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YouWorkForThem T12016

-OC Format Collage

-OC Format Collage (built on the previously Nº1 ranked font -OC Format Sans Bd), is a variable font design inspired by the cut paper collage techniques of Eric Carle. With 3 axes—Cutout, Jumble & Scatter—the type can seamlessly be changed from...

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YouWorkForThem T11630

-OC Format Shards

-OC Format Shards is a variable font design that violates the previously N°1 ranked design -OC Format Sans Bd to create something more spontaneous, visceral and expressive. It draws inspiration from the classic experimental font "Shatter" design

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YouWorkForThem T13296

Adget Sans

Adget Sans, a modern, strong statement typeface with clean lines and big curves. Inspired by classic geometric grotesque typefaces, this sans serif typeface is perfect for adding a striking title to your portfolio or website. This set includes ten...

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YouWorkForThem T15560

Aeternus Variable

  • SALE!

“Aeternus”, a new geometric Sans Serif Variable typeface, with matching italics. The combination of different heights and weights provides versatility in any text usage and opens a whole new world of possibilities. Starting from two constant h...

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YouWorkForThem T11670


Albireo is a typeface for those times when you have more to say than space to say it. It also looks fantastic spread out across the page as though space doesn’t matter. Expertly crafted with a high level of attention to detail, Albireo is an imme...

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YouWorkForThem T14785


Altersan is sans serif font family with extraordinary abstract alternative glyphs and icons. The initial style is humanist grotesk sans which fit for various design purposes. The complete family consist of 8 styles from thin to black with each match...

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YouWorkForThem T11914


Ansage does not claim to be neutral; it escapes from the rationalist sans of closed strokes and regular forms. Meaning Announcement in German, Ansage is versatile and communicates effectively across a broad range of media and formats such as brandin...

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YouWorkForThem T16213

Antipol Variable

With Antipol Variable, the reversed stress font was supplemented with Wide and Extended cuts in the Hairline weight. The ability to stretch single letters extremely wide is an exclusive goodie of the Variable version. Antipol is a Sans Serif design...

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YouWorkForThem T12338

Ardela Edge

The altered cut glyphs feature as the capitals of the font; to sample the cuts and ligatures type in ALL CAPS in the Typetester. This new custom type family contains 66 fonts in three different font styles - X01, X02, X03 Ardela Edge is OpenType i...

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YouWorkForThem T12651

Armin Soft

As a graphic designer, sometimes it’s impossible not to be inspired by the Swiss Style, specifically the work of Armin Hofmann, who is one of its best exponents. Grids and grotesk and neo-grotesk typefaces are a fundamental part of the tools that...

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YouWorkForThem T13707

Arto Condensed

Arto is a unique super-condensed typeface, ideal for branding projects and editorials headlines. The super-tight kerning give this family a distinctive retro feel. The full family is a go-to font for making projects distinctive, allowing projects to...

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YouWorkForThem T14240


Francesco Canovaro designed Asgard as a way to mix his passion for the raw energy of extra bold sans serif typography with the expressivity of high contrast and calligraphy-inspired letterforms. He built the typeface around a strong geometric sans s...

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YouWorkForThem T10119


  • SALE!

Ballarih is a contemporary humanist typography, including 16 fonts with 08 weights and italics. Characterized by a prominent x-height and excellent readability for both web and print. Ballarih contains 820 glyphs including tabular figures, ligatures...

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YouWorkForThem T10939


  • SALE!

Beriot is a sans serif whose basics are condensed in Regular (Normal) weight, getting a lot of form inspiration from the topic also known as Steile Futura which is a letterform that Paul Renner himself explored in the mid-1950s, where shapes are con...

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YouWorkForThem T15837


Proudly Introducing, Biomorph! Biomorph is a brand new condensed sans font family released by us. This font is very suitable for your projects especially for brandingm publishing, titles, book, magazine, website, etc. Biomorph is font family that co...

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YouWorkForThem T13217


Biotic is a dual-personality 18 style typeface which features two distinct design approaches that can be initiated with the flick of a switch. The natural design approach uses conventional forms for a geometric sans but when you switch to the engin...

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YouWorkForThem T12266

Blacker Sans Pro

Blacker Sans Pro is a complete redesign and development of the original family designed by Francesco Canovaro in 2019 as a sans-serif variant of the successful Blacker created by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini and Andrea Tartarelli. The original idea of Bla...

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YouWorkForThem T10945


Blimone Inspired from modern art, beautiful Art Nouveau styled and pop culture, Blimone approach with geometric shapes and dynamic humanist blends several calligraphic concepts to create a modernist style but with a strong and unique look. The subf...

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YouWorkForThem T11871

Boring Sans

Boring Sans, designed by Cosimo Lorenzo Pancini, is a typeface family designed along two variable axis: weight and weirdness. These two parameters allow designers to explore a full range of variations on sans serif design, starting from a neutral se...

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YouWorkForThem T14583

Brodaers Expanded

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Brodaers Expanded is a display sans serif font. With the initial concept of the inner shape, made round. Comes in six styles, which makes it easier for the project you are working on, as well as alternative glyphs as an attractive option. Brodaers...

7 options from $11.05 2022-10-31 In stock

YouWorkForThem T15986


  • SALE!

Brulia is a modern sans serif Grotesk Font Duo with Pronounced Variable Ink Traps. This Sans Serif is inspired by brutalist architecture. It is perfect for adding some sophistication to a minimalist geometric type-centered design. It is perfect for...

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YouWorkForThem T16257


Bumsy, A new carefully crafted Heavy Sans Serif Typeface. It’s Versatile, Fun, Cute and Beauty feel that you get in Bumsy. Bumsy Created with the happy and fun feeling, so the looks it represent how we feel. Bumsy comes with 3 width : Condensed...

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YouWorkForThem T12098


Calipso™ is a contemporary neo-grotesque display typeface that gets more vigorous as its weight increases. It comes in 6 styles and as a variable typeface — with full Latin Plus language support. Features: ● Stylistic Sets + Alternates ● C...

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YouWorkForThem T12408


Causten is a geometric sans serif font family with maintains rationality in designing each form. With use the sharpness of the eyes, and remain logical, so that balance is maintained in each form. So, it will get a clean, neat, and perfect shape. C...

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