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Hudson NY is a display font that gives you strong and bold typography with three different styles that make up the family, a regular, serif and slab serif.

7 options from $12.00

Xander is a typeface inspired by a time when people cared about craft, and creating things with their hands.

6 options from $15.00

An unordinary type of family: Novo Enno is part of the Novo Family (together with Novo Alla, Bila, Cela, Dada, Enno, Fika and Gigo). Allthough all members are also strong individuals, Novo Family is an exclusive selection which allows you to design beauti

1 option from $26.00

Blaze & Glory is a decorative display font design published by Zerowork Studio.

3 options from $16.00


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Newcastle gives you great opportunities for spicy typography. If you find some similarities to one of our fonts, ‘Blitzplakat’, you are right. We took it to the next level and made it even better: We extended the range of letters, added optional catchword

10 options from $2.25

Now that we're done with the hipster stuff, the handwritten and the brush fonts, it is time for something new: Organa, a stylish geometric font family. Create a new feel for your designs. Organa is a unique and creative font that can be used for log.

4 options from $7.00

Nova Horst is the amplified version of Horst, a highly original font based on etchings by the extraordinary artist and printmaker Horst Janssen. Nova Horst keeps all the amazing wilderness of the original font, while enriched with sharp OpenType programmi

1 option from $35.00

Antonietta is Mauricio Astete Brito’s first typeface, which is inspired by the eccentricity of the rococo style and Queen Marie Antoinette’s wild personality. This project, supervised by Latinotype Team, was born from the idea of turning letteri...

8 options from $10.00

Assembler is a font design published by Fonthead.

1 option from $15.00

Briliants is font designed by Rvq that contains an elegant and vintage character set. Briliants contains a full set of capital and lowercase letters, as well as multilingual support, currency figures, numerals, punctuation & some extra glyphs.

1 option from $19.00

Designed by Milton Glaser in 1970, Buxom is a headline/decorative font release by URW. Contains language support for West, East, Turkish, Baltic, and Romanian.

2 options from $19.95

Fredericka recalls my college days of nights spent creating handdrawn presentation boards, architectural sketches and student union posters. She's fun, she's casual, she's preppy, she's classic

1 option from $19.95

Goodwyn Retro is a retro styled font designed and published by Cartel Deux.

8 options from $16.00

Graphique was originally created by Swiss designer Hermann Edenbenz in 1945, and issued as hot metal font by Haas'sche Schriftgieberei, Switzerland.

1 option from $39.00


  • SALE!

HAGEN is an fashion avantgarde inspired font, which consists of two weights. The font is builded up with in metal. Then subsequently create a logo for an electronic festival and several posters. Hagen Contains two weights, it’s regular and style.

3 options from $7.20

Orb by Superfried is an elegant, geometric uppercase display typeface. The glyphs are constructed from two concentric paths featuring intricate interactions and angled incisions, which lead to a very distinct look and feel.

3 options from $32.50


  • SALE!

Rosco Salvia is a swinging, fine lined typeface with international accents.

2 options from $2.50

Wayfarer is a hand drawn sans-serif typeface. This highly versatile typeface is perfect for logo design & label design. It's simple, yet striking. This typeface pairs very well with script typefaces for a nice vintage vibe.

1 option from $15.00

A collection of 26 handwritten ampersands. All of them designed with Ruling pen.

1 option from $32.00

Asia by Superfried is an ornate, display typeface inspired by trips throughout the continent. Its distinct, bold style has been designed to evoke the curves and beautiful intricacy of Asian typographic characters and patterns.

0 option from $32.50

Avanth Typeface was born from the search of a display typeface to use in titles with a real personality, but trying to keep it legible in big sizes. Its own personality is based on small details in each letter (unique in each one of them).

4 options from $10.00

Dramatically intertwining, Barocca is a beautifully romantic monogram font with passionate inclinations. She’s a performer who shines in the spotlight.

1 option from $29.95


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Inspired by Demeter’s Geperle Fournier, Baroque Pearl is a highly ornate display font of the same style which was carefully extended with Baltic, Turkish and Central European character sets.

1 option from $28.00

A Bolyar was a member of the highest rank of the feudal Bulgaria - second only to the ruling Tsar (king). This font is closely related to its name origin - we believe we've created a royal, majestic and elegant typeface.

2 options from $29.00

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