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VP Pixel is a family of eight fonts that emulate various retro styles. Eight modern takes on the classic grid, that feel both retro and futuristic. The family includes diverse and versatile styles of an extensive character set, with support for adv...

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VP Pixel Pro is designed to be the definitive standard for a pixel typeface. This fresh take on the retro grid streamlines the pixel style for modern high-resolution screens and combines a vast character set with advanced typographic features. Wit...

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VTC Horoscope is a modern & minimalist rendition of a Victorian-esque style typeface. This 19th century style of typography is typically characterized by exaggerated flourishes and ornamentation. A style still very popular today with artisanal sign..

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The Vtg Stencil DIN fonts were developed to made the most common stencil type of Germany available in digital type. Vtg Stencil DIN comes in many styles – Regular, Alt, Fabric, Halftone and Rough. The Alt style features older designs of letter "a...

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Vtg Stencil Germany No. 101 is modeled after historic stencil plates from Bavaria.

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The Vtg Stencil font series by astype is based on real world stencils. The US No. 51 design was derived from authentic stencil plates used by the U.S. Army in the 1950's and 1960's.

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Vuk Stefanovic Karadzic was a Serbian philologist and linguist who was the major reformer of the Serbian language. In addition to his linguistic reforms, Karadzic also contributed to folk literature, using peasant culture as the foundation. Because...

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Vulgary is a script family that includes 4 fonts. They match each other but can be used separately as well. It supports all euro languages based on Latin alphabet. To use swashes you have to open glyphs panel in menu Window. The font is compatible o...

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Vulgat is a Uncial inspired typeface that offers a vibrant personality while staying clear and legible in all applications, a contemporary style modeled by the past.

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La Truffe. A super stylish Didone font. Comes with two styles - Regular and Italic. High contrast strokes gives a refinement into your project. Access your OpenType features to access the large selection of alternate letter...

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London Oatmeal. Elegant modern art-deco inspired sans with a lot of ligatures with retro look stylish brush script. It's nice font pair for use it in blogs, posters, magazines, logo’s or greeting/wedd...

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Pacifica – hand lettered elegant bold script for decorative typography inspired by American branding typography from end of XX century. Comes with different variates – filled, highlighted or pressed. Perfectly for headers, signs, logos, prints,...

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PRALINER – New elegant font family with a lot of stylish alternates and ligatures. Really good looked for branding projects, packaging, headers, posters and signs. Playful and Stylish. Uppercase and lowercase initials. You can use it as for moder...

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Sunshine Bridge – retro modern font duo. Retro brush Script with artistic modern bold sans serif. They complement each other perfectly. You can use Sans as main and Script as additional, or vice versa. This duo gives you a modern l...

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Wann is a handwritten style typeface that includes three weights, from regular to bold. It comes loaded with OpenType features along with Thai language support.

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Waba, pronounced ‘Vah-bah’, is a font family that I designed. The name comes from a historical variation on the Estonian word ‘vaba’ – meaning ‘free’, or 'at liberty'.  

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Wacamóler is a western movie typography, inspired opening credits of the Western: Winchester '73 directed by Anthony Mann in 1950.• Latin Extended & the Greek alphabet, with support for any European language or European center.

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Wacthout Script is a new modern script font with an irregular baseline. Trendy and feminine style. Wacthout looks lovely on wedding invitations, thank you cards, quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards and more. Perfect for using in ink or wat...

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This is the elaborate digital version of Edel Grotesque Bold Condensed (also known as Lessing, Reichgrotesk, and Wotan Bold Condensed) a 1914 typeface by Johannes Wagner, which was later adopted by pretty much every European type foundry, exported into th

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This is the rounded, softer version of Canada Type's popular Wagner Grotesk. Originally done in 2011 for a global publisher, this font has already seen plenty of magazine and book cover action, perhaps even more than the sharp condensed face that spa

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This gem of a script was what metal era typographers called a continental face, which essentially meant an old, most likely uncredited, metal face that was common to many European foundries.

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Aloha to Waialua! Put on your lei and grab a drink umbrella as you kick back and start designing with this island beauty of a font. Soak in the unprecedented potential of this new font. Waialua is one of insigne’s first variable fonts. Avoid the f...

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Walbaum Antiqua Pro - an RMU redesign of a great German font classic, with three different number forms and small caps throughout all font style.

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Originally designed by Justus Erich Walbaum in the 1800s, Walbaum Fraktur is a classic and strong blackletter type design. Walbaum Fraktur works great in headlines and other masculine like design settings.

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