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I made Cut Along by stealing some red cardboard from my kids (red, because they didn’t have any black…) and cutting out the glyphs one by one with a pair of scissors. I then pasted the shapes onto white paper, scanned them and turned them into a...

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Dusk is a decorative font family inspired by runic forms.

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Graphique was originally created by Swiss designer Hermann Edenbenz in 1945, and issued as hot metal font by Haas'sche Schriftgieberei, Switzerland.

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Hatchway is a monospaced display typeface with rounded corners, suitable for headlines and short passages of text. Hatchway has a tall x-height and unusually short ascenders and descenders. The family contains seven weights from Thin to Black and fi...

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Hudson NY is a display font that gives you strong and bold typography with three different styles that make up the family, a regular, serif and slab serif.

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Kabouter (kaːˈbɑu̯.tər) means ‘gnome’ in Dutch. I have no particular love for gnomes (even though I have a font called Garden Gnome…), but this font had a fairytale feeling to it and the name looked good. Kabouter is a happy display font....

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Welcome to MEIFEN This font is inspired by Chinese New Year with traditional Chinese and scratch styles, making alphabet letters look like traditional Chinese letters. MEIFEN is perfect for use in designs that have traditional or modern Chinese sty...

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Introducing new classic display typeface it's call Moody Blue. Moody Blue typeface Inspired by Classic typografy design, vintage art, cover book and novel. OpenType features some characters that allows you to mix and match pairs of letters to fit i.

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Hand drawn narrow typeface designed for one of our books. You can layer different styles over the background style to achieve lots of colorful effects. Use just one style to get a single color letter or set the shadow and fill over the background style to

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Mungo is a decorative upper case only typeface designed to be used large.

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Northwest is a vintage sans serif family, Inspired by Vintage Wild west culture and combining with modern vintage touch. An All-Caps Sans Serif pairing with a Clean, Rounded & textured version of each. Choose between varying texture strength for you..

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Papercute is a cute hand-drawn font designed by Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin in Paris. Inspired by paper cutting, this font is easy to read, easy to play. Small caps are a little different than caps to create alternative glyphs. We also designed a...

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Patmos Sans is a hand drawn sans serif font, inspired by the art of the cyrillic calligraphy, as well as the script of the Greek Orthodox art. The font contains Latin, Greek and Cyrillic alphabets. It supports Central, Eastern, Western European, Bal...

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Quiche is a high-contrast, sans serif typeface featuring ball terminals and angled stems. This 52 font superfamily is a complete branding suite. The 4 subfamilies—Display, Fine, Stencil, and Text—were created to work harmoniously together based...

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Reality Check is a family of two display fonts (plus their Italics). These fonts can be used together in a design, but work just as fine on their own. Reality Check comes with an alternative s - just in case you get bored with the ‘normal’ one.

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Just like Grandma's recipe, Recoleta combines a variety of ingredients—from various popular 1970s typefaces—such as the soft and gentle shapes found in Cooper or fluid, angled strokes in Windsor— mixed into one single design that features fami...

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Rumpelstiltskin has been around for a while now. It is a cartoonish, happy font with an uneven baseline, great for use in children's books and cards. Comes with a treasure trove of diacritics.

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Sandwich is a beveled 3d type system with many font styles to give you a lot of variety of use. A layered system with sandwich construction principe give you unique 3D style for your words. You can use clean and modern version or, if you want, can be more

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Sansterdam MAZE is a display font of modern geometric condensed grotesque font family Sansterdam.

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Introduce you The Sign Painter – a layered type system with a lot of decor stuff. Inspired by Victorian era signs of IX and XX century. Traditional sans with moonlike script are cool pair to give you really vintage touch, especially with Decorati...

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The Bystander is an original font collection of eleven fonts. Inspired by masters of art photography. It contains eleven typefaces in sans, serif and script styles, which are all works great together or in their own. The script version also combined...

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VIP is a humanist sans serif uppercase and figures combined with a freshly redrawn revival of the classic Constanze initials originally designed by Joachim Romann for Stempel in 1956. As well as a vehicle to revive the Constanze initials, VIP was inspire

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Xander is a typeface inspired by a time when people cared about craft, and creating things with their hands.

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A fresh font for juicy designs and psychedelic minds, gorgeously seasoned with yummy opentype features!

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