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Dreadful is a layered style font design that is inspired by classic horror movies and vintage comics.

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Bold looking font exploding with squares getting more and more extreme as you up the weights, by the time you get to black the glitch effect has been pushed to the extreme!

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Kiln from Yellow Design Studio is a timeworn, hand-crafted type family with serif, sans serif, and unique spiked versions. It’s a historic revival with modern twists. All letters have 2 distress options for added realism and customization.

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Longreach is a carefully crafted, handmade all caps display font. The glyphs are nice and crisp, with slightly rounded corners. Use Longreach for your product packaging, books and websites.

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Old Standard is a distressed and retro style script design, published by Vintage Voyage Design.

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Ovsyanka (oatmeal) is a typeface with rounded corners and a slight distressed effect. Ovsyanka is ideal for packaging designs, for example chocolate or coffee box designs.

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If you liked Parlour, you'll love Parlour Sans! "Parlour Sans"is a display typeface inspired by Movember, Menswear Brands, Tattoo Shops & Barbers. This versatile font is perfect for your next project.

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Red Tape is three fonts that were designed by sticking letters together with red tape.

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So classic, so retro... it's Retrology! This monoline typeface will bring you to the good ol' days with its classic touch!

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Revolution Gothic P font family is designed based on Revolution Gothic and a distressed offshoot from the original. Revolution Gothic is an arranged and extended version of PAG Revolucion released from Prop A Ganda type foundry in 2008.

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Ruina One is a hand display, rough font published by Rodrigo Typo.

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Based on the popular Sofia Pro typeface, Sofia Rough is a multifaceted font family with different eroded variations.

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Squiborn, a hand drawn display font with bold and strong feel. This font perfectly made to be applied especially in logo, and the other various formal forms such as invitations, labels, magazines, books, greeting / wedding cards, packagi...

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Stampbor is a vintage typeface with a touch of grunge.

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Stubby Rough is a display type family with 4 styles, inspired by the vernacular landscape. It was made for titles, headlines and also packages, posters and everything that provide space for a rude, fat and widish type. Nonetheless it can be a type f...

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WUMP! WUMP! WUMP! I’d like to tell you about this font but I too busy dancing! Full on, fat display font influenced from electro, house and club music.

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Designed by Wojtek Podulka in 2004, Sztempel is a raw, distressed sans-serif display font. At larger sizes Sztempel is (purposely) gritty, noisy and very intense.

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Designed by Aiyari, Violence is an aggressive script that was inspired by chaos, riots, and protests.

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Zurita is a distressed and decorative font designed by Rodrigo Araya Salas.

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In 1529, Geofroy Tory, French scholar, engraver, printer, publisher and poet, was publishing the well know so called "Champ Fleury", printed by Gilles de Gourmond, in Paris.

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This font was created inspired from the so called "Litterarum latinarum, quas italicas, cursoriasque vocant, scribendum Ratio" (Louvain 1540), a manual intended to calligraphers by the well known scientist Gerhard Mercator.It was a magnificent &

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In 1543 the well-known “De humani corporis fabrica” treatise on anatomy by André Vesale, was printed by Johann Oporinus in Basel (Switzerland). Various typefaces were used for this work, mostly in Latin but including Greek characters.

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This family was created inspired from a Garamond pattern set of fonts used for an edition of "Remarques critiques sur les œuvres d'Horace" by "D.A.E.P." published in Paris in 1689.

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1776 Independence was designed inspired mainly from the font used by John Dunlap in the night of 1776 July 4th in Philadelphia to print the first 200 sheets of the Congress' Declaration of Independence establishing the United States of America.

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