenschweiler, Impact and Helvetica Inserat which use very high x-heights. Other influences in...

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The typeface Typewriter 1950 Tech Mono is designed for the Typo Graphic Design font foundry in 2017 by Manuel Viergutz. A display slab serif type for headlines. Based on an old typewriter machine from 1950. Plus state-of-the-art OpenType-features li...

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Yerington typeface is a modern and elegant blackletter font, there are 2 styles in this font namely plain and outline. This font consists of uppercase, lowercase, alternative character, ligature and multi language character . This font is suitable f...

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With great pride, we present this hand-drawn alphabet in both upper and lower case, derived from the beloved standard of all existing things: Helvetica.

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Zone Brown is a bold display font, this font looks funny, cute, kids, cartoon, playful, catchy and easy to use. Zone Brown Font is the best choice for your professional design projects...

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With 3 stylistic sets -OC Format Sans is a 3-in-1 geometric grotesk sans serif which fuses the style of Futura with the rhythm and proportions of Akzidenz. Inspired by vintage user manuals and mid-century subway signage it comes in two styles; Stand...

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Acherus Militant is a sportier, more aggressive stencil version of Acherus Grotesque. Its key attributes are its contemporary flavor and high degree of legibility, a unique characteristic that sets it apart from other stencil fonts.

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Aerokids is a fresh script design published by Wacaksara Co.

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Ageo is geometric sans serif font family designed by Eko Bimantara. It's contain 8 weight from Thin to Heavy with each matching Italics. It's shown a clean, minimalist, elegant, warmth, quirky, yet still purposed to be versatile and easy to rea

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Amarela Stencil is a contemporary typeface, specially designed for titles, packaging and branding. Sharp serifs and an extreme stroke contrast give the font a classy look and a strong personality. Amarela Stencil comes in 5 weights, ranging from Ul...

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American Signer is a script brush font that inspired from traditional 1980’s Sign Painting. Made directly based on brush lettering and through a comprehensive digitization process, an American Signer was created that is suitable to help you get a...

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Artifex CF is a text-friendly serif, designed to be easy on the eyes and melt into the page (or screen). Gentle, subtle serifs aid the flow of reading without being ornate or stiff, while a near-upright italic design adds emphasis without distractio...

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