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The font family BB Strata was first designed for the visualization of scientific content of an exhibition and developed for publication. The construction of the letters consists entirely of right angles and 45 °-diagonals only. It contains 506 cha...

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Meccanica is a geometric sans typeface like no other, its defining features include soft, chamfered edges, angular bowls and shoulders, angled/hexagonal terminals, and semi-hexagonal ink traps (in a nutshell). Inspired by the mechanics of engineeri...

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A linear modern typeface with smooth corners and offset angles. The intention was to create a font that combines unique character styling with simple functionality. The typeface is suited for variety of graphic design applications including print, web, mo

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Cubic is a custom font which is applicable for any type of graphic design - web, print, motion graphics etc. It is perfect for t-shirts and other items.

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The concept of this font is very simple. We followed the rules of creating a wide and legible sans, with no decoration. With a variety of 36 weights, Stereo Gothic is full of flexible options for your project.

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Stopwatch is a font inspired by LCD watches.

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Armadura font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2012. It is display typeface with a geometric angular look.

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Blox is a bold, retro, experimental display typeface designed by Superfried. With a simple geometric structure, tight spacing & cuts, Blox is very distinct with high impact.

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BOXDON is an extra heavy expanded typeface which was especially designed for VERTICAL layout. I highly recommend using it with software that is compatible with vertical layout. (e.g. Adobe illustrator)

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"Byblos" is the name of a town in Lebanon and the name of a famous hotel in St. Tropez.

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Carga by Superfried is an angular, brutal, uppercase display typeface. Carga includes 266 glyphs and features two interchangeable character styles switched via shift.

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As you stroll down Manhattan streets and through Times Square, look all around you at the sizzling lights! Sparkling. Brilliant. Codystar.

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Dimensions is redesigned font family based on Blackout font released as free font in 2005. The original blackout has been used especially for company or brand logo of fashion and music label in the world.

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Although Flywheel™ was designed in the early 90s, its design was popular in the 80s and remains popular today as an iconic look for futuristic themes: books, movies, arcade games and packaging.

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Hext is a geometric display face. When used in blocks of type it forms a repeating pattern of the interlocking hexagons. Use it for unique headlines or single characters. Create simple patterns or more complex creations by stacking letterforms and mixing

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Geometric monospaced display font.

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Lakey designed by Philippe Moesch is a light & regular weighted, fine lined, modern font based on geometric shapes with some extra stylistic ligatures.

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Linq is experimental monospaced display font.

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Loco is an impacting display typeface playing with simple geometric forms.

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Stick out a mile with the Mysteria typeface and catch everyone's eye. Using a mix of its two weights helps to create stunning messages. Mysteria’s one-of-a-kind eccentric design of a display face can easily be combined with the matching body text...

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Naga is Hans van Maanen's original creation of art deco shapes interected with intricate mazes of what could be Celtic or Mesoamerican knotwork art.

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Ruda font family has been designed for Graviton Font Foundry by Pablo Balcells in 2017. It is a display, sans serif, geometric typeface, with sharp angles that provides a strong and solid appearence.Ruda consists of 8 styles. Each containing glyph c...

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Designed by Wojtek Podulka in 2004, Szablon is a modern and obscure type design. Szablon maintains a modern, minimal and avant garde presence that works great in branding projects.

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Theory FY, a trendy typeface with many alternates and some geometrical symbols. Perfect for hipster designs.Co-created by Denis Moulin, Bertrand Reguron, Laurène Girbal & Valentine Proust on The Babyfonts, a new range of cre

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