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I just finished book 8 of The Expanse (by James S.A. Corey) and the name Takeshi popped up somewhere, so I decided to use it for this font family! Takeshi is a hand made set of fonts: a fat display font, a thinner complementary font and a doodle fon...

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The Bystander is an original font collection of eleven fonts. Inspired by masters of art photography. It contains eleven typefaces in sans, serif and script styles, which are all works great together or in their own. The script version also combined...

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I used to live in the English Lake District - in a town called Ambleside to be precise. It was a nice time in my life, as living in the Lake District gave me the opportunity to go out every day and enjoy the beautiful nature! Troutbeck is a small,...

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TT Alientz is a variable* typeface that allows the user to make a visual journey from a laconic extraterrestrial grotesque to a very prickly display serif. As part of this project, we decided to investigate the influence of a foreign substance and t...

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Aaarp's an arty farty cut paper display font - inspired by Jean Arp & Henri Matisse’s amazing work. Get creative with extra glyphs and shapes... Aaarp also has alternative letters so you can make all your designs look unique.

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Abelia is a high contrast typeface with multilingual applications. Slender lines and great legibility make it perfect as a display font. With curves in all the right places, it is great for editorials and other commercial use. Abelia decorative f...

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Ars Nova is an up-to-date incarnation of the Art Nouveau flair. Suited for striking typographic effects. Suited for some nostalgic pleasure. Specially suited for creative minds. Cheers!

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Arx by Superfried is an elegant, display typeface featuring intricate details designed to be used at large scale.

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Judging the amount of superhero series, I thought it was time for a superhero-font. Meet Backyard Hero - your friendly neighbourhood good guy. He will fight off aliens and criminal masterminds, help old ladies across the street and give your designs...

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Blaze & Glory is a decorative display font design published by Zerowork Studio.

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Branders is a font family that contains a light, regular and bold style. You can use these fonts for various purposes such as making an emblem logo, for promotions, or other purposes that will make your design more real as handmade. This font also s...

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Briliants is font designed by Rvq that contains an elegant and vintage character set. Briliants contains a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multilingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs.

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This typeface has the most important ingredient of all: love. So it’s not surprising that the font is called El Amor. It is a reversed oblique all-caps headline font that consists of two styles, “Regular” and “Fill”. Feel free to experimen...

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CA Fourty Open is another take on the concept of a multi-line typeface. It reminds us of neon-sings, but lifts the 50s aesthetics to a contemporary level.

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The Carlsbad font family is a bringing together of Regina Cursiv and Hansa Cursiv which bothhad been released by H. Berthold Messinglinienfabrik und Schriftgiesserei around 1895.Both these beautiful Art Nouveau italic fonts come with the following swash a

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Crypt is a seemingly lovely font that will look good in just about any design. But if you take a closer look, then Crypt is actually quite a scary font: it has jagged edges and a sinister undertone, making the letters jump from your computer and eat...

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Lately I have been experimenting with different foods. At home, we eat a lot of Asian food, but I thought it would be nice to broaden my culinary horizon a bit. So far I have (successfully) added Georgian beef and walnut soup, Tacos (after a suggest...

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Introduce you a new fancy font family HALAU. Clear, Elegant and Fun. Straight for Spring/Summer sunny projects. More fun & sun for your typo design! I really love this Retro Cartoon style in 60s or 70s advertising or Hawaii style posters. Combine di..

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Hatchway is a monospaced display typeface with rounded corners, suitable for headlines and short passages of text. Hatchway has a tall x-height and unusually short ascenders and descenders. The family contains seven weights from Thin to Black and fi...

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A hodgepodge of handlettered letters. Fun, playful, full of whimsy. Great for one word or a headline. This is the sister font to Hodgepodge.

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Kanote, A Whimsical display font. This typeface is have a playful and casual look, very suitable to use for headline, title, logo or anything especially related with fun themed design project. Features : - uppercase & lowercase (alter...

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Kristopher, Elegant serif with contrast lines and balanced curves. A lot of stylish alternates will give you many useful variations for use. Try to play with compositions of curves / alternates letters w/ basic. This font may be conse...

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Lonkie decorated sans version has the focus on been a more playful and funny typeface. The name Lonkie invokes 3 words: glamour, ambition and cordiality. The idea of making a handwritten font. With its playful and soft forms, it also expresses a for...

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Mind Boggle was made during the renovation of our fixer upper farm house. We had to demolish an old annexe (because it was unsafe) and it caused us some stress, as one wrong movement of the excavator would mean at least a partial collapse of our hom...

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