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Youworkforthem T5527

Quincy CF

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The warm letterforms and medium contrast of Quincy© CF give any text a smooth, flowing motion. Small variations and human touches add charm, with Quincy's boldest weights especially strong as large and medium display type. New in version 4.1: Quin...

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Youworkforthem T13692


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VOCA is a versatile, bold and unique serif font. Combination between high contrast and Brutalism style, VOCA has a unique style with stylistic, alternates, ligatures and supports multilingual languages. Create unique & beautiful logotype, use it a..

1 option from $7.00 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T13103

II Balfron

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Inspired by Ernö Goldfinger's east London tower block of the same name, II Balfron is an imposing, all caps, one-weight typeface. Set within a rigid structural grid, the unexpected angles embody the brutal principles of the original concrete profil..

1 option from $2.10 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T10722


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Inspired by blackletter type styles. Sillium is built on modular basis. As a result, it excels in a wide range of display settings, logotypes, and short text. Determine the grid and create a complete set of cohesive characters (a-z) and multilanguag...

1 option from $5.40 2022-01-01 In stock

Youworkforthem T10598


Trash is an experiment of typographic creation. I’ve tried to explore the limits of what is right and what is wrong in type design, to push the contrasts and the metrics to extreme values and try to have fun doing something cool and that I really...

16 options from $70.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T14533

Vienna Woodtype

This font is based on real prints made out of a linocut. The glyphs were handprinted, then scanned and then turned into a computer font.

4 options from $15.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T7576


Autostrada is a utilitarian typeface based on vintage Italian highway lettering. It is strong, forthright, and confident. Autostrada’s condensed and slightly softened forms look just as good tracked out as it does set tightly. Use it for editorial...

1 option from $25.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T11615

Better Friend

Better Friend is an authentic handwritten signature font with personal touch. Created with a marker by hand makes each stroke more natural. This font fits all creative projects and will make each of your projects amazing!

1 option from $17.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T15066


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Calisga - Glamour Serif Display Font Calisga is a Serif Display Font with a modern, classy, fun, unique and versatile style. It looks amazing at display size and is easy to read in text size. This font also has lots of unique alternati...

1 option from $9.50 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T12113


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Inndam is a display typeface with a geometric structure inspired by sci-fi and robots (mecha). Its potential is increased with the Normal & Extended widths which offer different moods. It comes in 3 different weights: Light, Regular & Bold that yo

8 options from $3.60 2021-12-30 In stock

Youworkforthem T11196

Larosa Sans

Larosa Sans - An elegant modern sans serif with ton of stylistic alternates to choose. Its clean and minimalist works wonderfully on its own for logos, headlines, posters, packaging and many more! And with Three different weights to choo...

8 options from $29.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T11750

MADE Mirage

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MADE Mirage is a modern elegant serif font family. MADE Mirage will perfect for many project: fashion, magazines, logo, branding, photography, invitations, wedding invitation, quotes, blog header, poster, advertisements, postcard, book, websites, etc.

6 options from $12.00 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T15047


Marthias is a stylish font with a mix of modern and retro looks, very helpful for layout design projects, posters, logos, brands, packaging, vintage and modern style designs or for other designs. Marthias is displayed between uppercase and lowercas...

1 option from $15.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T12595


Ragtag is an adventurous display font that’s fun, graphic and loud. The font features three irreverent, geometric variations for each letterform, plus a few extra goodies like eñes and diacritics so it’s ready to use En Español. Ragtag creates...

1 option from $15.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T14952


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Regas is a contemporary and classic display serif font. Regas is well-suited for advertising, branding, logotypes, packaging, titles, headlines and editorial design. This font comes in two styles, Regular and Oblique Version. This font is encoded w...

3 options from $13.60 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T14837


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Tumb is a quirky bold display sans serif with stylized ink traps. It's unique retro bubble vibe is perfect for adding a fun sophisticated playfulness to any design. Use it for Headlines, Posters, Instagram, Magazine, Branding, Logos, Fashion, and wh.

1 option from $11.25 2021-12-06 In stock

Youworkforthem T13904

Amberes Grotesk

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Inspired by the Art Nouveau movement in Belgium we've created a new and bold typeface. Amberes® is a sans serif font, it can be a loud and proud hero or a humble supporting actor, upgrading your lay-outs in no time. 3 weights plus matching Oblique..

7 options from $7.20 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T11214


Arbeit is a functional Neo-Grotesque typeface. A variable version of the font is included with the complete family.

14 options from $10.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T14652


Briston is a bold vintage style serif font with strong character and soft features. Briston is equipped with Swash, Stylistic and Titling alternates as well as with Standard and Discretionary Ligatures. All these features can be accessed by OpenType...

1 option from $25.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T14791

Buona Display

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Made for attention-grabbing display usage and inspired by the rich history and lineage of Italian type, Buona Display has tons of boldness and a little bit of eccentricity, along with sophisticated details that hold up...

15 options from $25.20 2022-01-02 In stock

Youworkforthem T6736

Cartograph CF

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A monospaced typeface with character and warmth, Cartograph© CF is a handsome font family featuring a lush, cursive italic, code-friendly ligatures, and a proportional set accessible via OpenType. A tribute to the utilitarian beauty of terminals an...

55 options from $14.00 2021-12-31 In stock

Youworkforthem T13514


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Eloquia is a neo-grotesque sans serif type family with geometric roots. Though it's a neutral typeface the unmistakable influence of geometric shapes gives it warmth and a unique flavor. With 34 fonts in total, Eloquia comes in two distinct optical s

69 options from $80.00 2021-12-24 In stock

Youworkforthem T13708

Lunema Sans

Lunema is a highly stylized contemporary neo-grotesque sans serif typeface with strong geometric contrasts. The font to be highly legible in smaller point sizes due to the distinct deep ink traps. All 10 styles have an extended Latin glyph set with...

11 options from $19.00 2021-12-05 In stock

Youworkforthem T11792


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Prill font is a sans serif display font. Basically this font is designed with geometric principles. There are have two choices of styles regular - italic to choose from as needed. Suitable for all any creative project. Will make each project easier...

3 options from $4.20 2021-12-31 In stock